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Among all the varieties of massages is considered to be a special pelvic massage. Unfortunately, in our time, the interest is not so great, but if you look at his history, it is cyclical: the interest falls, then is reborn again. Why is it, after all, gynecological massage is one of the most useful for the female body?

The fact that it requires special skills and equipment it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance to do, you have to be not just a gynecologist, and undergo special training. While it is still undervalued and the information about it not so much.

So, who is a gynecological massage and in what diseases? Massage can not hurt any woman, even if the special problems of "a female part" it is not observed. But especially strongly it is recommended for those who have painful periods, problems with adhesions, infertility, impaired muscle tone, support the uterus and more.

When contraindicated pelvic massage?

Yes, he has and contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to do breast-feeding women. And it should drop during menstruation, in the aftermath of recent surgical intervention (e.g., abortion or childbirth). Also should be discontinued if you are suffering from acute pain of unclear origin, you will get sick with TB, you have a fever or diagnosed with tumors of different nature.

Whether it Included massage of the vagina?

Types of massage can be different, sometimes doing it only on the external part of the belly, gently pressing and producing a massaging circular motion, sometimes the doctor massages the vagina from the inside. Massage of female genital mutilation should only be performed by a qualified doctor, as this area is very sensitive and easily hurt at the slightest deviation in the techniques of massage.


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There are certain rules that will help to be prepared to conduct gynecological massage.

First, the massage should go prepared physically and psychologically. Swing shame, he is useless. Prepare your body for massage. The bowel should be emptied, as well as the bladder. You don't have to worry any sharp pain, your overall physical health should be good.

Massage can be done two to three times a week. Each session lasts approximately 5-10 minutes.

Remember that when you massage the doctor will not touch the clitoris, the urethra. If you have any scars, for example after a caesarean, the doctor reported to circumvent them.

Especially pelvic massage helps those suffering from painful menstruation. Of course, pain can be removed and a medication to reduce the spasms, but the massage here will be more efficient and, most importantly, will not load your liver, which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided during the medication.

What is the history of gynecological massage?

The history of this type of massage almost two hundred years. In Russia, he came to the end of the 19th century, and was created in Europe. But he soon became very popular and began to open everywhere massage courses. He further improved, supplemented by a variety of techniques and finally in our times his every move is precise and determined.
Not all clinics offer gynecological services gynecological massage, but demand creates supply and increasingly in private clinics offer patients a course of massage for women. To trust or not a clinic you decide, but ask about the education and experience of the therapist, and where he interned. Read reviews on the Internet specialized independent sites.

Do Not neglect the miraculous gynecological massage, you will feel the results the first time, will disappear heaviness in the stomach, increased vitality, improved sex life and you can once again feel the taste of life.

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