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In selling this, so to say, an advanced dressing is impossible to find, it is made directly in the treatment rooms of medical institutions. But this does not mean that it cannot be made independently. The same you can easily repeat at home, when you know how to starch bandage. By analogy, it is possible to do it with gauze and other fabrics, which is always useful when sewing children's carnival costumes and making crafts.

how to make a starched bandage

The Application of a starched bandage

First, use it for medical purposes. Doctors prescribe it as a reinforcement material for bandages. This is especially true of dressings for weeping wounds (venous ulcers) - then its applied on top of conventional, hydrophilic bandages. Placing before you such a task, a doctor, due to congestion of can not explain how starch bandage.

In the works

Another use - a variety of crafts. Ranging from repair of the spine, to complex sculptures, like papier-mâché. Craftsmen performing luxury rose, using the fact that the material holds its shape well and does not crumble. Not always in the design guide there are detailed instructions on how to starch bandage. Rather, it is implied that you have it already prepared.

Laboratory research

Often in school chemistry classes or biology are requested to bring this dressing. Need it for assignments laboratory work. About the way of cooking it is customary to talk about the following: “Parents know how to starch bandage”. Well, when my mom has a similar experience, and if no, the student will be met no less puzzled parents.


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What you'll need to implement this tasks

how to starch bandageIf you decided to make a starched bandage, you'll need to do quite a bit:

  • Small saucepan;
  • Water - 1 l;
  • Starch (potato or corn) - 1-2 tbsp.;
  • Sterile bandage (arm segments that best meet your goals);
  • Clothes dryer;
  • Iron.

With these simple tools and ingredients you can easily make the starched bandage in the required amount.

Use it! Process description

The First thing you need to prepare boiling water. Pour into the pan liter of water and give it a good boil. While the water boils, take the starch. As if you were making an ordinary jelly powder dissolve a small amount of cold water (1 Cup).

how to cook a starched bandageBe Sure to stir until smooth, and then very slowly, in a thin stream, pour in the boiling water. Do not cease to actively stir the mixture to keep it from baking and avoid lumps. Once thick, remove from heat.

Attention! On the density of the resulting solution will depend on the stiffness of the finished bandage. Do not overdo it, especially if you want to perform the dressings. The bandage is undesirable to immerse in boiling water, it will complicate the work with them. Therefore, leave the solution to cool to lukewarm.

Prepared (cut into pieces of desired size) bandages must be deployed and lowered to the ground.

After 5 minutes they need to get a little squeeze with hands. Do not rinse in water, this will wash the starch from the fabric.

Now we need to wait for the complete drying of the bandage. The easiest way to hang them in the dryer, after a good straighten. Only completely dry they can be removed. The final stage is Ironing with an iron (do not include pairs, otherwise they pick up the extra moisture). Remains to roll bandages and put in a clean plastic bag. If there is sick, and bandages require a lot, it makes sense to harvest a large quantity at once. Store the dressing is necessary in a dry place.

Helpful tips

1. starched bandageOverdone, with a starch, you get too thick a slurry, which is difficult to soak the bandages. But even if this happened, the bandages will be too rough, they are not suitable for dressings.

2. Potato starch more accessible and preferable to any other. But if the potato you are able to acquire, it is easy to make at home yourself. To do this, grate the potatoes on the grate and cover with cold water. After some time the starch settles on the bottom of the pan. A small clarification: if you use corn starch, it needs to take less than a potato.

3. A sterile bandage may not be at hand, and that's not a problem. Feel free to take a regular bandage, pre-stand it in boiling water. But for DIY, you can use plain, non-sterile material.

4. Many people wonder how to make starched bandage of gauze. It is not difficult. The fabric is also required to sterilize over steam or in boiling water, then to starch. You can just cut the gauze into bandages or divided into strips ready-made canvas. The second option is more convenient because starched gauze will not crumble.

5. Be sure to consult with your doctor might in your case be quite normal, sterile bandage, and not need to waste time on this procedure.

Now you know how to cook a starched bandage, and if necessary, will easily be able to do it. Using our instructions and advice, you will get a perfect result at home.


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