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Few people know that there is diet, which can reduce the risk of developing different kinds of allergies. About it we will talk. Such a diet is called hypoallergenic diet ADO. Developed her well-known scientist and Professor of medicine Andrei Dmitrievich ADO. In fact, in his name this power, and took its famous name. We will try to consider in more detail all the nuances of the diet for both adults and children.


Today it is very common with this disease as a food Allergy. Moreover, the disease affects not only adults, but also children. And I can even say that in the first place kids. Why a special diet for ADO just need to know to reduce allergic reactions to certain products. But before taking such drastic measures, pre-check with your doctor. If the doctor has approved your decision to start eating on the diet, familiarize yourself with its rules, in order not to harm your body.

To start the diet, try to identify the allergen. If for some reason you can't do that for a week, eliminate all products which are suspected to cause allergic reactions. Once a week you sit in one rice or another product gradually into your diet to return one ingredient and watch the reaction. Often allergies causing food containing protein – eggs, milk, chicken. But also similar reactions can cause the berries, vegetables.

Eating habits

Diet ADO implies a complete exclusion from the menu of salted, smoked products. As salt can enhance the allergic reaction.diet ADO menu

The diet must contain different vegetables and fruits that are full of vitamins, and without them the normal functioning of the organism impossible.

When you buy products in the store be sure to read what is written on the packaging. As many products can contain dangerous allergens.

Nonspecific diet ADO carries some of the features that are important to know in advance. This power supply system for children and adults differs somewhat. Kids do not give the eggplant, fish, milk and many other products, typical for this diet.


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Caution must be taken to eat potatoes and some cereals. You will also need to exclude different drinks: coffee, strong tea. You can drink only non-carbonated water, broth hips or weak tea. Not recommended the use of sweets, yoghurts, a large number of dairy products, even chewing gum is not worth it. With great care will have to treat the consumption of bread. They can be replaced with bread from rice grains. Also resolved some varieties of river fish.

Diet ADO. Menu on the first four days

The Classic menu on this diet is only for seven days.

In the first for Breakfast can be porridge on the water. At lunch, prepare yourself cabbage soup with meat.

You Can add some potatoes, carrots and onions. After a couple of hours after lunch, you can eat something light, like a banana, or drink a Cup of weak tea with dried apricots. For dinner chicken with steamed vegetables.

diet recipes ADO

On the second day for Breakfast eat rice porridge. Cook it on the water. Complete Breakfast unsweetened tea. Allowed for dessert to eat prunes or any other dried fruit you like. In the afternoon prepare a vegetable soup with a small piece of meat. Do not forget about afternoon tea. At this time drink tea with marmalade. Dinner can repeat and eat the chicken with the vegetables that you have prepared earlier.

On the third day during Breakfast, you can indulge in buckwheat. For dessert, you should cook a jelly.

nonspecific diet ados

If you feel that you find it difficult to wait for lunch and want something to eat, you can eat cakes made of buckwheat tea. In the afternoon you can do without the soup and eat steamed vegetables. A couple of hours before dinner, bake a couple of apples. In the evening cook yourself lean fish. Before bedtime can drink a glass of buttermilk.

diet for ADO for kids

The next day in the morning can treat themselves to a pumpkin milk. In the afternoon prepare a vegetable soup, if desired, add a spoonful of sour cream. A few hours before dinner, great as a snack suitable weak tea with bread. The evening stew pork with vegetables. Bedtime traditionally drink a glass of yogurt.

Menu for the last three days

On the fifth day morning you can eat a porridge of millet with the addition of prunes. Day can eat yesterday's soup with crackers instead of bread. After a couple of hours to eat fruit salad. In the evening you can make meat patties steamed with a light cabbage salad.

The next day At Breakfast - rice cereal with fruit. At lunch you can afford potatoes with salad of cabbage and cucumbers. A meal can eat two hundred grams of cottage cheese. The evening stew meat and cook the beet salad with prunes. Before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt.

nonspecific hypoallergenic diet ados

On the last day of the diet in the morningmake rice porridge with apples. For a snack if you get hungry before it is lunch, drink a glass of yogurt. In the afternoon, prepare a vegetable stew. As the evening snack is perfect on this day, cottage cheese casserole tea. In the evening you can eat steamed vegetables. Before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt, but on the condition that it is homemade.

Each day, try to drink no less than six glasses of still water.

The Menu on this diet is not strict, so it is possible to extend more than a week. But only if the health does not deteriorate. If some foods you don't like or do not carry, they can be safely replaced with a similar.

Now consider the half diet ados for children. As we previously learned, the children is the intolerance to many foods. Therefore, the menu should be adjusted for each child separately.

Diet ados for children

The Basic principle of this diet is not to eat those foods that cause allergies. With the children, of course, much more complicated than with adults. It is difficult to deny that they love. Therefore, it is necessary to select such products that are fully able to replace a favorite treat of baby. But it is important to know which foods not to give to children in any case. We are talking about citrus, is also forbidden to eat fish and poultry. Still impossible to give tomatoes, eggplants. Completely eliminate the vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, different sauces. Of course, remove from the diet of meats, mushrooms. It is forbidden to give eggs, milk.

diet for ados

A Terrible allergen may be the honey. Of course, to prohibited beverages include coffee, alcohol, should not be given to children at any age. Allowed to cook beef with potatoes. Kiddies can give any types of oil. Of cereals can be rice, oatmeal, buckwheat. Dairy products are allowed cheese. In any quantity can cook their apples. Watermelon can eat as much as baby wants, of course, if it does not cause allergies. You can drink weak tea, stewed fruit fresh fruit and dried fruit.

Try to diet when the diet was as diverse as possible.

Carrot casserole

We understood what the diet ADO. Recipes of some dishes now consider. Let's start with the buckwheat casserole.

For its preparation you will need two hundred grams of already boiled buckwheat, two egg yolks (if not allergic), 100 grams of sour cream and one to two teaspoons of sugar.

hypoallergenic diet ados

The Ingredients must be well mixed, spread into a prepared mould and send in for forty minutes in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Can add raisins or prunes.

Cookies on yogurt

You have to mix one Cup of yogurt with one tablespoon of sunflower oil and two teaspoons of sugar. This also need to add one Cup of flour and a pinch of baking soda, quenched in vinegar. The resulting mixture place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake need at least half an hour at 180 degrees. Ready cake cut. Top can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. All your cookies are finished.


Now you know what is a nonspecific hypoallergenic diet ADO, what are her principles. Also discussed permitted and prohibited products.

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