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There Are situations when the immediate need to get rid of unpleasant mouth odor. Lollipops and gum usually kill him, not completely destroyed. “Antipolitsay" reviews, where consumers leave positive, you can eliminate this delicate problem.

Where there is the smell?

antipolitsay reviews

When you took over the day before with alcohol, the next morning to discover they had not a very pleasant aroma of fumes. It remains due to the fact that the harmful acids formed as a result of the breakdown of alcohol, did not fully excreted from the body. If you need to work or an important meeting, in that case take pill “Antipolitsay”.

But not always breath only concern after alcohol. Eating, for example, a salad with onions or garlic, people will be concerned about the same problem. You can, of course, several times to brush her teeth, but it will not lead to the desired result. The effect is only temporary.

Suffering from disease of the stomach people always carry gum. It destroys the odor while in the mouth. But this is not a solution to the problem. In such a situation, you must contact your doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment. Then we will fix the cause, not the consequence in the form of unpleasant odors.

How does ‘Antipolitsay”?

Nowadays there are a wide variety of tools that help to get rid of this problem. But people not always trust the kind of drugs. One of these is the “Antipolitsay”. Helps or not the tool, understand on. For starters its pharmacological properties.


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antipolitsay helps or no

In contrast to the mints, these pills do not mask the smell but removed permanently. Thanks to its composition of natural essential oils molecules that carry the aroma of the food you eaten, are absorbed by the mucosa. Thus they dissolve faster, and the odor disappears. In addition, the oils soften the throat and naturally cleanse the Airways. Lollipops and chewing gum, in turn, simply add your fragrance until they chew or resolves. As already noted, the effect lasts very long.


What is a “Antipolitsay”? antipolitsay priceConsumer Reviews of this product say about its unusual flavor. It is created through the composition of the tablets. It includes eucalyptus oil. It has long been known for its healing properties in medicine. For example, many medications for the inflammation of the throat include the eucalyptus. It softens the mucous, allows the patient to breathe easier. His pine scent and gives a taste of this drug. Also in “the Antipolitsay” contains the extract obtained from licorice root. It is usually taken for coughs and various kinds of bronchitis. It has expectorant action and eliminates inflammation.

In Addition to the herbs in the tablets are sucrose, glucose and acacia gum. These substances affect the odor molecules, causing them to dissolve faster.

We conclude that part of the drug is not a chemical, as is the case with many medicines. It contains natural herbs and associated accessories. Thus, harm a healthy person, this tool will not cause. Of course, with moderate use.

Indications and contraindications

“Antipolitsay”, the price of which is quite small (from thirty rubles per two tablets), has the main purpose – remove the odor. In the manual it can see that it helps to get rid of the residual action of onion, tobacco, garlic and alcohol. This is the most common odors that people are trying to disguise.

However, not everyone can use it. You contraindicated this medicine if:

  • You are pregnant. It is not known how will react to a child in the womb, on the components of these tablets.
  • You are breast-feeding.
  • Are allergic to at least one component.


Many, not tried these pills, ask the question: “Antipolitsay" helps or not? Logically, all its constituent components have a great effect on the elimination of odors. That is short-lived the effect will be. The rest depends on your body.

This should be made in a specific pattern. Before an important meeting, take one or two pills. The result will not keep itself waiting: after five minutes, the smell will disappear. Also available in spray “Antipolitsay”.

pills antipolitsay

Feedback is good: it helps instantly get rid of the problem. You need to sprinkle them in the mouth. After that, do not worry about the unpleasant smell in the next hour. So says the manufacturer. However, everyone has a different degree of absorption by the body this drug. If a person has increased metabolism, then the effect will be short-term.

However, you must remember that smoked a cigarette or drunk alcohol, the person will feel that the smell is back. So if the result you want to save, it is best to refrain from eating and other stimuli.


what does antipolitsay

Only you can decide whether to accept“Antipolitsay”. Its price is not so high not to try. Perhaps it will help you to eliminate the smell, even for a little while. Thus it is necessary to know what viewety alcohol does not masked. Only a slight residual fume eliminates the drug “Antipolitsay”. Customer reviews indicate that he will save you from such a delicate problem. However, the validity period is not always preserved for the time specified by the manufacturer.

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