Where is the Moscow Center of endocrinology? Endocrinological centers in Moscow (reviews)


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If you are a resident of the capital, it is necessary to know where is the Moscow Center of endocrinology. A huge amount of various toxic substances in the air negatively affects human organism, it is therefore necessary to constantly be checking the occurrence of various diseases of the endocrine system.

Moscow center of endocrinology

What is the endocrine system and why is it important?

In the human body there is a system regulating the internal organs via hormonal influences, and that she called endocrine. With its help it is possible to regulate virtually all components of the body, to adapt them to changes in the external environment and keep in a good stable condition. But there are a number of external factors that can adversely affect this structure, and it is therefore necessary in Moscow the Centre for endocrinology, for such effects can be very strong.

This system is not only actively influence the work of all existing bodies, but is responsible for the stable state of homeostasis. The endocrine system works in tandem with the immune and nervous; they control the development and growth of the organism, human reproduction, mental activity, and are also responsible for emotional responses.

center for endocrinology in Moscow

What to do if you notice irregularities in the endocrine system?

The Symptoms of disorders of this system can be considered as poor health, emotional incontinence, difficulty with reproductive function, nervous disorders, appearance of different lesions on the body, etc. If you see in your state any changes that worry you, immediately contact your physician and he will guide you after an initial examination to an endocrinologist, if you find this desirable.


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You Can bypass the therapist and immediately sent to a specialist. If you live in Moscow, the Centre of endocrinology – the best solution, because it employs professionals with extensive experience and practice. You should not delay treatment to the doctor, since this may further result in serious health problems.

endocrinology centre in Moscow

Center under the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation

Endocrinology centre in Moscow, under the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation has been a leading medical diagnostic companies in the field. Here from across the country flock information for clinical and basic endocrinology, which is subjected to careful analysis. Hence manages regional specialized centers that also treat patients.

The center employs over 40 doctors and 120 candidates of Sciences, academicians and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences. Due to the large number of academics, the center has the ability to continuously develop new and existing areas in endocrinology. In the 2000s it was renovated, a new complex that was given over to the children's Department.

center for pediatric endocrinology in Moscow

Children's Department

Center for pediatric endocrinology in Moscow was opened in 1961 and soon acquired the status of Institute. He is the first specialist clinic in the territory of the Russian Federation, to diagnose endocrine diseases in children and adolescents, and then – their treatment. Recently, there are actively practiced by treatment using genomic markers as well as the latest achievements in the field of pharmacology.

One of the priorities that the institution has set for itself – help to children in forming timely way of physical development through the treatment of existing diseases of the endocrine system. In parallel, the Center for endocrinology in Moscow, is engaged in the creation of prevention programs designed to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the endocrine system. Those who already have the disease this type will be able to go into the centre courses on psychological adaptation in society. There are families where the children suffer from all kinds of endocrine diseases, the center will help them to adapt to each other.

Moscow scientific center of endocrinology

Institute of diabetes

The Center for endocrinology in Moscow, also has in its submission the Institute of diabetes that deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this disease. The institution is one of the leading on the territory of the Russian Federation, we use state of the art techniques that have no analogues abroad. One of them is the method of system diagnosis and further treatment, according to which all patient consultations are conducted in a single medical institution.

Get the most quality treatment of diabetes you can in Moscow, the Centre of endocrinology uses the principle of maximum protection of the organs, so the chances of a full recovery are very high. To minimize injury and to avoid amputations of limbs – that is the goal most often set ourselves doctors in the formation of treatment programs for patients. According to experts, the disease can be cured or at least arrest, if timely to seek help.

endocrinology centre in Moscow reviews


Endocrinology centre in Moscow, which found predominantly positive, ready to accept patients in different stages. Some former patients say that the doctors are very thorough approach to questions of treatment and prescribe the necessary procedures only after people had given their consent. The attitude of the physicians for a positive result causes patients to seek full or even partial recovery.

The Doctors after carrying out all necessary medical procedures continue to observe their patients for a long period of time, which allows to track the dynamics of their condition. Among the negative points allocate patients expensive cost of treatment, however, many recognize that they are ready to pay any money just to get rid of their diseases.

endocrinology centre in Moscow EKO


One of the areas in which specializiruetsya endocrinology centre in Moscow, – IVF (in vitro fertilization). Some couples suffer from diseases of the endocrine system, not allowing them to have children. Especially for them the institution had established a Department of auxiliary reproductive technologies, which deals with the treatment of infertility with cutting-edge medical techniques.

Couples are offered a choice of more than 10 IVF programs, which they can use for the artificial conception. If you experience any difficulties, you can count on highly qualified help of specialists just can't let you go home, leaving the situation to fate.

Private schools

If you live in a city like Moscow, scientific Center of endocrinology can be really the best place for treatment of relevant diseases. The address of this medical facility are the following: St. Dmitry Ulyanov, 11. Nearest metro stations - "Academic" and "Kashirsky".

However, there are other companies specializing in endocrine diseases. However, they are much less popular due to the high cost of treatment, as well as the high percentage of errors in diagnosis.

Patients of other health centres dealing with diseases of the endocrine system, noted that they most often we are talking about the management of the treatment using traditional methods. In rare cases, offers truly innovative methods that give positive results. Patients also noted that after treatment, the professionals stop to watch the patients while the disease can return at any moment. Therefore, those who suffer from diseases of the endocrine system, prefer to be treated in public institutions.


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