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Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome-a disease that every year is asserting itself more and more often. Everyone may face this disease, so it is very important to familiarize yourself with all safety measures and maximize the safe side. AIDS and its prevention – it is a subject which must be familiar to every inhabitant of our planet. In this article we will discuss what constitutes this pathology, as well as how to properly proactively.

A Few words about the disease

For anybody not a secret that at the moment AIDS is one of the most terrible diseases of all mankind. So great attention is paid to it, because scientists have not been able to create a drug that will help to get rid of such a dangerous disease of our time. So the only thing that can make humanity – to provide the highest possible safeguard.

AIDS and its prevention

In every town you can visit the center for control and prevention of AIDS and to get tested. Also in these schools, you can find all the information you need on pathology.

The people to say that AIDS is capable of very slowly but surely killing the human body. Infection itself is able to penetrate into the structure of DNA and in a few years it will become a full-fledged element that is included in the composition of the blood.

Basic methods of Contracting AIDS

What is AIDS and its prevention? These are two very important question that needs to see every inhabitant of our planet. Somehow, most people believe that AIDS can, even if just in contact with an infected patient. However, it is not so. To acquire such disease it is possible only in three ways. It is very important to know what


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  1. During unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. Very often there are situations that the person does not know that he is a carrier of the virus, and massively infect other people.
  2. The Virus can be transmitted from mother to child that hasn't even been born. AIDS can be passed on to the fetus, quietly passing such a barrier, as the placenta.
  3. Another method of transmission may be the use of non-sterile surgical or other items. For example, contamination may occur during blood transfusion or surgical intervention.

According to medical reports, the greatest number of AIDS victims are drug addicts who injected drugs under the skin with a sterile needle, which is passed from person to person.

center for AIDS prevention

Also, strange as it may sound, but very often infected with the virus, and homosexuals, as these sexy couples condoms are rarely used. AIDS and its prevention – this is a very important information that everyone should know who worry about their health. It centers struggle with this infection and needs to inform the public.

With regard to blood transfusion and use of surgical instruments, today this problem costs not so sharply. Every person who wishes to become a blood donor, on a mandatory basis will complete the survey, which will be clear if it is a carrier of this or another virus that can be transmitted through blood.

Every year, the monitoring of sterility of instruments becomes more rigid. Therefore a very small probability of “pick up" of the AIDS virus during surgery.

What happens to the human body when it gets this virus?

AIDS and its prevention – this is a very serious problem of modern civilization. Despite the fact that scientists have not yet invented a drug that would be the absolute panacea, each person can take care of your health and minimize the risk of spreading the infection.

AIDS fight and prevention

Once the virus gets into the human body, it immediately begins to affect the DNA of all cells, so over time all tissues and organs of the human body begin to function poorly and die. Despite the fact that symptoms of the disease to the naked eye to notice at once is almost impossible to make an accurate diagnosis is really even at the earliest stages. As soon as the virus enters the human body, a blood test may show that the plasma contains the genetic material of the disease.

If early genetic program worked without a hitch, now it start to change. All cells of human body begin to mutate and reproduce the material containing the elements of the cells of the virus itself. If treatment is to begin at the stage of propagation of the virus, it can be quite successful. Indeed, during this experts recommend taking special drugs, which are able to suspend the production of mutational elements.

prevention of AIDS

However, despite the fact that medicine is not in place yet to create a drug that would be able to provide a complete therapeutic effect, it is impossible. That is why every year there are more and moreAIDS.

The Course of disease

The AIDS prevention Centre – an institution which activity is directed on strengthening of measures to combat the disease. As shown by studies conducted in different countries, people may not be aware that he is infected for several years. In each case, the situation may be different. The speed of progression of infection may depend on factors such as bad genetics, poor environmental living conditions, emotional health and many other factors. However, most often the disease occurs in the same scenario wherein it is possible to allocate five basic stages.

Basic AIDS

Fighting and prevention – the elimination of such a dangerous disease. Therefore, we must seriously to this problem and become a useful member of society.

center for control and prevention of AIDS

So, consider the main stages of such a disease as AIDS.

The First stage makes itself felt in a few weeks after infection. The man begins a very bad feeling. On the body rash, lymph nodes increase, the body temperature rises. Also appears, and many other symptoms. Usually, this stage lasts about a month, after which there is a temporary lull.

Then comes the stage of media. This period can last even a decade. Usually it occurs without symptoms, so a person is very difficult to guess about the presence in the body pathologies.

The Next stage is characterized by a noticeable and painful enlargement of lymph nodes. It can last for several months.

In the next step the symptoms make themselves felt clearly. The man very sharply begins to lose weight. At the same time entering into the body food is digested very poorly. The patient begins to ache all the organs, worsens and appearance of the skin.

prevention of AIDS

At the last stage the patient's condition significantly deteriorated. All the symptoms begin to manifest to the maximum extent. The disease progresses very quickly and leads to death.

Prevention of AIDS: how to prevent disease?

In fact, to prevent the risk of spread of such diseases as AIDS, easy. The main thing - that every citizen of our planet took part in it. The first thing you need to pay attention, – it is informing people. This can be done using the Internet, magazines, Newspapers and television. After all, the more people will know about the problem, the easier it will be to solve.

Safe sex

Prevention of AIDS in the first place must accompany the sexual life of each person. Think about your health. Have sex only with reliable man. Of course, many people can understand you wrong, but for maximum safety will offer to take your partner AIDS test. Also, during intercourse, use only the highest quality condoms. Using good barrier contraception protects against diseases that are transmitted sexually, almost a hundred percent.

Prevention of infection with blood

Prevention of infectious diseases and AIDS may be the key to your health and longevity. In order to prevent the infection through the blood, we need to do the following steps:

  • For a start must be made a complete rejection of drugs. As mentioned above, drugs cause the maximum number of Contracting AIDS.
  • Should be maximum disinfection measures when working with tools for manicure and tattoo that is reusable.

Prevention for medical workers

AIDS-infection, where prevention is the only cure to date. Every health care worker needs to comply with requirements such as:

  • The maintenance of order on the desktop, as well as safety with the tools necessary to conduct analysis of blood.
  • During medical every medical worker must use disposable gloves.
  • Any damage to the skin should be hidden under the plaster.

prevention of infectious diseases and AIDS


AIDS – is one of the most terrible diseases of mankind. Everyone should care about yourself, and about the health of their loved one. It is therefore very important to inform all of mankind about how this virus threat. As a preventive measure – the only thing we can do at the moment, each of us needs to think how important this is. Take responsibly for your own health, because the life you have only one.

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