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Red shingles – a skin disease that is chronic and is characterized by polymorphism rash. The main elements are papules that can appear on the skin and mucous membranes.

Red shingles occurs when the metabolic and immune processes in the body. The result is an inadequate response of the tissues coming from the external environment stimuli. Genetic predisposition plays an important role in causing the disease. A certain significance of the impact of various chemical compounds from the environment.

The Polymorphism of the lesions determines the symptoms that is characterized by red lichen. The symptoms presented by a rash that is located on various areas of your body and looks in all such cases is practically the same. She presented a kind of seal on the surface of the skin, which are most often irregular in shape and brilliant color. As their development areas become characteristic changes, which are the color change to pinkish-purple and the occurrence of Central depressions.
Red lichen progress: the lesions gradually merge with each other, their surfaces start to peel off. Scales small size  is characteristic only for this disease can therefore be considered as diagnostic symptom of. The rash in this disease is accompanied by itching and pain, which is ongoing, can be intense. As a result of disturbed appetite, sleep, daily life. Sometimes the red ringworm can infect the nail plate. As a result, they gain longitudinal striations.


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The Disease has a prolonged course, which may last up to one year. When the spread of lesions on all areas of skin it is called generalized. This pathology is dangerous, because it threatens the accession of other diseases and the development of secondary erythroderma.

Ringworm a red has characteristic features, therefore its diagnosis is not difficult. When the diagnosis of matter: the color of the lesions, their irregular shape, pitting in the Central region, the absence of hemorrhage. Disease differentialsa from other health conditions, such as syphilis and psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, leukoplakia.

Laboratory data do not play a significant role in the definition of the disease and the correct diagnosis, as they have not found specific changes (increase in blood leukocytes, lymphocytes, erythrocyte sedimentation rate).

Detailed questioning of the patient plays an important role, as it helps to identify contributing factors, start time and course of the disease, the presence of such pathological conditions with relatives.

Red lichen is not specific treatment regimens. This is due to the lack of accurate data on the causes of the disease. All therapy aimed at the treatment of accompanying pathological conditions. The lesions on the skin are removed by bromine-containing drugs. Certain important vitamin, purpose calming remedy. Quite often used anti-allergic drugs and means that increase the immune status of the person. Topically apply various ointments, alcohols, possessing anti-inflammatory action. When the location of elements on the mucous membranes of a special diet is prescribed, which involves the refusal to accept a hot, poorly processed foods. They cause more trauma, and this greatly aggravates the patient's condition.

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