If swollen eyes, the causes may be different. This applies both to adults and to children


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swollen eyes causesAre You concerned about swelling of the eyes? The causes of disease may be different. The most common is the manifestation of any disease. It could be liver failure, and the imbalance in metabolism and inflammation, and enlargement of adenoids, and other ailments. To determine the causes giving swelling eyes child, you must seek the advice of a doctor.

The Swelling may not be associated with ailments. It can occur due to an allergic reaction either to food or to environmental influences. If the child has swollen eyes causes can hide even in a child crying, causing redness and swelling. 

Hereditary tendency is also likely to give rise to swelling. If parents are prone to puffiness under the eyes, the child may inherit this pathology from them.

When the child's swollen eyes, the reasons may lie in fatigue. A long stay at the computer, playing in bad light, long watching cartoons or movies, read magazines or books – all affect the fatigue of the organs of vision in children. Fluid retention can also be the cause of swelling of eyes and other organs.

When sleep disturbance is the likelihood of edema because the regime, like food, is essential for the full development of the child's body.

swelling of the eyes of the childActions parents 

If a baby has swollen eyes, causes have to install by a qualified technician. To influence the swelling and maybe the most simple conjunctivitis, or swelling may indicate the beginning of the disease more serious. In any case, the diagnosis must put a doctor.


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When the baby swollen eyes (cause is already installed and treatment assigned), try to keep your baby frequently and spent most of his time on the street. Children's health is preferable to spending time in the woods, in the Park – where the air is less polluted. Follow the observance of the regime – the kid should go to bed on time. Reduce time watching television and the child computer monitor. Food should be slightly salted insufficiently, because an excessive amount of salt in food, delay in the human body of excess fluid that causes swelling in the eye area.

Treatment of folk ways

If swelling is the eye allowed the use of traditional methods of treatment that can help to reduce swelling and even to get rid of it.swelling of the eyes causes

To Remove puffiness possible with the help of decoction, which is composed of chamomile, and Bay leaf. These components can be purchased at pharmacies. In one Cup of boiling water sprinkle on a small pinch of each ingredient. Then we should insist broth for two hours. Dosage – two tablespoons a day until the swelling subsides.

Another way to remove the puffiness. You will need 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers and a teaspoon of black or green tea. All this stir and dissolve in one Cup of boiling water. After 15-20 minutes, the swab dipped in this decoction, apply to eyelids. This will help to remove swelling and inflammation under the eyes. Chamomile can be replaced with mint leaves or lime color.

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