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“Wetback" eye drops are available in 10 ml plastic vials-droppers, placed in cardboard boxes. The solution is clear, slightly yellowish or colorless.

The Active substance is hydrochloride pikloksidina. Excipients are purified water, dextrose anhydrous, Polysorbate 80.

“Wetback” refers to eye drops antiseptic ophthalmic drugs for topical application. Is assigned to the drug in bacterial infections of the anterior eye region, dacryocystitis. “Wetback" eye drops are also used in the prevention of infectious complications in the rehabilitation period after surgical interventions in the area of the front of the eye Department.

Not assigned the drug to persons under eighteen years of age. However, in some cases, “Wetback" eye drops prescribed by the doctor to children at a younger age. The purpose of the medication must be agreed with the attending physician and conform to the testimony. The drug is contraindicated to people with high individual sensitivity to the components of medicament. The drug is also not recommended during pregnancy and lactation in the absence of clear information on the impact of the components of the medication on the fetus and newborn condition.

“Wetback" of eye drops. Manual

When administering the drug for the treatment of bacterial infections duration of use to ten days. If necessary your doctor may increase the duration of treatment. The medication is instilled one drop in the left and right eyes from two to six times per day.


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For the prevention of infectious complications in the rehabilitation period after surgery medication also buried one drop of three to four times per day in each eye. The ophthalmic drug may also be used for preoperative preparation, and in addition to prevent complications after surgery is possible. Before surgical interference one or two drops instilled “Wetback”.

Instructions to the medicament does not contain information on overdose and drug interaction with other drugs.

Before using the solution should be cap-hammer to tighten until the end, the tip of the bottle is pierced. The medication is instilled in the lower conjunctival eye bag. At the same time to be up. When backfilling the lower lid should be slightly delay. To avoid infection you should not touch the container tip to century, eyes, hands or items around.

As side effects in rare cases may experience allergic reactions that manifest in the form of conjunctival hyperemia.

This anti-microbial eye medicine should be stored at a temperature of from fifteen to twenty-five degrees, out of the reach of children. The term of validity is two years. Opened vial can be used within a month. At the end of this period, the medication may not be used.

The Drug does not affect color contact lenses, however, if you experience ophthalmic infectious diseases wearing lenses are contraindicated.

When using the drug in combination with other eye medicines, you need to take a break (at least fifteen minutes) between instillation.

The Drug is not used for subconjunctival injection and is not introduced directly into the anterior eye chamber.

The detection of decrease in vision clarity in the application of the drug patients is not recommended to drive or operate machinery requiring attention.

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