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A woman's Body undergoes monthly hormonal changes. This contributes to the work of the ovaries, pituitary and adrenal glands. However, sooner or later each women begins menopause followed by menopause. Then most of the ladies and faced with an unpleasant symptoms. To avoid their appearance will help “Menoril”. Instructions for use, price, reviews about the drug are described in the article. You will also learn about the description dietary supplements. We should also say that reported indications for use of medication “Menoril" instructions for use, reviews of doctors.

menoril usage instructions


Reports medicine “Menoril" instructions for use? The abstract suggests that the composition is a dietary Supplement and is not classified as medicines.

In the product is a vitamin complex that includes several substances. These include isoflavones, vitamins D and K, which are so necessary to women in this period. In addition, the Supplement contains additional components.

Description of medicine

Dietary Supplement is a pill. They have a pinkish color and individual packaging. The blister contains ten capsules. In the pack you can find six of these plates. Therefore, in one package of the drug contains 60 tablets. Necessarily attached to every pack «Menoril" instructions for use.

menoril instructions for use price reviews

Price, reviews about the drug are presented to your attention below. First, let's say a few words on the front of the packaging. Cardboard pack has a pink-purple tint. On the top there is the name of the drug – “Menoril”. Usage instructions are presented to consumers in the Russian language.


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Indications for use of dietary supplements

Before correction, is familiar with the fact that reports about the drug “Menoril plus" instructions for use. Specialists say that should not self-prescribe this medication. More correct would be to visit a doctor and after conducting some research to obtain the permission to accept the part.

The drug “Menoril" of the instruction manual reports that it is used by women during menopause and menopause. Indications for correction can be considered unpleasant symptoms of this condition such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, lack of sexual desire, nervousness and constant mood swings. Because these symptoms are often knock the woman off.

Also, the indication for the use of the composition, the osteoporosis associated with a reduction in the amount of estrogen in women, brittle nails, hair and bad teeth and enamel.

What can you say about the contraindications to the correction according to the composition?

What the data indicates to the drug “Menoril" instructions for use? Abstract reports that the drug is strongly prohibited to use during pregnancy and lactation. It should be noted that in such moments of such dietary Supplement the fairer sex and not needed. Because they occur independent development need Gomonov.

The Composition is prohibited to use and children of any age, and women during fertility. Also advised not to take the part of men. Additive not assigned to persons with hypersensitivity to one component of the drug.

menoril plus instructions for use price reviews

“Menoril plus": usage instructions

Price, reviews about the drug will be submitted to you later. In the same paragraph will be described how to use the tools. As you already know, to recommend application and to select an individual dosage composition needs a doctor.

The Capsule “Menoril" are assigned to two pieces a day. With this you can make a one-time appointment or have a part two times. It is preferable to use the medicament after eating, drinking plenty of water. The course of treatment is usually one month. However, in some situations your doctor may recommend a different scheme for use of the medicine. Repeat administration of the composition is possible by appointment gynecologist.

menoril usage instructions price

The Simultaneous use of additional supplements and drugs is not prohibited. This medication is sometimes combined with hormone replacement therapy. May also be administered vitamin a complex calcium. However, you should pay attention to the content of vitamin D. This will help to avoid overdose.

How much is a drug in different amounts?

You now know, to inform consumers and doctors about the drug “Menoril" instructions for use. The price of the medication depends on the region in which you purchased membership. The cost also varies depending on the number of capsules in the package.

menoril plus instructions for use reviews

The Most popular large pack, which containssixty capsules. Its cost is about 600 rubles. If you find the product in the amount of thirty pieces, you will be able to buy for 400 rubles.

Reviews about the drug: what doctors say and consumers?

Users report that is written in accessible language to the drug “Menoril plus" instructions for use. The price of composition, unfortunately, quite high. This says about half of all women. However, the effect of correction is obtained appropriate.

Doctors say that the drug can be noticed already in the first days of correction. The number of hot flushes decreases gradually. Also improving the status of women. All this thanks to the vitamin complex contained in the Supplement. Not to mention the effects of the drug on osteoporosis. Bone fragility – this is the main symptom of menopause. The composition of the dietary Supplement contains vitamin D. he promotes proper absorption of calcium in the body of the fairer sex.

Women Who reported that already after the first course correction, the hair becomes stronger. The same effect is on tooth and nail. If you use both the compositions containing calcium, the effect will be stronger.

menoril usage instructions reviews

The fairer sex say that in the first week of the drug occurs the old sex drive. Also removes the dryness in the genital area. Women feel much more comfortable.

Additional information about the drug that helps in fighting the symptoms of menopause

Doctors remind all the fairer sex who wish to use this part of that “Menoril” is a dietary Supplement. The drug of this nature is checked by the tests solely on the possibility of toxic effects. The remaining data are ignored. That is why in the instructions for use are not documented side effects. The manufacturer reports that one unfortunate manifestation of this correction can be allergic reaction.

menoril plus instruction manual price

However the side effects others may occur. When any unusual and unpleasant symptoms should cancel take the drug and contact your gynecologist. Only a doctor can determine whether or not to continue the correction or need to replace the medication.


You learned all the information about the drug “Menoril plus». Instructions for use, price, reviews about it is presented to your attention in the article. Remember: one way or another, but this tool is medication. It is therefore absolutely unacceptable use of the composition. Consult your doctor if you have indications for use of the medicine. Only after receiving permission to conduct the correction. Be healthy!

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