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Pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, simple cold – all these diseases are accompanied by cough. At the same symptom can have a different character. In some cases, it significantly affects the quality of life of the patient. For example, if the disease is accompanied by dry cough, it bothers the evening and night, disturbing rest. To eliminate this unpleasant symptom doctors can prescribe not only medicines, but also the means of alternative medicine – a hot compress.


Often parents try to protect their children from synthetic drugs that used to treat cough to folk remedies. What is the reason? First, many synthetic drugs cause side effects, but performance is not inferior to natural. Second, the child may be intolerant to certain components of the medicine from the pharmacy.

Compresses for children cough have several actions. Their properties effectively fight the unpleasant symptoms. Compresses are being used to eliminate both dry and wet cough.

How are those funds? Compress for dry cough increase sputum production. This allows you to quickly withdraw from the bronchopulmonary region foreign agents. As for wet cough, then compresses improve bronchial activity. This improves the expectoration of mucus.

cough in children

What is a wrap

Compress cough for children is a kind of bandage placed on the area of the back and chest, and it consists of several basic layers:

  1. Internal & ndash; is a medicine which is used as the main component or in the form of impregnation. In the preparation moisten a soft cloth or gauze is then applied on the treated area.
  2. Medium – a material that does not allow the active substance to evaporate quickly. To do this, use a piece of tape, plastic bag, etc.
  3. External – has a warming effect. To achieve the desired effect of the middle layer is covered with warm material. For this purpose, a scarf made of natural wool or down feathers, wool scarf, towel, etc.

Where to apply?

To hot compress had the desired effect, you need to know where to make it. To eliminate the signs of respiratory disease, the bandage preparation was applied to the chest or throat. It is not recommended to touch the area where is located the heart.

Dry cough similar compresses can be applied not only to the chest, but the back of the child. In this case, there is an exception – children up to age 10 months. Compresses infants is undesirable. As shown by doctors, increases the likelihood of complications. It is for this reason breast children make gadgets.

It is Worth noting that warm compresses for cough for children promote early discharge of phlegm and reducing the inflammation and strengthening immune function.

compress the chest

Rules of conduct

This procedure gave a noticeable effect, you must follow certain rules for its implementation:

  1. Before applying the compress to lubricate the treated area of the skin by any means fat-based. This can be sunflower oil, baby cream or vaseline.
  2. A Compression bandage should be applied before going to bed.
  3. Do Not re-use the same compress.
  4. At the end of the procedure, the skin should be wiped with a cloth or cloth dampened with warm water.

The Child during illness should be protected from drafts. This is especially important when overlaying warming compresses.


Folk cough remedies in the form of compresses can be used in the home. Their preparation is straightforward. Besides, the procedure takes a little time. The ingredients are found in every home. This greatly facilitates the process. Among the advantages of the procedure is to provide:

  1. Lack of addiction. Unlike synthetic drugs, the active components packs are not addictive.
  2. Tangible effect can be seen after a few treatments.
  3. Saving money.
  4. No side effects with proper procedure.
  5. A Positive impact on the child's body. The use of compression allows to remove inflammation, strengthen the immune system,to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.
  6. Can be used for the treatment of cough in children and adults.

Many parents refuse to drug therapy and are treated with folk remedies. It's not quite right. If you experience symptoms of the disease should consult with experts.


Compresses for cough for children are considered to be relatively safe. However, there are restrictions on their use. Here are the basic rules:

  1. It is Impossible to put the child a hot compress, if his body temperature 36,7 C. above This will only worsen his condition.
  2. The Use of compresses for the treatment of cough in infants (up to 1 year) is strictly prohibited.
  3. In the predisposition of the child to various atopic reactions is prohibited to use components that can cause allergies. These include propolis, honey, beeswax, etc.
  4. To avoid burns of the skin, under the inner layer of the wrap is to enclose a thin cotton fabric.
  5. It is Forbidden to use for making poultices vodka and alcohol if the child is at least 6-7 years. In this case, it is possible to apply oily solutions.

