Allergic to deodorant: symptoms and treatments


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Contemporary hygiene rules require daily and frequent use not only soap, but also many other hygiene products. Among them a worthy place deodorants and antiperspirants, to do without which is almost impossible. Together with the help and rapid solution to the problems of sweating, they often cause significant harm. Allergic to deodorant – quite common, these means consist of chemically synthesized components. How the skin will react and the body of the individual, is recognized only in practice.

Agents of influence

The mass Producers offer two types of funds from the sweat – deodorants and antiperspirants. On the principle of action they have differences and long-term effects from frequent use. The most popular among consumers enjoy deodorant. The use of tools due to the ease of application and efficiency. The action is based on the principle of neutralizing the smell of sweat due to the components. While sweating is not reduced, and during the day the effect gradually disappears.

The Composition of the deodorant can contain dozens of ingredients, but the main active substance is always alcohol. It has a sanitizing effect, neutralizing bacteria, and is a provocateur of allergic reactions, that occurs due to irritation of the skin.

Allergy to deodorant

Alternatively, the alcohol part of the manufacturers produce deodorants based on triclosan. This ingredient has a negative impact on respiratory function, thyroid gland and also cause allergies, in some countries, the component is prohibited. Less harmful effect on the skin has farnesol. The substance is an extract of natural oils, in particular sandalwood oil. If you want to buy a safe facility, it is necessary to acquire that, which includes farnesol.


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People with increased perspiration prefer to purchase antiperspirants that block the very possibility of the fluid. The action is based is the reaction of aluminum salts included in the composition, then. Aluminium salts do not harm the body, but continuous use is fraught with blockages of the sweat ducts, which can lead to cancer (breast cancer).

Manufacturers have found an alternative - of a zirconium salt. To date, their effects on the human body have not been studied, but because the mechanism of action remains the same, we can say that damage health damage will not go away.

Release types

A Huge variety of deodorizing means not only talking about diversity of brands, manufacturers, and the number of product forms. At the present stage EN masse produces such types:

  • Spray.
  • Gel.
  • Stick.
  • Cream.
  • Liquid.
  • Powder.

In overwhelming number of cases, the manufacturer will assure a buyer of the security of the acquired funds by making the appropriate label on the packaging. In Russia, unfortunately, there are no uniform standards or rules for the use of the term "hypoallergenic". Therefore, only on the manufacturer's conscience is such wording. No studies and tests for this reason is not possible.

Irritation from deodorant

Label to use

Allergic to deodorant can occur in all currently brand safe means sweat does not exist, but to minimize the risks. A negative reaction can be caused by any component, not just the main active ingredient. People with a tendency to allergic reactions, you must carefully examine the label. The common stimulus serves perfume perfume designed to mask the smell of sweat.

A Powerful odorant, added to the aerosol, falls not only on the desired location, but also inhaled, settles in the mucous membranes. Can cause shortness of breath, asthma attack, rashes on the body, irritation of the eyes, swelling of the throat and other troubles. The information about which agent is used to improve odor, not always indicated on the label, the manufacturer has the right to the secrecy of the formula.

Deodorizing means in the form of sticks, gels or rollers, to maintain the shape and prolong the shelf life containing parabens, provoking the weakening of the immune system and a tendency to atopy. Also, these agents accumulate in the body and “shoot” cancer. When choosing products, you should pay attention to the expiration date (up to 1 year), in this case, the amount of preservatives is minimized.

Prevention of an Allergy to deodorant

Without parabens, but with allergies

The Inscription “paraben-free” should exclude their presence in the lineup, but it does not mean the absence of preservatives. For example, many producers found no less harmful alternative – Phenoxyethanol. He is in the top 10 allergens and irritating to skin, mucous membranes and respiratory system, many countries have banned or restricted for use. If to consider, what means will be the least safe, then they will be a deodorant in spray form, since all the content is in the can, where there is no access to the air, and there is no direct contact with the skin.

Today the majority of consumers are actively exploring remedies based on natural ingredients, where as a camoufleur odor added essential oils, plant extracts, algae. These components cause less irritation and also threaten the health.

Before you purchase a vehicle with the mark “bio”, is familiar with the contents and to test the reaction of skin to the components. It is simple – a very small amount of the product or any ingredient need to be applied to the area of the back side of the elbow and watch a reaction of the skin during the day. At the slightest sign of irritation of the need to abandon the use.

Prevention of an Allergy to deodorant


Allergic rash on the body of the adult from the use of a deodorizing means occurs at any age. But there are risk groups – women who turned 40 years old and children that are included in puberty. These categories of patients have a hypersensitive skin and the active use of deodorants or antiperspirants, as a result of hormonal changes and the resulting activity of the sweat glands. Experts recommend more use of hypoallergenic soap and plain water to keep it clean, and choose the most secure means to neutralize odor.

Allergic to deodorant is called another elementary factor – the use of expired products. Since the tool is entirely composed of chemical elements, their disintegration is projected to one day. Components are oxidized, and enter new reaction that creates a completely different product, provoking a big problem. Don't accept tools of unknown origin or with settled expiration date.

Allergy Symptoms

By Purchasing the sweat, no one can predict whether there will be an Allergy to deodorant. Most often the remedy is selected individually, by trial and error.

The Clinical manifestations of the negative reactions are the following features:

  • Local reaction of the epidermis in places of treatment deodorant effect, most often there is irritation of the armpits.
  • Dermatitis of allergic origin, when exposed to sunlight may become apparent within 12-48 hours.
  • Angioedema, shortness of breath or urticaria can be felt in a few minutes or for several hours after using.

How exactly will look like reaction of the skin and body as a whole, it is impossible to predict. Manifestation may be the redness of the epidermis, swelling, temperature, the appearance of small nodules filled with fluid in the areas where you applied the deodorant. The application means may also provoke itching, burning not only locally, but also outside of the treated area. Symptoms increase with repeated use and symptoms worse.

Test for an allergic reaction

The Hives

Allergic to deodorant is most often observed in the form of urticaria. The reaction looks like random rashes on the skin in the form of blisters filled with serous fluid, irregular shapes and different sizes. Rash accompanied by severe itching and a high temperature of the epidermis in places of localization.

Sometimes the reactivity is accompanied by aggravating manifestations:

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