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In ancient times, when there was no professional medicine, many people treated the so-called folk remedies, and it helped them. Ointment the monastery belongs to those inventions which were treated more than one generation of people. In this article we will tell you all the details about the tool and its benefits.

ointment monastic

Recipe of the monastery ointment

Today all people are aware of, what action has the ointment of this character. That is why many manufacturers patented the production of tools under their own brands. So now people don't do the ointment, but you can buy ready-made in pharmacies. In addition, many manufacturers say that a large number of ointments are very natural. Some firms proved it. On the packaging you can read the ingredients and make sure of the naturalness of its composition or Vice versa.

To date, the ointment, the monastery is not one of a kind, because technology is not standing still and are developing new therapeutic drugs. The recipe, which was invented long ago by our ancestors, is preserved today, allowing us to buy this cream in drugstores, or make your own. Here is a recipe ointment of the monastery.

You Need to take the lard, certainly old and salty, suitable including yellowed. Find pine tree log or plank, as Smolenice
And besides, pulverize in a coffee grinder chaga (birch mushroom). To prepare the wire, a receptacle to collect the melted fat, and even matches.


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Now you can start. Preferably somewhere outdoors, since the process is smoky. We need to strengthen the pine chock or thick chips at an angle and burn the lower part.

Fat hold the wire over the fire. The melted fat will flow into the fire and the wood, mixing with the boiling SAP, to drain into the tank. In this fat, you need to add 2-3 teaspoons of chaga hundred grams, stir well, cool.

collegiate ointment recipe

Use of materials

The Ointment, the monastery has long shown himself the most good side. She is truly healing and helps with certain ailments. Due to the fact that the cream only natural ingredients and does not bear absolutely no chemistry, it is useful. As for possible harm, it is not. The ointment of this type for all its existence has received many positive reviews. So you can use it without any problems and fear.

The Ointment has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect. And is used mainly as a Supplement to the treatment of bone and joint diseases of different etiology.

ointment collegiate reviews

Proper use

To salve the monastery gave the desired effect, you must apply it solely on the rules that suggest experts in the field of medicine. First and foremost it should be noted that this cream exclusively external use. It should be applied to the human skin at the place where there is one or the other pain. RUB ointment into the skin must be no more than three times a day in circular movements.

In that case, if you have problems with joints, after applying this ointment it is necessary to do a warm-up for the best of your ability. In this case, all positive substances will start its action much faster.

As for the duration of the drug, this issue needs to be addressed with your doctor because each person is different, and ointment each suitable for a specific features.

Properties ointment

The Ointment of this nature can perfectly restore all tissues of the human body. Excellent relieves a particular pain in the human body and aching bones and joints. Blood flow in the body increases and becomes to the level required. Also ointment still has a warming effect on the place where it was done. Every inflammation or swelling removed only after a week of use of such tools. Tension in certain muscles is removed, and relaxes the human body that allows a good rest. Joint mobility increases, and it is also a positive feature of this drug. After fractures carries a fastening function for different bones.

Many doctors recommend the use of this type of ointments in order to relieve tension in the body and for the treatment of one type or another, which is indicated above. Ointment monastic smooth skin will provide in any case.

ointment monastic smooth skin


The monastery has a Ointment reviews are pretty positive. Let's consider them in more detail to know is it worth to use the tool. Some patients say that the ointment they liked it, but not in the pharmacies of their city, you have to order online and pay for shipping.

Other users, who often leave comments on the page anonymously, say that they like the composition of this ointment and its smell. As for the effect, it is undeniable.

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