Celandine: the therapeutic properties and contraindications to the use of the miraculous plant


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Celandine, therapeutic properties and contraindications of which were known since ancient times, for the owners of orchards and gardens is a real scourge, as it is considered a weed. However, as we know, in nature there is nothing superfluous and harmful – at the same time, the celandine is a true healer. His useful qualities our ancestors used since time immemorial, the people of this plant is affectionately nicknamed “the swallow grass”.

Benefits of celandine?

celandine medicinal properties and contraindicationsFully justifying its name, Chelidonium, therapeutic properties and contraindications of which are the topic of our conversation, has the ability to effectively clean the human skin. The products based on it are often used by those who wish to get rid of such defects as warts, acne, pimples, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dark spots and freckles, herpes, herpes, scabies and many others. In addition, celandine is well established as a remedy against dry calluses and corns.

In decoctions and infusions on the basis of celandine are still pediatricians recommend bathing babies suffering from itching, hives and scrofula. And rinse with medicinal liquids hair will be useful to those who wish to prevent hair loss and to get rid of dandruff.

The Juice of the plant mixed with honey, is used for the treatment of many eye diseases. Avicenna himself in his time had used this recipe to treat trachoma and an eyesore.

Also, this plant is one of the best remedies for treatment of sinusitis, other diseases of the nasopharynx. For this fresh plant juice instilled into the nose, a few drops and breaks (so you don't pinch) pouring into each nostril, a total of on the whole pipette funds.


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Experts often recommend celandine, therapeutic properties and contraindications to the use of which is well understood, patients suffering from diseases of the stomach, intestines and even the kidneys. To this end, also used fresh juice. You should drink on a table spoon of the drug 3 times a day (the first day of the course, you can use the tea).

grass celandine medicinal properties

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gums, you can rinse your mouth with a decoction of celandine. More effective it will be, if you make herbal and mix it with oak bark.

In Addition, the herb has anesthetic and antispasmodic effect. This opens the door to grass celandine medicinal properties which is recognized even by official medicine, has been used in different areas. So, it is used to reduce the pain from the burns, it helps with pain from a sluggish bowel, colitis and gastritis, gallstones, etc.

There are other areas in which celandine is used. For example, funds which consists of this plant, used for the prevention of hypertension, diseases of the endocrine system (particularly thyroid) to treat evil and benign tumors, diseases of the female genital organs.

What is important to know in the treatment of celandine?

Many scientists are still exploring what is celandine medicinal properties. Reviews about this herb that you can find on the Internet, also in the majority of cases are positive – the plant is perfectly copes with its role of healer. However, starting the course of treatment, it is important to remember a few points.

celandine medicinal properties reviews

First, a local anesthetic, homochelidonine, which is present in its composition, is a powerful convulsive poison. Overdoing the concentration of herbs in the ointment, infusion or decoction, you can only harm your health.

Internal use of celandine should always be agreed with a doctor. And people who suffer from bronchial asthma, angina, epilepsy, to use it is strictly prohibited!

Then this amazing plant can really help you to improve health. Overdose of drugs based on plant may lead to poisoning, accompanied by vomiting, sometimes there is paralysis of the upper respiratory tract. Speaking of celandine, therapeutic properties and contraindications of this plant, as in the case with other herbs, it is important to keep in mind that the main thing - do not overdo it.

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