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Effective antiparasitic, antiseptic, an antifungal drug with local action is the ointment Wilkinson.

ointment Wilkinson

Pharmacological properties

The Medicine has a combined structure, has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic and antiparasitic properties. Part of the basis of drug tar allows to improve the supply of tissues with blood, causing a reflex reaction, improves the process of keratinization, accelerates regeneration of the epidermis, effectively disinfects. Present in ointment sulfur in the interaction with many organic elements forms compounds, which have antifungal and antiparasitic effect. In the ointment is naphthalene oil, which upon interaction with the skin has a disinfectant, analgesic, soothing and resolving the action. In addition, ointment Wilkinson contains calcium carbonate, green soap, petrolatum and purified water. In appearance the drug is a homogeneous mass, having a dark brown color and the smell of tar.

Indications for use

A Drug used for the treatment of scabies, eczema, bedsores, trophic ulcers and wounds. In combination with other drugs effective to cope with dermatomycosis and cutaneous lesions, fungal or parasitic origin.

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The Ointment must not be used while being in the stage of acute eczema, chronic kidney failure, and hypersensitivity.

Ointment Wilkinson:

Dosage form of medicine involves the external application. The drug is applied two times daily on the affected skin. Duration of therapy is at least 10 days. In various pathologies, the duration of treatment may vary. When trihofitii ointment Wilkinson is recommended to apply during the three-week period. When scabies lesions medicine is rubbed into the skin all over the body (except the hairy parts of the head and face) for three days. After preliminary cleansing of the skin, the product is applied in a thin layer on the affected areas with a cotton swab or brush. At the same time to RUB the medication is required every day in the first three days and then two days before the onset of the recovery.


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ointment Wilkinson manual

Side effects

The Main negative aspect in using the drug is the occurrence of dermatitis. With prolonged use of the drug may experience arthropathy and allergic reactions. You should not use the drug myself, should produce a doctor.

Ointment Wilkinson: price, counterparts

Cost of the drug is approximately one hundred rubles. To drugs with a similar mechanism of action include drugs: tincture "Hellebore" ointment “Sulfodekortem”, “Benzekri”, “Antiscab”, “Benzyl benzoate" aerosol "Spregal”. To keep the medicine within two years.

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