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Many medicinal plants given to mankind by nature. One of these is the marsh cinquefoil. It is a perennial shrub, enriched by a number of nutrients (vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids, trace elements). Broad use of the plant is found not only among the folk of Aesculapius.

Modern pharmaceutics, from which it produces healing drugs. A well-known company "Evalar" released effective biological additive called "Sabelnik-Evalar". Its main purpose – freedom from pathologies of musculoskeletal system. The tool helps to strengthen the bone joints, eliminate pain and improve the patient's quality of life. Everyone can choose a convenient dosage form.

Release Form

Potentilla Evalar

The Company produces herbal remedy in several variations:

  • Pill "Sabelnik-Evalar" in a convenient package of 60 capsules;
  • Tea bags of 20 pieces in a cardboard box;
  • Anti-inflammatory cream in small tubes (50, 100 ml);
  • Water-alcohol tincture of the rhizome of the shrub in glass vials (50, 100 g).

Each drug is taken after consulting a specialist and only in conjunction with medicines.

 Potentilla contraindications

Pharmacological action

Herbaceous plant Comarum palustre, contraindications which is minimal, has long been renowned for unique healing properties. Preparations on its basis is shown not only anti-inflammatory effect, they also possess analgesic, resolving, healing and diaphoretic effects. Healing properties more endowed with roots and shoots. They have long been used by healers in their therapy.


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Grass can be used both internally and externally, due to the safety of the plants and effective therapeutic qualities. Tincture relieves pain and swelling in the joints, relieves inflammation and helps the withdrawal of salt deposits. In addition, BAD a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the immune system and improves sleep. And all thanks to the medicinal composition, which exhibits regenerative, restorative and antibacterial properties.

Repeatedly drug "Sabelnik-Evalar" has been clinically tested. Scientists have proved its safety and high effectiveness. This all-natural remedy created to benefit a person suffering from joint diseases. Practice checked to eliminate BAD swelling, muscle tension, pain and inflammation, while not provoking the development of side effects.

Indications for treatment

The Herbal preparation "Sabelnik-Evalar" (all forms) is assigned only to the attending physician. It should be used in conjunction with any drugs possessing anti-inflammatory properties. The Supplement is recommended in patients with rheumatic diseases. Medicine helps to get rid of the disease or significantly improve the condition of gout, arthritis, osteochondrosis and arthrosis.


pills cinquefoil Evalar

Alcohol tincture "Sabelnik-Evalar" doctors advise to use together with cream of the same company to achieve rapid positive results. Liquid are only allowed in the case of adults, twice a day during meals. Half Cup of drip 50 drops and drink. The course of therapy up to a month.

Capsules or tablets, take one a day for twenty days. The maximum duration of treatment – month. Then there is a small two-week break and the course again, but to appoint a therapy is prohibited. It is desirable in the treatment process to use the ointment.

The Cream can be applied up to three times a day flowing massage movements. Then turn into a woolen scarf. Apply the ointment for about a month. After the first day of use, say some, the abatement of pain. Restore the elasticity of the bone joints will help the preparation of the company "Evalar" - "Potentilla".

Contraindications and precautions

Potentilla Evalar reviews

Biological additives are harmless but it also has some limitations such as pregnancy and lactation. It is also forbidden to give medication to a child younger than 12 years of age. Gently apply with bradycardia and hypotension (reduced blood pressure). Be aware that early admission is the possible exacerbation of the disease, but to worry about it, and especially to leave therapy is not necessary, because this is the norm and reports on the onset of the therapeutic effect.

The drug is Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance. If in the course of treatment of an Allergy in the form of rashes or itching, then discontinue to take it. The correct dosage and duration of therapy indicated by the doctor.

Terms of storage and price

The cost of the tablets from 85 RUB, ointments – from 90 RUB, tinctures – 129 RUB, tea drink – from 60 rubles. In each region the price may differ. When buying don't forget to look at the date of manufacture and shelf life of the product. Medication is stored in a locker where there is direct sunlight and high humidity.

BAD "Sabelnik-Evalar": the reviews of ordinary people

After Reading numerous customer opinions, we can conclude that the above preparation has a high therapeutic activity. Patients are satisfied with the result: after a course of reception the majority of improvement of the musculoskeletal system, strengthens cartilage and the discomfort disappears. Happy reviews of people – this is the best gratitude for a company that creates unique herbal remedy.


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