How does the graph of basal temperature during ovulation? Measurement of basal temperature during ovulation


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Ovulation – a process that takes place in healthy women, which is associated with the release of the egg in the fallopian tube for further fertilization. Knowledge of the starting day of ovulation can help plan pregnancy or to prevent unwanted conception. There are several methods for its determination, but the most available and easiest is the measurement of basal body temperature.

What is this?

Basal body temperature (BBT) – a figure that is measured in a state of complete rest, in the anus, immediately after morning awakening. She is displaying hormonal women and allows you to identify problems in work of sexual glands. More often, however, BTT is used to determine days favorable for conception.

schedule of basal temperature during ovulation

Many gynecologists suggest women keep their schedule of basal temperature. Especially those who are planning the addition to the family. The schedule of basal temperature during ovulation has its own characteristics. It allows you to calculate the most suitable day to get pregnant. The basal temperature is directly dependent on hormonal processes in the female organism.

Menstrual cycle and its phases

The Female body is designed for procreation, so all the processes occurring in it, are aimed at ensuring the conception and preparation of body for pregnancy and childbirth. The menstrual cycle consists of three consecutive phases: this is the follicular, ovulatory and luteal.

The First phase starts with menstrual bleeding, then the formation of the follicle in the ovary and the formation of a new endometrium. Its duration can suggest the schedule of basal temperature. Normal duration is 1-3 weeks. In this phase, play the role of follikulostimulirutee hormone and estrogen. It ends with the maturation of the follicle.


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The Second phase – directly to ovulate. The walls of the follicle break and egg passes through the fallopian tube to meet the sperm. Phase lasts about 2 days. If fertilization occurs, the embryo attaches to the endometrium, if not – the egg dies. On a normal schedule basal temperature the day of ovulation is at its lowest level for the cycle.

In the third phase starts the production of progesterone. It is a yellow body, which was formed in place of the ruptured follicle. The basal temperature after ovulation change in a big way - by 0.4-0.6 °C. In this period, the female body prepares itself for the nurturing and preservation of the fruit. If conception has not occurred, the concentration of female sexual hormones drops, and the circle is closed, comes the follicular phase. Its duration was normal in all women is about 2 weeks.

Why are there temperature fluctuations?

Measurement of basal temperature during ovulation as a method of characterizing hormonal changes in a woman's body, was proposed in 1953 by the academic Marshall. And now approved by the who as an official method for the detection of fertility. It is based on a natural change in the concentration of progesterone in the blood. This hormone acts on the thermoregulatory center in the brain that causes a local rise in temperature in the organs and tissues of the pelvis. It is because a sharp increase in temperature in the anal Department occurs in the luteal phase.

schedule of basal temperature normal

Thus, ovulation divides the menstrual cycle into two parts: first, the average temperature is approximately 36.6-36.8 °C. it shall Then be lowered by 0.2-0.3 °C for 2 days and then rises up to 37-37,3 degrees and at this level almost until the end of the cycle. The normal schedule of basal temperature during ovulation is called two-phase.

The measurement of the BBT can help you determine with high accuracy the day successful for conception. According to statistics it is known that the greatest likelihood of getting pregnant falls on the day before and after the increase in temperature – 30%. 2 days before the jump – 21%, 2 days after - 15%. Pregnancy can occur with 2% probability if fertilization takes 3 or 4 days before the temperature rise.

Why use this method

If you constantly make a graph of basal temperature, norm and pathology begins to be traced literally through 2-3 cycles. The obtained curves can give the answer to many questions. Therefore, gynecologists strongly recommend this method to resolve the following issues:

  • The Definition of favorable days for conception.
  • Early diagnosis of pregnancy.
  • As a method of contraception.
  • Identification of problems in the work of the sex glands.

Mostly basal temperature is measured to calculate the starting day of the ovulatory phase of the cycle. This is the easiest and cheapest way. To determine ovulation by the basal temperature very easily if regularly measure and follow all the rules.

The Correct measurement is the key to the effectiveness of the method

To the results of the method were true, it is necessary to follow all instructions when measuring BBT, it is very important that the schedule of basal temperature during ovulation included only accurate and reliable data. There is a set of basic rules:

  • The temperature Measurement is carried out daily at the same time (preferably 7.00-7.30) in the rectum.
  • Before procedure it is necessary to sleep at least 3 hours.
  • If the woman needed to get out of bed ahead of time of measurement, the readings need to be removed prior to the adoption of the vertical position.
  • Thermometer must be pre-prepared and put beside the bed. To shake it off better before going to sleep.
  • Measure temperature only in a horizontal position, lying motionless on his side.
  • During a cycle you can't change the thermometer.
  • To Make the readings in the schedule better immediately after the measurement.

basal temperature after ovulation

Measurements will fit both digital and mercury thermometer. But an infrared thermometer for this method is not designed, as has a greater likelihood of error in the results. Since the basal temperature before ovulation and the day of its beginning vary only by 0.2-0.3 °C, the thermometer may not show this difference. The electronic thermometer gives large errors, if not to follow the instructions for its use. The most accurate figures can be obtained using a mercury thermometer, however, it requires special care in handling.

When the figures obtained may not be correct

You Need to remember that basal temperature during ovulation, the norm which is for every female individual may fluctuate depending on influence of different factors. Often the external effects on the body lead to the fact that the performance of BTT are highly distorted and have no informative value. These factors include:

  • The Flights, trips, business trips.
  • Stress.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Receiving psychotropic and hormonal drugs.
  • Inflammation in the body, heat.
  • Increased physical activity.
  • Short sleep.
  • Failure to follow the instructions on measurement.
  • Sexual intercourse a few hours before the measurement.

If something from the above list happen, then trust the measurements is not necessary. And the day that there was a violation, can not be ignored in plotting.

How to build a graph of basal temperature

To build a graph of basal temperature, you must measure each day and make entries in a designated notebook. The graph represents the intersection of two lines at right angles. The vertical axis contains the temperature data, for example, from 35.7 to 37.3 °C, while the horizontal are the days of the menstrual cycle. Every cell corresponds to 0.1 °C and 1 day. Making the measurement, it is necessary to find the day cycle on the chart, to carry out mentally the line up and put a point next to the desired temperature. At the end of the cycle, the points of the graph are connected, the curve is an objective display of hormonal changes in the female body.

The chart should indicate the current date and build the box for special notes. The data to be sufficiently complete to describe their own health, manifested symptoms or situations that could appear on the change in basal temperature.

If the woman is not very clear how to make the schedule of basal temperature, a gynecologist from the antenatal clinic will explain how to do it and also help to decrypt the data.

Now there are many programs with which you can create an e-chart that is always at hand. In this case, the woman needs to enter the temperature. All the program will do the rest.

Deciphering the chart

In this method of determining fertility is important not only building, but also the decoding of graphs of basal temperature. The norm for each woman individually. However, there is an approximate graph that should result in the case that the gonads are functioning properly. To analyze the curve we need to build the following elements: overlapping line, ovulation, duration of the second phase.

basal temperature the day of ovulation

Overlapping (middle) line is built on top of the 6 points of the follicular cycle excluding the first 5 days and days when indicators deviate significantly due to EXT...

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