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Drug "Piracetam" is a white soluble in water and alcohol powder. It is considered essential in the group of nootropic drugs. Today produced a synthesis of its analogues, for example, etiracetam, oxiracetam, but in spite of this, piracetam is still the most popular in its group.

Drug "Piracetam" well absorbed, evenly distributed in the tissues of the body (including the brain) when taken by mouth, is excreted by the kidneys.

The Drug has a beneficial effect on metabolism, cerebral blood flow. With its help it is easier occur oxidation-reduction processes, accelerates processing and output of glucose, blood flow is stimulated in ishemizirovanne part of the brain.

The Mechanism of action is based in particular on the increase in the rate of exchange of ATP, adenylyl cyclase, thereby increases energy of the body, this in turn leads to the stability of tissues during hypoxia and toxic attack. RNA synthesis increases under the influence of the drug "Piracetam", and indications point to its low toxicity during experiments on animals lethal outcome occurred at a dose of 10 Gy. per 1 kg of body weight provided intravenously of reference.

Because of the different diseases of the nervous system of adults and children assigned to the drug "Piracetam", indications include recommendations for drug in the pathology of metabolic processes, vascular disorders. Well tolerated drug people, old, old age.

In neurology "Piracetam" is prescribed for the treatment of atherosclerosis, vascular parkinsonism – those diseases which are in the nature of Cerebro-vascular chronic disease. Manifestations of such diseases are slurring of speech, memory, attention. "Piracetam" is prescribed for subcomittee and comatose conditions of the body resulting from injuries, intoxications of the brain during complex therapy after such States. When lesions of the nervous system as well appoint a "Piracetam", indications: anomalies in the emotional-volitional sphere, the decline of intellectual functions.


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In gerontology also found his use of the drug "Piracetam", indications: senile dementia (Alzheimer's in particular) as a combination therapy.

The drug has some contraindications:

- renal failure,

- allergic to fruit juices, essences,

- the age of the child to 1 year

children with diabetes the drug is not prescribed.

Side effects of piracetam is almost there, it is usually well tolerated, sometimes there sleep disorders, irritability, anxiety, dyspepsia. In elderly patients suffering from coronary insufficiency, there is an exacerbation of the process. Upon detection of such phenomena should or to reduce the daily dose or eliminate the drug.

If your doctor has prescribed a course of treatment with piracetam in the form of granules, the drug possible allergic reaction from the body, manifested gastrointestinal abnormalities or skin rashes. This happens due to the large amount of sugar in the product.

Release piracetam ampoules for injection, tablets, granules and in the form of a children's syrup.

"Piracetam" administered in combination therapy, together with cardiovascular and psychotropic drugs.

Prescribed the drug they orally, intravenously or intramuscularly. Daily dose "of Piracetam" depends on the nature of the disease and the degree of destruction of the body. In some acute manifestations (comatose States, cerebral diseases, in the treatment of poisoning) dose start with 2-d and adjusted to 6 g every day.

Children are assigned a "Piracetam" in the form of granules. In the treatment of chronic processes dosage start with 1 or 2 g and adjusted to a maximum of 4 g every day.

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