Why smells like groin? Find out!


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Why smell the groin? This question is asked by many people for centuries. Problems personal hygiene has always been quite relevant, and in today's world become even more acute. After all, widespread corruption and environmental pollution adversely affects human health. However, it sometimes happens that even carefully take care of their intimate hygiene of young people who daily wash, I feel a rather unpleasant smell from the area.

why does this smell smelledIf you catch yourself thinking "why do I smell the groin", it is not necessary to refer to friends, acquaintances and so on, no need to self-medicate, immediately go to the proctologist, he took the tests, their results will be able to tell you what the cause of the disease.

It has long been scientifically proven that the skin in the intimate areas may be degraded due to irritation, for example, or to be more precise, it is capable of only dead cells. In the same case when there is no redness in sight, the doctor will advise you to take the tests and do the scraping.


The Most simple variant, why the smell of the groin, is still a violation of personal hygiene. Intimate bodies should be washed after every toilet with warm water, using special tools. Likely that cause an unpleasant odor of decomposing urine. Currently, there are many special cosmetics intimate hygiene: it's all kinds of gels, deodorants and lotions. However, always read the label carefully, if in the column "Application" there are no words “feminine hygiene" means you can not use them categorically, even if helped Pete, Bob and your other stake.


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Poo manWithout knowing the reason why the smell of the groin, you should not self-medicate and take any medicines, even if it's just homeopathy. Start small, if in a given time for a trip to the doctor is not. Choose underwear made of natural materials, soft to nowhere Ter, change it regularly, preferably 2 times a day. It must allow air to continuous ventilation, and has not begun the process of evaporation.

If the groin with an unpleasant smell, and it reminds “fragrance” raw fish, it is likely to be a permanent reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, which, in turn, causes insufficient frequent change of linen. Do it on time and the problem will fade away.

Another problem

However, most often the groin of a man recalls his unpleasant odor due to the fact that the structure of the skin is a bit disturbed. Certainly worth a complete examination and pass the necessary tests, because such a problem should be treated under the supervision of a specialist and usually – drug.

unpleasant smellsAnd if this trouble appears after the summer and repeated swimming in various bodies of water, it is, apparently, the infection. And here without a doctor can not do.


Not save time and go to the clinic in a timely manner, because all these diseases are not just unpleasant, but can be contagious for others.

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