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The Color of feces of healthy adults brown. This is due to the presence in human feces of sterkobilina. This is one of the end products of metabolism of pigments.

The color of stool is affected by diet, and taking certain medicines. The color of the stool in some pathological conditions is of particular diagnostic value.

So when obturation (blockage) of the bile ducts, the color of feces becomes grayish-white clay (aholic). The condition can be triggered by the presence of stone or tumor development causing total compression. In addition, this color of stool is characterized with a sharp disorder of hepatic function, leading to disruption in the release of bilirubin.

If you experience bleeding in the lower rectal and colon, and hemorrhoids feces becomes tinged with red. Often in such cases, the characteristic stool and blood impurities.

The Black color of the stool, combined with liquid pasty or liquid consistency, appears in the background of hemorrhage in the upper gastrointestinal tract. This may be due to formation of hydrochloric acid hematin.

With the development of cholera is stool appear as “rice-water”, with typhoid – in the form of pea soup.

Green stool often indicates a variety of gastrointestinal diseases. Often the stools are this colour at pathologies in the small intestine, dysbacteriosis, but also when prolonged treatment is antibiotic drugs. In addition to the color changes and the smell of feces. It becomes very unpleasant and putrid. Green color is due to a high content of dead white blood cells accumulates in the intestine on the background of inflammatory process.


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Dysbiosis provokes disturbances in the normal digestion of food, which in turn causes fermentation or putrefaction and the formation of substances that affect the color of bowel movements. In addition, green color of feces is typical for the development of a number of intestinal infections, including dysentery. Along with this, patients are observed typical signs of this disease: fever, vomiting, pain in the abdominal region of varying intensity, weakness and nausea.

Another reason for the staining of stool in green is the development of bleeding in different parts of the intestine or stomach. This can be caused by cancer or complications of peptic ulcer disease. In such cases, the color of feces is associated with the oxidation of iron in the composition of the erythrocytes.

Common cause of green stool are diseases of the blood and liver. On the background of pathological conditions an active breakdown of red blood cells, of hemoglobin produces bilirubin in large quantity. The pigment entering the intestinal, make feces green, or dark brown.

The staining of stool unusual for normal, healthy shade you need to see a specialist. It should pass a mandatory examination, including laboratory tests.

As mentioned above, color of the feces is of particular diagnostic value in the various States of man. It should be noted that the color of stool during pregnancy indicate the quality of the liver. It was during this period, the authority is experiencing increased pressure. The color, smell and consistency of faeces may vary in the antenatal period. This is often associated with the intake of multivitamin complexes, which typically contain iron. However, during the time of carrying the necessary control tests. This applies not only feces, but blood and urine.

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