Fluorosis of the teeth: causes, treatment, prevention


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The Main source of fluorine for the body is regular drinking water. What is the number of useful minerals the person receives every day? Few people know the answer to this question. However, to get a glut of fluoride is very easy. Therefore, the tooth enamel becomes mottled, and a dentist makes a diagnosis “fluorosis”. How dangerous is the disease? How to deal with the resulting defects?

General information

Fluorosis is a common disease resulting from the ingestion of fluoride in large quantities. It develops gradually, has several forms. The symptoms of each vary. Some appear only minor defects on the enamel, others suffer from complete destruction of the teeth. It is therefore important to diagnose the disease and start treatment.fluorosis of teeth

Doctors there are two types: professional and endemic. How do they differ? Endemic fluorosis is diagnosed in some regions where the quantitative content of fluoride in water and products are highly inflated. The risk of developing this disease increases if the person additionally takes drugs with this trace element. Professional fluorosis affected people working in aluminum production. Along with the air in the body gets a large amount of fluoride.

Main causes of disease

Fluoride needed by the human body, along with magnesium, calcium and potassium. Its deficiency leads to the development of caries, and excess — to fluorosis. So the arrival of this trace element must be optimal.


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To the greatest extent the development of the disease, affected small children, who haven't strengthened the tooth enamel. For this category of patients the daily requirement of fluorine is equal to 2-3 mg/l. It they get together with food and water. For the development of fluorosis is enough small excess of this figure. Adults with prolonged use of such water will not get sick, because for them the daily rate equal to 4 mg/L. However, the excess of the option only two points can threaten the affected teeth. endemic fluorosis

Forms of fluorosis

The Disease has many forms, and each of them has its own manifestations.

  • Bar. Characterized by the appearance of malovydne strips on the enamel surface. They are clearly visible, but mild for pathology is only visible in the detailed inspection by a specialist.
  • Spotty. Fluorosis of the teeth appears whitish spots of various sizes. They can merge, forming a single defeat.
  • Malovydne-speckled. This form of the disease characterized by the appearance of pigmented spots and dots. The depth of the latter is 0.1-0.2 mm. the lesions are yellow, and the bottom spots — brown.
  • Erosive. Fluorosis of teeth of this type is characterized by the appearance of extensive foci of destruction, which is several times greater than the flecks in size. Otherwise, these lesions are called erosions.
  • Destructive. This is the most serious form of the disease, where the tooth is destroyed. On its surface clearly visible to severe erosion. The pathology is characterized by rapid abrasion of enamel. Dental tissues gradually become thinner, become brittle. The result are chipped.forms of fluorosis

What is fluorosis?

The Main symptom of the disease — the change of tooth enamel. First, it is covered with white or yellow spots, then become overly sensitive. Teeth sensitive to hot/cold foods, changes in temperature, easily destroyed. Mottling of enamel may be due to other pathologies. Therefore for specification of the diagnosis it is necessary to go to the dentist.

Fluorosis of the teeth is not accompanied by discomfort in the mouth. The disease gradually leads to thinning of the enamel. Only in this case the following symptoms occur:

  • Hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • Chipping and cracking;
  • The occurrence of erosions, turning into tooth decay.

The appearance of the erosions threatened by gradual destruction of the tooth and its loss. With the development of the pathological process is marked thinning of the hard tissues-enamel and dentin. Severe form of the disease is accompanied by joint pain, muscle weakness, and malaise.tooth enamel

The development of the disease in children

Fluorosis most often develops in children living in areas with a high concentration of fluoride in the water. They are in the region from birth, when the final mineralization of the dental tissues. Grouping calcium salts, fluoride removes them from the body. Moreover, it negatively affects enameloplasty — the internal elements of the enamel. All this leads to its softening. So developing fluorosis in children.fluorosis in children

Treatment guidelines

Both children And adults combating disease, you must begin with reducing the amount of fluorine entering the body. If it is not possible to replace drinking water, you should use special filters for purification. Also, avoid toothpastes and products (fish, spinach, tea) with high fluorine content. These actions are nothelps to eliminate already formed spots on enamel, but will suspend progression of the disease called fluorosis.

Treatment of disease depends on the severity of the pathological process. When fluorosis in the initial phase, changing only the shade of the enamel. In this case, patients are advised teeth whitening and remineralization therapy (tissue saturation with fluorine and calcium). Getting into the hard tissue of the tooth, these compounds strengthen and restore the structure. The procedure is performed using phonophoresis or applications. Adult patients are additionally prescribed drugs for suspected fluorosis. Treatment ‘Remotetom” shows excellent results. This tool is produced from animal bones. When applying it to the enamel of the nutrients fall on the top layer and restore the structure.

The Disease moderate and severe degrees of severity is always accompanied by irreversible violations. When damage to the integrity of enamel whitening is ineffective. In such cases, treatment using aesthetic restoration of teeth. As a rule, used ceramic veneers or crowns. fluorosis treatment

Methods of prevention

To prevent the fluorosis of teeth, its prevention need to be addressed from an early age. The child is encouraged as late as possible to translate to artificial feeding. In the future, it is necessary to provide a balanced diet, if possible, to replace the water with milk. Useful for the summer holidays to send the child to a health camp or a grandmother in the village to the time he was able to change the water source. Adults for the prevention of fluorosis toothpaste and mouthwash for the mouth you should choose a fluoride-free formula.

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