How to get rid of alcohol addiction: the ways and the rules of treatment


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Alcoholism is an acute problem for both men and women. Addiction to strong drinks, seems pretty harmless, but over time it transformirovalsya in more serious problems.

Alcohol addiction

Because Of the addiction of people moving away from loved ones, becomes more aggressive and withdrawn. In addition, frequent use of intoxicating drinks has a negative impact on the health and working of the human brain. However, not all recognize the problem until it reaches a critical point. It would be useful to learn how to get rid of alcohol addiction on their own or with the help of modern medicine.

What is alcoholism

We All know that drinking is bad, but few are serious about this disease. Alcoholism really is a disease, when the human body begins to get used to strong drinks. The result of the changes on the physical and psychological level.

In Addition alcohol causes chronic intoxication and disrupts important internal organs. Often the abuse of alcohol in large doses causes serious and irreversible mental disorders.

In order to determine how to get rid of alcohol addiction, it is necessary to first identify the primary symptoms of this disease. Take a closer look.

Symptoms of alcoholism

Drinking alcohol from time to time is almost an integral part of the social life of any person. If alcohol is consumed only occasionally, in this case we are not talking about dependencies.


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Speaking about the first signs of alcoholism, it is necessary to highlight the psychological and physical attachment. In this case, the symptoms manifested in the following ways:

  • The Person loses interest in work, often dismissed. He lost all interest in making money or any self-realization as a personality.
  • The patient experiences frequent binge periods. For example, he begins haphazardly take alcohol for more than one day.
  • The Patient noted a strong reduction of the threshold of exclusion of intoxicating products. The person ceases to suffer from gagging or other symptoms that he “touched”. Accordingly, the dose of alcohol is constantly increasing beyond the normal intake of alcoholic beverages.

In addition, the question of how to deal with alcohol dependence should begin to disturb the patient's relatives and if it has a withdrawal syndrome, i.e. the hangover state.

Drinking person

Externally, this state can also manifest as rapid aging of the skin, the appearance of bags under the eyes, increasing the appearance of veins and bruising. The latter is due to microreserve capillaries.

Before you start to be alarmed and send a relative to the doctors should carefully examine the stage of alcohol dependence. They are all people who no longer control the consumption of intoxicating beverages.

First stage

In the initial stages he begins to experience cravings for alcohol. The desire to drink becomes stronger than hunger and thirst. During this period, the person begins to drink with the appearance of even insignificant reasons. It can be professional holidays, have to person the minimum ratio, petty quarrels, fatigue or stress. All of these novice drunkard and explains the presence in his hand of the glass with another drink.

In the first stage, the patient can live without alcohol, if it is not possible to buy it. As a rule, when long periods craving for alcohol is gradually taking place, but exactly as long as the person won't happen again minor stress or not there is another reason for alcohol.

However, if alcohol is available in unlimited quantities, the patient begins to drink accordingly. However, many patients report that they become increasingly difficult to stay in the company of friends and alone. Often these people continue to sustelnet, even when the guests are gone or asleep.

Glass of alcohol

The initial stage is not a reason to start taking the pills for alcohol dependence or to resort to other methods of treatment, however, should remain vigilant as this is the first bell.

The Second stage. Increase dose

During this period, the person begins to increase the dose drink beverages. However, he is not able to contain yourself after the first glass.

If for whatever reason the patient is forced to abandon the spirits, in this case he begins to experience tachycardia and high blood pressure. In addition, it can start to feel sick from the food, hands will tremble. Also the second stage of alcoholism is accompanied by sleep disturbance, fever and chills.

What happens in the third stage

In this case, the person experiences a reduced tolerance to alcohol. This means that in order to get drunk, he will not require a large amount of drink, sometimes to achieve the desired state he was missing just one drink.

At the same time the patient begins to drink constantly, the duration of drinking bouts, it becomes difficult to determine, since they practically do not stop. If a person cannot drink alcohol-containing drink, it becomes aggressive. There are serious psychological changes. Disrupted the internal organs.

How dangerous is stage four

If this stage is not to remove alcohol, then in 95% of cases it is likely that the patient will die from bleeding in the brain or heart attack. In the fourth stage comes the dysfunction of almost all important organs, changes in the structure of blood vessels that develop tumors in the liver and the digestive tract.

Alcohol table

The only goal of the patient becomes the next search doses of alcohol. He is willing to drink everything, if only the fluid contained alcohol, so frequent cases of poisoning from drinking windshield wipers and other similar compounds.

In addition, a person loses the ability to coordinate his movements or to speak clearly. To reach this stage is not necessary, as most of the internal organs may be completely destroyed. So it is time to start treatment for alcohol addiction.

Today, there are several ways of dealing with this disease.


In this case, doctors prescribe drugs made on the basis of disulfiram. These include "Leavin", "Antabus and Esperal".

These pills for alcohol dependence saturate the body active substance in mixing with alcoholic beverages will provoke sudden sweating and increased blood pressure. This patient is experiencing frequent palpitations and shortness of breath. Because of this, they fall into a state of panic. This method produces a rejection of alcoholic beverages.

Pills from alcoholism

It is Noteworthy that no alcohol disulfiram does not affect the human body and is excreted in 24 hours.

These drugs help to overcome alcohol dependence in women, but the male body could develop resistance to the medication, then it will be absolutely no effect.

Psychological methods of dealing with addiction

Typically, these techniques are used together with drugs for alcohol dependence. In this case we are talking about the introduction of the patient into a state of hypnosis. Prior to this, he is given a pill with a little disulfiram and alcohol-containing beverage and wait until the patient starts to experience discomfort. Then it is introduced into hypnosis and told that such a condition caused solely by alcohol consumption. After that, many really give up harmful habits, however, depends on the person.

In some situations, medications for alcohol dependence are useless, even in combination with hypnosis. In this case, you should move on to more serious measures.


In this case we are talking about drugs that are sewed under the skin of the patient. As soon as he drinks some alcohol, he experiences the horrible feeling. Coding for alcohol dependence is used, if the patient refuses to voluntarily take medication and did not see any problems. However, there are cases when drunken people cut subcutaneous drugs and continued to drink. Therefore, this method does not give absolute guarantees.

Female alcoholism

Recently appeared a new way Cody...

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