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The series of cosmetic products "Locobase” (“Locobase, Ripea” and “Locobase Lipocream") aims to protect and hydrate the skin. And if the second medium enriched with lipids, has a protective function, the first cream, recommended for very dry skin, specially created to saturate it with moisture, protection and recovery of health.

Why our skin is dry and sensitive? Many people have this skin by nature, but some do make it lifeless. Frequent shower, the bitter cold or the dry air cause the skin becomes rough, cracked and scaly. For maintaining the body of water meets the epidermis - the top layer of skin, which is formed of flat squamous cells surrounded by lipids – with special substances. If between different lipids there is a balance, the skin in humans, soft and supple. If this equilibrium is disturbed, it increases evaporation of moisture from the body. At first, the skin itself is protected, releasing lipids from lamellar corpuscles, but in a way she can restore the disturbed hydro-lipid barrier of only 20%.

Therefore, man needs a drug that would help very quickly and effectively this balance to restore. This tool was cream “Locobase, Ripea”. Its composition includes natural substances that can build the protection for the upper layers of the skin are: cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides.

The Cream is recommended for use in preventive and curative purposes. Natural its composition confirms that the “Locobase, Ripea” for children and adults is harmless, it is used even for newborns.


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The duration of the effects of the drug on the skin is 24 hours, so the manual suggests that the cream “Locobase, Ripea" enough to use every day. Recommended to apply thin layer on dry areas. However, extremely dry skin can be used additionally. This tool is a product with a high concentration of active substances. Therefore, after applying on the skin it acts quite effectively, reducing the evaporation of moisture. Even a small amount is enough to fully recovered barrier function of the skin.

When you can and should use ‘Locobase, Ripea”? Reviews applied it people say that in winter at a constant alternation of hot indoor air and cold in the streets you need to use it for skin protection as a preventive measure, because at this time there can come an imbalance of its water-lipid status.

Allowed the use of funds for children. Delicate baby skin is very sensitive, so it, especially in neonates, periodically appear causing itching dry spots to contend with this cream.

Constant contact with detergents and cleaning agents, with water also negatively affects the human body. In such cases, it is ideal to protect the skin means “Locobase, Ripea”.

After suffering skin disease hands sometimes become particularly sensitive to various stimuli. To help and enhance the skin's resistance can only this cream.

Various fragrances, preservatives and dyes are not part of the drug “Locobase, Ripea”. Consumer reviews say that the cream can be used in addition to cosmetics daily skin care.

If you are sensitive person to any component of this drug it is better not to apply a cream “Locobase, Ripea”. The reviews confirm that, in addition to this effect, no more of its side effects have not been identified.

It is a medicinal and cosmetic, it is desirable to hide away from the kids and after he expired, do not use.

People who use the tool "Locobase, Ripea" of the reviews about the drug leave only positive, pointing to its naturalness, efficiency and environmental friendliness of packaging, fast result.

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