"Biseptol" - an antibiotic or not? Familiarity with the drug


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An Antibiotic is a drug derived from substances produced by microorganisms or derived artificial (synthetic) method. They were United by one common name “antibacterial”.

Familiarity with the drug.

The Question of whether the cure “Biseptol” is an antibiotic or not, asked by many people who are not as familiar with pharmacology. The answer may be fundamental, since some refer to this kind of funds is extremely negative, refusing to use them. These drugs often cause allergic reactions. If the patients will know about the means “Biseptol” is an antibiotic or not, you will be able to more consciously make the decision regarding medication. This drug is time-tested, it has been successfully used in Pediatrics. Assistant in the appointment of this drug is a prescription drug “Biseptol” (suspension) - manual describes in detail all indications.


The Active component in this drug acts as co-trimoxazole. This substance fights pathogens. It consists of two components that violate the flow of life processes in cells and germs causing disease, and simultaneously activating the body's production of substances that inhibit the growth of microbes.Biseptol antibiotic or noForm of issue

So to answer the question of whether the drug “Biseptol” is an antibiotic or not, saying that this drug does not apply to such, but is an antimicrobial agent. For treatment of children most commonly used dosage form of a suspension with a pleasant strawberry taste, which is accepted from 3 months. Biseptol suspension instructionIt destroys the body's sick staphylococci, Salmonella, Streptococcus, Shigella, Haemophilus coli, Proteus, Legionella, Neisseria, Brucella, mycobacteria and many other pathogens. This drug is produced by the Polish plant “Medan”.


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The Diseases whose appoint means "Biseptol"

Despite the fact that the answer to the question of whether the cure “Biseptol” is an antibiotic or not, negative, it helps for many bacterial infections. So, for example, it is prescribed for inflammation of the lungs and bronchi, inflammation of tonsils, middle ear, larynx, sinuses, kidneys, intestines and urinary tract. The drug is indicated in infectious diseases of the skin and digestive tract. It is used in the treatment of purulent wounds and furuncles. Efficiency means “Biseptol” proved, even when the infection has spread into bone tissue.Biseptol an antibiotic or no


It is Impossible to be treated by this means, if you have individual intolerance to the medications related to sulfonamides. Are also contraindications severe kidney, liver, herpes angina, diseases of the blood.

The Preparation should be at least three days. Its dosage depends on patient's age. Thus, we can say that the question of whether the cure “Biseptol” an antibiotic or not, have been solved. It is quite effective for many diseases. But do not forget that before applying it is mandatory to get the approval of your physician.

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