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"Lactamin 80" – is whey protein concentrate. It is produced in Germany. Today it is widely used in industry for the production of food: cheese, bakery, and confectionery products. In addition, the "Lactamin 80" is the basis for manufacturing, it is mixed with flavorings, colorings and thickeners to improve the taste of the product and significantly increase the price. In addition, this kind of protein demand among athletes, as evidenced by numerous reviews. "Lactamin 80" – the perfect option for those who do not want to overpay for the brand and flavor.


As mentioned, previously, "Lactamin 80" – a protein that is used for the production of sports nutrition. Protein "Lactamin 80" reviews, which are almost all positive, perfect for athletes due to the fact that to digest for 40 minutes. Contains pure protein and virtually no lactose, so it does not cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

reviews lactamin 80

Whey protein concentrate in their properties has some advantages over isolates, but in fact they are considered the best to gain muscle mass. But in the "Lactamine 80" more of the primary protein, and it is necessary for the growth and repair of muscle cells. In addition, the concentrate compared to isolate contains more immunoglobulin, which suggests that it acts as a General tonic for the human body. Another big plus (this is also evidenced by the reviews) – "Lactamin 80" most affordable.


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"Lactamin 80" – whey protein, it consists of several factions Belka:

  • Immunoglobulin;
  • Lactoglobulin;
  • Lactoalbumin;
  • Glycomacropeptide;
  • Lactoferrin.

All these components are characterized by high fission rate, which is beneficial to the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

In addition, "Lactamin 80" rich in amino acids, the composition close to the amino acid composition of human muscle tissue. About 14% of the whey milk proteins are presented in the form of decomposition products, they are the initiators of the digestive system and are involved in the synthesis of vital hormones and enzymes. In addition, milk proteins reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

lactamin 80 reviews

About the benefits of protein for the human body can not speak, only they, unlike fats and carbohydrates, not stored as adipose tissue and are the building material for bones, hair and nails.

If we consider the composition of the powder "Lactogen 80" as a percentage, it contains:

  • Protein – 80 %;
  • Fats – 6 %;
  • Moisture – 5 %;
  • Lactose – 5 %;
  • Minerals & ndash; 4 %.

How is whey protein

Protein from Germany Lactomin 80 is made from ordinary cow's milk. The technology of production of powder is quite simple. First milk is fermented to separate the solid curds and whey. For a long time this green liquid that has no taste, could not find application. But over time, manufacturers have learned to sift through the microfilters and thus to obtain pure whey protein.

protein lactamin 80 reviews

The Advantage is that this product is completely natural and contains no chemical additives. But keep in mind that one liter of milk is only 2.5-3 grams of protein, 80% is casein protein and 20% whey. Accordingly, to produce one kilogram of dry mix will require approximately 2 tonnes of milk. Hence it can be concluded that the product may not have a low cost.


Where just not found a use for "Lactamin 80"! Reviews athletes about it are rather positive. But in addition to sports nutrition this product is used for making baby food, drinks, yoghurt and confectionery.

review of Lactomin 80

Nevertheless, thanks to its relatively affordable cost, it is more interested in is athletes. For each protein needed daily. It is of great value to the human body, is involved in all metabolic processes and is the main component of almost all solid tissues-muscles, joints, nails, hair, bones.

Unfortunately, It is difficult to make a balanced diet in which there is sufficient digestible protein. Adult healthy person, which is not associated with physical activity needed daily to 1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For those who work a lot physically, the norm is 1.5 g, and for athletes – 2 g.

Whey protein is easily and quickly digested and thus fills a daily rate of net protein in the diet of the athlete. The main confirmation of the effectiveness of powder "Lactogen 80" – the reviews, they will be presented below.

How to take to gain muscle mass

Powder "Lactogen 80" should be taken several times a day, one serving of powder, 25-40 grams, or 2-3 tablespoons. It is perfectly soluble in water, milk or juice.

lactamin 80 reviews from real owners reviews

So when should I drink this remedy for building muscle:

  • In the morning, immediately after awakening to prevent muscle breakdown;
  • Pre-workout, half an hour to restore muscle tissue;
  • 15 minutes after a workout for muscle recovery after workouts;
  • Before bed for recovery processes;
  • You can also take "Lactamin 80" between meals to fill the shortage of protein in the diet.

How to take as a weight loss aid

Every review of Lactomin 80 indicates that it can be used for weight loss, weight loss and drying of the body. But in this case, the daily rate must be less than two times. Apply the cocktail on the basis of powder instead of one or two of the meals and, accordingly, reduce the calorie daily diet about 30 %.

Protein accelerates the metabolism, which naturally is necessary for weight loss. Also, if you lose weight properly and exercise, protein restores muscle mass, making the figure more slender and toned.

Consumer insights

The Best confirmation of the "Lactamin 80", – reviews. Real owner reviews confirm that buying it as a sports power is much cheaper and more expedient, because the cost of flavored powder is about three times more expensive.

Even professional athletes give preference to "Lactamine 80", rather than expensive branded drugs. Because by its action it does not differ from the specialized funds, and this is evidenced by the reviews. "Lactamin 80" has almost no taste, the only thing users have noted, – is a light creamy flavor. In General to find a negative review about this tool is extremely difficult that suggests that whey protein concentrate is a great alternative to sports nutrition.

the protein from Germany Lactomin 80


Make a common conclusion help reviews. "Lactamin 80" – this is a relatively cheap means to build muscle and lose weight. It not only has an effective effect on the body and can save money. It includes no chemicals, what can be said about specialized composites.

The Only thing that should be noted is the fact that it is often counterfeited and sold to the final consumer of the goods of inadequate quality. When you purchase should pay attention to the price, one kilogram can cost less than 1,000 rubles. And those who use the mixture regularly, it is recommended to buy the powder in bags: and profitable money, and the original sticker from the manufacturer on the packaging is available.


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