Means "Maalox" (suspension). Usage instructions


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The Cure “Maalox” (suspension) manual describes how antacid drug. The tool is able to neutralize hydrochloric (muriatic) acid free. This leads to a reduction in peptic activity of gastric juice. The drug does not cause secondary hypersecretion. The tool has also enveloping and adsorbing effect, reducing the influence of negative factors on the mucosa. The drug does not cause constipation, is used for excessive gastric acidity. The drug effectively reduces the intensity of pain in the upper parts of the digestive system. The analgesic effect persists for several hours. Maalox suspension instruction

Means “Maalox” (suspension). Application

The Medication is prescribed for ulcerative lesions of the duodenum and stomach (during exacerbation), hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm, acute gastroduodenitis. The drug is recommended for people with reflux esophagitis, dyspeptic phenomena (for elimination and prophylaxis) caused by the admission of several drugs (NSAIDs, corticosteroids). The remedy prescribed for pain or epigastric discomfort, heartburn on the background errors in the diet, excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol, coffee. The indications include gastroduodenitis to a chronic course with increased or normal secretory function in the acute stage.

Contraindications Maalox suspension application

Is Not assigned to the drug “Maalox” (suspension), instruction manual warns of this, with hypersensitivity to components, disorders of the renal system expressed by the type. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and during the nursing period.


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Means “Maalox” (suspension). Usage instructions

Take a Medication an hour and a half after meals or when pain. Dosage for adults & ndash; 15 ml. On the basis of reflux esophagitis medication drinking over a shorter interval after meals. The duration of treatment should not be more than two or three months. To eliminate the consequences of errors in the diet is taken once. If necessary, the means “Maalox” (suspension) application instructions allow to be repeated two hours after the first application. Maximum per day allowed to drink the medicine not more than six times. To improve the efficiency of the medicine before use, the medium is shaken. Medicine “Maalox” (suspension) application instructions recommends drinking undiluted. Maalox suspension application instructions

Adverse reactions

On the basis of the use of medications likely to develop digestive disorders. In particular, marked constipation, vomiting, disturbance of taste, nausea. Some patients develop encephalopathy, and increased blood levels of aluminium or magnesium, there is a deficiency in phosphorus. The elderly are likely to aggravation of the lesions of the musculoskeletal structures of Alzheimer's. These negative effects develop with prolonged use or when the presence of disorders of the renal system.

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