Bath for colds: good or bad?


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In Russia bath was considered a cure for all ailments. Good owners and bathhouse was sturdy, and the broom was narushenie for the future. And without it? Because the doctors spoke in the most extreme cases. Today, however, the question "is it possible to bathe in the bath for colds" the answer is not so clear. Physicians are advised to exercise caution and above all to assess your condition before going into the steam room. Though to dispute the claim that the bath was of great benefit, no one is taken.

bath for colds

Why modern man bath?

Well, previously there was little choice: either swim in the river or went to the baths. But why modern people bath when the house has a comfortable bathroom? Let's discuss. What you can do in the bathroom? Sit in a lush fragrant foam, to listen to relaxing music, to perform the necessary hygiene procedures. In fact, that's all. What can you do in the bath? Chat with friends, enjoy the natural flavors of wood and brooms. Well steamed your body and excrete through the pores of harmful substances. And besides, relax, improve blood circulation, boost immunity, treat the joints, drink a tonic of seagulls, to boost. Can there be anything harmful in such a great pastime? So, maybe, bath in the cold – what you need? To understand this question, let's try to hear both sides.

is it possible in the bath for colds


Those who believe that during a cold bath – first means, always give the following arguments:

  1. A visit to the baths increases blood circulation and so the blood faster to cope with self-cleaning from pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This is because in the steam room, with a gradual increase in the temperature of the steam increases body temperature and increases the number of leukocytes.
  2. Plant volatile and hot steam help cleanse the nasopharynx from pathological microorganisms. This means that a cold bath can relieve the patient's condition.
  3. Inhalation of wet steam in the steam acts as an inhalation, clearing the lungs and bronchial tubes.
  4. High humidity and hot steam help soothe a cough.
  5. Broom – at the same time shock dose of volatile, the best massager for flushed skin and an excellent remedy to relieve aching joints during the disease.

can we go to the bath for colds


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And if to consider that after the bath the bath is customary to drink fragrant herbal tea, we can say that the body receives the full range of therapeutic and supportive procedures to quickly be updated and overcome the cold.

The Opinion of opponents

Doctors who are not sure that you can bathe in the bath for colds, lead is also quite reasonable arguments in defense of his opinions:

  1. Cold is accompanied by General malaise and fever. Some of the temperature rises slightly, but in doubles it will gradually increase to not less than 2 °C. Increasing to 37 °C the patient may not even notice, but its growth up to 39 °C can lead to intensive care.
  2. 2-3 days after the beginning of a cold in the body is observed the dominance of bacteria and viruses. Moist, warm air can speed up their reproduction.
  3. Bath for colds is contraindicated in those with the disease accompanied by headache. Heat and overheating will exacerbate the situation and may cause fainting.
  4. The Flu itself increases the load on the heart, and bath this load makes it prohibitive. Harmless steam can result in a heart attack.
  5. Colds are accompanied by many herpes on the lips or the body. Overheating of the body in this case will make it harder for herpes and can cause the spread of the disease.

bath in the cold good or badAll of these arguments are quite reasonable. Therefore, answering the question: "Bath in the cold – good or bad?", it is necessary to proceed from his state. At the initial stage of the disease at the first minor manifestations, bath help, in the acute stage – rather hurt.

How to cure the cold bath

Almost all colds start with a runny nose. This symptom can be successfully treated in the steam room. Take a bottle of essential oils. It can be pharmacy remedy for inhalation or just eucalyptus essential oil, silver fir, lavender and menthol. A small amount of these funds must be added to the water, which will result on hot stones. you can bathe in the bath for colds

A Good remedy for the common cold is a tincture of chamomile, rosemary and thyme. A concentrated decoction of these herbs is splashed on hot stones and inhaled by the nose. Thus, an effect of the inhalation.

How to cure in the bath coughing

The Bath for colds with a cough can also be quite useful. In this case also uses essential oils and decoctions of herbs, but additionally, you must also use a special massage with a broom.bath in the cold good or bad

It is best to seek help from a professional attendant, or at least ask for the help of friends. Handle the broom have the chest and back. Brooms better to take with broad leaves. The best option for the treatment of cough – birch or oak broom. Eucalyptus or juniper can be hung from the ceiling in the steam to saturate the air and steam volatile.

Coughing in the steam room in addition to the inhalation and exposure to a broom, you can take the juice of black turnips with honey. This should be done directly in the steam room.

Leaving the steam room, be sure to drink a few cups of tea. Of course, it must be infusions of grasses, among which it is desirable to use mint, chamomile, thyme. If you want you can brew and a different composition, if the patient is allergic to these components. Very good for the body tea from fennel seeds, leaves mother and stepmother, lime blossom it possible to bathe in the bath for colds

You Can go to the bath for a cold only if 100% sure that this procedure will benefit, not harm. In addition to colds, there are a number of diseases for which a trip to the sauna is strictly contraindicated, and this should be considered.

What else can help bath for colds

In addition to steam, brooms and inhalation, in the bath you can do a rubbing. This procedure is very useful when the first symptoms of the disease. Rubbing the body after visiting the sauna, when it is most heated. For grinding use honey, mixed with sea salt. Effective are rubbing with a towel soaked in saline solution. Manipulations are carried out to severe redness of the skin.

How to choose and prepare the broom

True fans of harvest steam bath brooms themselves. For them it is like a magical ritual. To gather material for brooms, choose trees away from roads and larger settlements. Be sure to pay attention to the location of the tree. It should grow on the hills. In addition, the age of the plant. It should be fairly young and strong.

To Cut branches is only in dry Sunny days. But dry twigs only in the shadows. Sunlight will be deprived of their useful properties.

bath for colds

What diagnoses definitely not in the bath

Aside from the question of whether in the bath for colds, then you should learn the following information: in certain diseases of the walk in bath not at all! This list included:

  • Heart failure;
  • Ischaemia;
  • Angina;
  • Myocardial;
  • Hypertension (stage 3);
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Atherosclerosis,
  • Tumors in any body;
  • Bleeding tendency;
  • Tuberculosis.

is it possible in the bath for colds

Is it Possible to go to the bath with a cold? The question is almost rhetorical. Even reading about positive and negative effects, people often remain unconvinced. But much more important to remember that the disease is better to prevent than to treat. Go to the bath regularly, throughout the year, and the cold will not be able to win the upper hand over you.


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