How to delay my period for a few days?


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Almost every woman has experienced such moments in life, when asked the question about how to delay my period for a few days. Often in these situations can save even small delays in one or two days. It's nature that in healthy normal women of bleeding coming every month. Exceptions can there be pregnancy and various other situations that arise very rarely.

how to delay menses

Who needs it?

Women have already adapted to their functions and are able to adjust and monitor some of the processes that occur in the body. Back in the old days was known for the ways in which it would be possible to delay monthly for some days. Often such methods are used by athletes who have a competition or a women who's about to have surgery or a long trip. However, doctors are very not recommended to do it more often, because in the future this may lead to various health problems.

So, let's figure out how to delay period?

Features of the female body

What the critical days are normal for women of a certain age, you know absolutely all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. It is a natural process that violate the extra time.

If there is a need to delay menstruation for a couple of days, you can use any tool, but often this experiment is not worth it. Since these special delays in the menstrual cycle can lead to the development of various diseases. One-time attempt, which ended with success will not bring any harm to women's health. How to delay my period for a week, many people are interested in.


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how to delay my period for a few days

Slow down menstruation

In some cases it is possible not only to delay menstruation, but also to slow them down. Here is a bit different situation, because in special cases it may even be necessary from the point of view of medicine. For example, in cases when women go too heavy bleeding. And if their number is not to reduce and not to take extraordinary measures, then it may in future develop into a nervous breakdown, and anemia.

The normal amount of discharge should be about 100 ml. If there is more, it is necessary to struggle. A similar situation can occur as a result of heavy physical exertion or during times of high stress. Amount of blood discharge will come to normal when the woman is in complete rest during menstruation. However, if the woman and calm stands out too much blood, stop bleeding in special ways.

Long period

It Should be emphasized that some women have concerns about too long period. Normal period should not last more than seven days, but there are cases when women see spotting much longer. But all this can be corrected by medicines or traditional home methods.

If there is any irregular menstruation, too copious menses, or the presence of other related problems, you must consult a doctor. It is possible that these problems signal the presence of more serious diseases.

how to delay my period at home

Signs of pathology

Prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding can be symptoms of such diseases:

  • Polyps;
  • Endometriosis treatment;
  • Uterine fibroids.

Often, in such situations women face, who have poor blood clotting.

How to delay period?

The easiest way to delay my period or cut them – is the medication. But before using them better to consult a specialist. In addition, you must remember that most medicines have a number of contraindications.

How to delay my period for a few days?

An Absolute guarantee can give the hormonal drugs which contain progestins. Such contraceptives should be taken in the middle of the month, and on the day of the alleged menstruation to stop them. Thus, the monthly will come with a small delay of up to five days.

If the contraceptive preparation is monophasic, it should be taken one tablet a day. In this case, the protection against pregnancy will not be, but after the reception there will be a delay of menstruation, guaranteed to be 2-3 days.

Learn more ways to delay menstruation birth control pills are. They can postpone the onset of menstruation when to take them without stopping.

how to delay my period for a week

Reception without a break

According to the rules of oral contraceptives need to be taken, taking breaks, but if ignored, menstruation will not come in time. And this delay will be possible until then, until you stop taking the pills. While taking these drugs, the female body will protect against unwanted pregnancy. But still, the doctors stronglyrecommended to use these drugs for longer than two months without interruption.

Absolutely all oral contraceptives have side effects and contraindications. Without a prescription should not be taken. Usually, birth control pills are prohibited in diseases of the liver, diabetes, thrombosis, disorders of blood circulation and during pregnancy.

How to delay period with drugs?


In medical practice, using drugs that gynecologists used for the treatment of various diseases. These cause side effects, including delayed menarche. While spotting may be absent long enough.

Such drugs include tablets, delayed menses, - “Monitor”, which are used to regulate the menstrual cycle. Usually it is prescribed when there is a delay period, but if this is no problem, he is able to give the opposite effect. If you start taking two weeks prior to the beginning of the estimated period, menstruation come a week later.

how to delay my period for a couple of days

This tool can be used during the critical days, in order to reduce the amount of blood. Use the “Monitor” are forbidden to women who have liver problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, obesity, asthma. Is it possible to hold monthly ‘Main”?


Also among of hormones can highlight the “main”, it is also possible to delay my period for a week. It is not a contraceptive drug, it has no effect on the pregnancy and the ovulation process. Usually it is prescribed for women with problems of endometriosis.

“main” effect on the endometrium and stimulates the body to produce progesterone. In this case, the development of the endometrium stops, as well as its rejection. So my period come late.

To achieve the desired effect, you need to start to take this drug mid-cycle. It is recommended to drink two tablets every day.

The Big advantage of the “Main” is that it has no effect on blood viscosity, which means that it has much less contraindications. And among the side effects feature headaches, discomfort in liver area, high breast sensitivity and allergic reaction.

How can you delay your period?


Also worth mentioning the drug “Did”. It stimulates the formation of platelets thicken the blood and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It is recommended for internal and external bleeding, as well as with surgical intervention.

“Did” shows women who have strong and abundant menstruation. They may be vascular disease, or fibroids.

Take “Did” is required five days before the onset of menses. It can cause side effects such as:

  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Numbness of the feet;
  • Pain in the stomach;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Allergic reaction, such as rash on the face.

How to delay period at home?

how can we hold monthly

Natural remedies

Of Course, medicines are very effective but they are also very dangerous. If there is fear of the use of pharmaceuticals, you can try natural remedies, among them also there are able to delay period.

Folk medicine says that affect menstruation can using foods that contain a lot of vitamin C. Most medicines have a high content of this vitamin up to 500 mg in each tablet.

Thus, on the arrival of menstruation can affect even the most common ascorbic acid. Why lemon is so popular for women who want to delay menstruation for a few days. A large concentration of vitamin C that contains lemon, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, thus less chance of damage to the capillaries. So spotting come later.

But of course, just because a lemon is not easy. It can be mixed with honey and consume for a few days before menstruation. You can also drink a glass of lemon juice every morning.

Effective means to reduce the bleeding and thickening of the blood – the decoction of water pepper and parsley. Well can help nettle and shepherd's purse. Such funds do not guarantee a deferral, but the duration of bleeding will be reduced for sure.

is it possible to hold monthly

These nettle teas are very helpful for women who suffer from prolonged and profuse menstruation. If you regularly use these tools, the menstrual cycle will return to normal and my period will be less painful.

But it should be remembered that disrupt your menstrual cycle especially it is impossible. Such events can lead to the development of pathologies.

And before you use drugs, you need to consult a doctor.

We looked at how to delay my period for a few days.

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