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Gynaecologists during the reception I often hear from his patients the question: “Why not monthly?” This problem in a particular span is important for so many women, and experiences in this regard can deliver many exciting moments, and sometimes even lead to despair.  does Not always work immediately to establish the cause of absence of menstruation,  sometimes you need to pass an in-depth examination (various tests, ultrasound examination and advice of some experts), the results of which will be to put a diagnosis and to develop a strategy for the normalization of the menstrual cycle.

Why late period? Most often this delay is the first sign of pregnancy. You should know that it is not always the month ends immediately upon the occurrence of a pregnancy, there are cases when a woman for three to four  months does not know about his interesting position because menstruation is not terminated, except that become more scarce, what is often not drawn any attention. Therefore, even if during the last few cycles  in women not had sexual intercourse, there is still a probability that the delay is due to pregnancy. To  check you can take home Express a pregnancy test, sold in any drugstore. Such tests provide clear and understandable instructions, so apply them very simply and conveniently. The most accurate are considered to be a modern jet tests, but common and cheap test strips with a high degree of probability will show the correct result. And in order  to 100% verify the presence or absence of pregnancy, and in  the fact that she is developing properly (and not, for example, ectopic), you need to undergo ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and inspection on the chair.


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But not necessarily the absence of menstruation associated with pregnancy.  Quite common situation when the woman absolutely is in an interesting position, but menstruation still doesn't start.  Why not monthly? This may be due to how the  problems gynecological nature, and quite other reasons. For example, stress or infectious disease  (e.g. heavy cold, stomach bug or flu, not to mention more serious diseases) are quite capable to cause malfunction of the cycle. Also often delays are caused by thyroid disease, so often gynecologists send their patients for consultation to the endocrinologist. In order to understand why no periods, the doctor prescribes the conduct of special analyses and studies: the analysis on hormones of a thyroid gland and its ultrasound. Gynecological reasons causing absence of menstruation, are most often of disease or dysfunction of the ovaries.

In order to answer the question of why no periods, the doctor collects the medical history, finds out what disease she suffered lately, whether vacationing in tropical countries (a holiday can also cause a delay), did her very nervous, not sitting on a strict diet, several stable her weight. Absence of menstruation can be caused by severe weight loss and underweight, and when delay occurs on the background of unexplained weight gain there is a serious reason to think about hormonal disorders.

Sometimes women are not even trying to understand why do not come monthly, attempt to call them  with the help of certain medication. However, to do this without consulting with your doctor absolutely should not be.

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