What pills cause your period? This question is of interest to many members of the fairer sex.


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Missed period – a problem when any woman begins to worry. In addition, the chair gynecologist strikes terror even to those women who are raising one or two children. So we have to decide issues about its body, because the uterus and all that goes with it - the area is pretty spicy, not for prying eyes.

what pills cause my period

“What pills cause your period?” - it's probably the first question that arises in my head the first time you encounter troubles. Well, I want to advise every woman can following drugs.


Taking this drug for two or three days, get ready for a little pain in the lower part of the belly that always accompany PMS (premenstrual syndrome). You only need to take one pill a couple of times a day. If after the five-day course menstruation has not made itself felt, stop the drug and go to the doctor.

Preparation "Pulsatile"

What pills cause your period? The second answer to this question is a drug called “Pulsatile”. Judging by the numerous reviews, use six to seven tablets of the drug sufficient to achieve the desired goal. Swallow them not, but to dissolve!

Birth control pills

This, of course, is not the best option for calling menstruation, but contraceptives help to normalize the female organs, which entails a regular cycle at the same day of the month.

the call period at a delayMaybe the following words will sound corny, but if your period is delayed the best option – the campaign to the doctor, who not only give professional advice, but will assist in solving the problem and prescribe appropriate medication. It is the gynecologist will be able to give sensible answer to the question: “What pills cause your period? How to take them and for how long?”. Believe me, after out of the office relieved and confident in the future won't leave you for a long time. One only has to overcome himself, his fear and uncertainty, and to make an appointment.


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Independent “game” with his body in the world of tablets can lead to unexpected consequences, including infertility. Though this percentage is quite small, the world of hormones is so capricious that future problems can long remind yourself.

If you have contraindications to the administration of any drugs and you don't know  what to call the monthly in case of delay, it may be advisable to use traditional recipes, which saved a lot of women. Mint, chamomile, blue cornflower, inflorescences of tansy and Valerian roots – traditional healers, the result of treatment which felt more than one generation of the fairer sex. Properly prepared infusion will help your body to cope with the problem and cause menstruation.

If your period is delayed

Dilute two teaspoons of cornflower, pre-purchased in
To the pharmacy or collected by yourself, with boiling water. Then hermetically close the container. Allow to steep for one hour. Be sure to strain!

Once the broth is ready, take one tablespoon 3 times a day shortly before meal. After this treatment, I hope that the question “What pills cause your period?” will remain in the past.

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