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Hydrocyanic acid (hydrogen cyanide) medical use usually has. It is prescribed sometimes in the form of lavrovishnja or bitter almond water. The drug is stored in well filled and sealed jars in places protected from the light.

In moderate doses, senile acid reduces the excitability of the spinal cord and brain, peripheral neuromuscular system and motor endings in the sensitive nerves.

Lavrovishnja and bitter almond water is indicated for pathologies of the respiratory tract, accompanied by cough. Hydrocyanic acid thus able to blunt the excitability of the mucosa in the throat, reduce the irritation. However, the substance reduces reflex activity in the respiratory center, and relaxes the fit of coughing.

At pathologies of gastrointestinal tract hydrocyanic acid may favorably affect peristalsis, as a paralyzing effect, and by blunting of pain sensitivity.

Is Assigned to the drug is relatively rare.

Hydrocyanic acid is very poisonous. Cyanide compounds, resulting in wide use in industry and technology have become easily accessible. Due to the rapid effects often hydrocyanic acid is used in self-poisoning and poisoning. However, the cases of intoxication were noted and in contact wounds with a solution of potassium cyanide, after eating bitter almonds. In addition, accumulates hydrocyanic acid in apricot kernels and cherry. Thus, the toxicity occurs from taking any products, containing seeds.


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Prussic acid Poisoning.

The severity of the lesions of the body depends on the flow rate and dosage of the toxic substance. Severe poisoning can occur in two forms: long and apoplectical States.

In the second case, the affected person screams, falls down, losing consciousness. Then there are short-term klonico-tonic convulsions, after which disappear tendon reflexes and relaxes the muscles. Pupils begin to grow, cease to respond to light, the skin to be pink in color or become pale. After a few breaths and stops breathing, dramatically reduced blood pressure, the pulse becomes thready, rare. Death occurs within the first three minutes after contact with hydrocyanic acid.

In protracted form lesions stages of the initial state, shortness of breath, seizures, coma.

In the initial stage of phenomena are characteristic: the sense of smell of cherry pits (bitter almonds), minor irritation of the mucosa in the nasopharynx and conjunctiva. Poisoned begins to feel numbness in the lining of the mouth, weakness, anxiety, pain in cardiac region, palpitation, dizziness. Available for inspection of the mucous membranes and skin acquire a scarlet hue, quickens and breathing deepens, slows down (sometimes quickens) the heart rate, increases BP. Common symptom is vomiting. Coordination of movements is broken.

Stage of dyspnea characterized by the strengthening of features described above. Appears severe weakness, repeated urge to defecate. The scarlet color of the skin and mucous membranes becomes more pronounced. Breathing becomes rhythmic, noisy, few rapid. Pathological phenomena in the field of light is not detected. Raises blood pressure, stiffens and slows heart rate. Begin to expand the pupils, dimmed consciousness, gait becomes shaky.

The Convulsive stage is characterized by an unconscious affected. Breathing becomes deep and rapid. At the time of attack disturbed the depth, frequency and rhythm of breathing, scarlet skin and mucous membranes become cyanotic. Convulsions are replaced by muscular relaxation.

Comatose stage is characterized by pallor, or slight cyanosis of the skin, muscles relaxed, no reflexes. The breathing becomes periodic, severe pathology in the lungs is not marked. In the result of respiratory arrest death. After three-five minutes stop the activity of the heart.

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