If you are hypersensitive to a particular product is also not recommended to make compresses.

is it possible to compress at a temperature

What is included?

Good helps from cough cabbage with honey. Compress with the addition of these products you can prepare yourself. A well proven means on the basis of potatoes. Most often for the preparation of compresses used:

  • Honey;
  • Cabbage;
  • Cheese;
  • Potatoes;
  • Goat or visceral fat;
  • Essential oils;
  • Apple cider vinegar.

The Preparations of such products are suitable for the treatment of any cough: wet, allergic, dry.

essential oil wrap

Based On bee honey

So, how to make a poultice at home? Honey – it is a wonderful product that helps to fight with many cold symptoms. Honey can reduce inflammation, destroy pathogenic bacteria and strengthen the immune system. Popular recipes wraps on its basis is to provide:

  1. The Use of honey in its purest form. The product gently reheat in a water bath, it should be spread evenly over the surface of the skin in the selected area (throat, chest, or back). Put the middle and top layers compress.
  2. You Can give the baby a poultice for cough with honey and vinegar. The ingredients are mixed, add a little boiling water. Therapeutic applications spread over the chest, without affecting the heart. For cooking you can use Apple cider or vinegar. In a pinch you can use a table.
  3. Cabbage and honey. It is an effective tool able to increase the effects of medicines. To prepare the compress, apply a cabbage leaf a little honey and spread evenly. Attach it to the back and chest, and throat at the same time. Wrap the poultice with cling film and wrap baby kerchief or towel.

Based On honey are also and alcohol compresses. However, the treatment of their children is not recommended.

honey packs

Using cabbage

On the basis of the cabbage very often make a hot compress. Because this product has many positive qualities. Compresses of cabbage can be applied in wet, dry and allergic cough, as well as with a light tickle in the throat.

It is Worth noting that this tool enables you to get rid of bronchitis, tracheitis, and other respiratory diseases. But how to make a compress with cabbage? Here are some ways:

  1. Cabbage juice. Press the juice from fresh cabbage. Mix it with sugar. This remedy is recommended to ingest 1 teaspoon up to 4 times during the day. For compresses also effective to use a paste of cabbage leaves.
  2. Gruel of cabbage. Slice the vegetables, place in blender and grind. Should get a PAP. Use it as an internal layer when applying the compress.
    cabbage cough

And if the honey and the cabbage cannot be used?

If a child's allergic reaction to honey or cabbage, you can use other packs to eliminate unpleasant symptom. Typically, procedures are used only natural products:

  1. Based On cottage cheese. To prepare the compress, you can use any product. Cheese preheat, wrap in cotton cloth. Place the compress on the chest of the child, after checking the temperature of the dressing. Compress leave for the night. If the product turned yellow, it indicates the beginning of the inflammatory process in the lungs.
  2. Compress cough from potatoes. To prepare the compress, boil the potatoes in their skins or in the usual way. Mash the potatoes, add a little vegetable oil. Wrap the resulting mass in a cotton cloth, place on chest or backchild. Very hot compresses for the treatment of respiratory diseases are not suitable. They should be warm.
  3. Oil-based. For cooking take the essential oil or product based cream. Heat the part and apply on the chest of the child. On top, apply two layers of film and fabric. If the child is prone to allergic reactions, then such use is prohibited.
  4. Visceral fat. As a main component is used suet. You can also use goat fat. They RUB the child's chest and back, without affecting the heart. The treated surface with a cloth wrap and a warm scarf or towel.
potato case

When choosing a recipe you should focus on the peculiarities of children's organism. If the child has a predisposition to allergic reactions, some means are contraindicated.

In conclusion

In Order to avoid unpleasant consequences and the worsening condition of the child, before using alternative medicine should consult a pediatrician. The specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment and advise what packs you can use when you cough. Remember such procedures are not the primary therapy of respiratory diseases. Compresses only complement it.

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