When it begins to grow Breasts in girls?


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When is puberty in the body are not only internal but also external changes. In this period, when growing up girls are beginning to have questions about how much he starts to grow Breasts and how long it will last. This topic and details will be revealed in this article. The question is quite interesting, and he cares about all the girls. This topic is especially relevant during puberty.

Female breast

Female breast – it's not just iron, but adipose tissue, the volume of which periodically change throughout life. This happens for many reasons. Mainly due to hormonal changes and during puberty. But also strongly on the volume of the female breast is affected by body weight. If a girl in the ripening period and even begins to gain weight, it is not enough that happens, the active growth of the breast, she will become even greater due to the increase in the total volume of the body.when it starts to grow Breasts

The concept of “creating” and “growth”

When it begins to grow Breasts? Often people confuse the concept of “creating” and “growth”. Breast development does not mean increase in size of the breast. It is formed during embryonic development. This process not only increases the size of the breast. During this period development and function.

The Chest is formed not only in girls but also in boys. Only male dairy line gradually disappears. And the girls under hormonal influence turns into the mammary gland. But if the breast begins to grow in boys, it is a disease called gynecomastia. It occurs due to hormonal failure in the body and requires immediate treatment.


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The Growth of female breast

The Growth of the breast begins in infancy, continues into adolescence and even adulthood, that is life. In childhood the development of the mammary glands is almost imperceptible. Then many people wonder: how many starts growing chest girls? Active increase of this organ begins in adolescence, around puberty. Then the growth of the breast is greatly reduced – before pregnancy.girls began to grow Breasts

We must remember that the increase is largely determined at the genetic level. There is a high probability that mammary gland at girls formed in the same age as my mother or grandmothers. And this probability is estimated at forty-six percent.

Age, it begins when the breast growth is largely dependent on national and racial girls. Representatives of the Equatorial race ripen much earlier than other girls. Therefore, the Breasts are starting to grow much earlier than those of Asian women. The girls from Northern Europe, she also starts to increase later.

It is Generally believed that active growth stops in 2-3 years after you establish a stable menstrual cycle. But these periods can not be called accurate, as any human body are strictly individual. There are also cases when the periods may be unstable even for twenty years or more. In this case, the mammary gland continues to grow.what time begins to grow Breasts

When it begins to grow Breasts, on the areola around the nipple can be small bogorotsky or raised, tender point. It's just the conclusions of the special glands, which occurs due to the hydration of the nipple. This function for girls not yet of great importance. It becomes important when breastfeeding.

Growth Stage

According to numerous studies, breast growth has five stages:

  • The First (initial). Starts from birth and lasts up to ten years. At this time, the breast has no volume, it is flat. But if you approach it closely, below the nipple visible milk line. This is the boundary, which then develops the mammary gland. A few days after the birth of her sometimes perform the selection. But it doesn't last.
  • The Second. This is the period from twelve to thirteen years. During this period great changes occur. The breast becomes more elastic and soft, the nipples increase. Skin darkens. Around the nipples appear swelling. But it is still undeveloped breast tissue. The first signs of growth appear after changes in the hormonal background.
  • Third. Starts in puberty. In girls it occurs at different ages. At this time the rapid growth of the breast. It becomes conical in shape, the top-nipple. Then the chest is rounded, but still never formed.
  • Fourth. Completed puberty, and along with it, almost fully formed Breasts. It continues to grow, developing milk ducts. There is a sensation of itching and pain because the skin begins to stretch. The skin on the breast becomes thinner, and through it is visible a grid of vessels. The breast becomes adult, becomes clear boundary nipples and areolas. This stage can last up to sixteen years (sometimes up to twenty or even twenty-five years).
  • Fifth pregnancy. During this period, the breast is fully formed. But because of the hormonal changes it begins to actively grow. An additional glandular tissue, and the development of the ducts. The breast changes in the shape of their nipples and areolas, which then remain for the rest of my life.in how many years is starting to grow Breasts

Why abruptly began to grow Breasts?

In the period from infancy to adolescence the mammary gland grows very slowly and almost imperceptibly. At this time, she takes the form of a small seal around the nipple. Sudden breast growth is usually observed at puberty. At this time there is a sharp hormonal jumps. As a result, the breast grows ten centimeters per year. During this period it acquires a rounded shape. Formed glandular tissue.

Reasons for breast growth

Not all parents can is available and step by step tell about the changes that occur during puberty. And in this case, it is clear the excitement of the girls started to grow Breasts, why? What's going on? There are several reasons for the increase:

  • Be due to a change in the hormonal level;
  • Produces progesterone and estrogens;
  • Is that of the glandular tissue;
  • The features of (sometimes active growth can begin as early as age six to eight years).when it starts to grow Breasts girls

“Improper growth”

If the girl's chest began to grow, for example, in eight years, it is not a pathology but a feature of the development. In some the process may start at the age of six. It all depends on the characteristics of the organism. But why began to grow Breasts after fourth stage? It is already disturbing symptoms. For example, if the breast is not increased to fourteen years. If the growth of the mammary glands there, you need to go to the doctors-an endocrinologist and a gynecologist and undergo a thorough examination.

You Also need to go to the experts, if Breasts began to grow, suddenly have already grown-up girls. If the option if she did not take hormonal drugs or pregnant. In this scenario, soreness and swelling – is a pathology and requires careful examination.

Additional causes breast growth

When it begins to grow Breasts, this process is accompanied by painful sensations and itching that is a normal condition. But if active growth has begun after puberty, it may be caused by the use of hormones. Another reason – pituitary tumors that cause the brain to give the body false signals. The result is increased levels of hormones and mammary gland dramatically increases in volume.at what age begin to grow Breasts

How are menstruation and breast growth in girls?

Period, when it begins to grow Breasts in girls coincides with the beginning of menstruation. This is a normal development due to puberty and hormonal changes. During menstruation the breast becomes very sensitive. To it sometimes hurts to even touch it. The breast becomes firmer.

It is also the symptoms of its growth. During this period, the body of a girl rather have girls is getting ready to receive a fertilized egg, it is preparing for a possible motherhood. Changing the level of progesterones and estrogens. If pregnancy occurs the fifth stage in the growth of the mammary gland the final.

If fertilization has not occurred, the hormone level returns to its usual norm. Pain and otvergaet chest pass. But the size of her nevertheless not reduced. Therefore, in every period there is a growth spurt of breast.

Growth of the mammary gland throughout life

At what age it starts growing Breasts? We can confidently say that from birth. The most and very quickly it increases in puberty. Then the growth gradually slows down but does not stop completely. It increases during pregnancy. There have been cases when the breast is growing even during menopause.

Why Breasts grow to the small size?

The Breasts may be large, medium or small. It depends on many factors. Why does she remain small? Initially, you need to remember...

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