A distal radius fracture. Diagnosis and treatment


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Distal radius Fracture is not so rare. I have to say that most often it is observed in the elderly. In General, injury is characterized by falling on an outstretched hand. Especially if the person begins to rely on the palm. In such cases, usually formed by a fracture with displacement in the direction of the thumb or dorsum of the hand. Often this kind of injury found in women, in a state of premenopause, because in such cases the density of the bone tissue begins to decline, and they become brittle. Also similar troubles occur in winter, especially in icy conditions.

Likely to get a COLLES fracture, in which Outlook begins to shift to the palm of your hand. This type of injury is called "Smith's fracture". A COLLES fracture of the wrist usually happens at a distance of 2-3 cm from the wrist and in most cases occurs with the separation process of the bones of the elbow. This significantly affects the process of splicing.

Treatment of such injuries is usually to restore the integrity and anatomy of the bone. Usually it is surgical, operating. The treatment option is chosen depending on the injury and degree of displacement of bone fragments, presence or absence of shrapnel and collateral damage to nature.

Primary symptoms of fracture are severe pain at the injury site, swelling of the limb, as well as some deformation of the hands, which you can see with a simple inspection. Although correct and precise diagnosis is made only after x-ray. If there is an impacted fracture of the radius, i.e., the fracture without displacement, on the injured limb plaster splint at the end. It overlay usually starts from the base of the fingers of the damaged hand and ends 2/3 of the upper forearm. As a rule, young people the bones are merging very quickly, so after about a week of such patients can be assigned treatment massage and physiotherapy. In individuals older and older, the healing is much slower due to age-related deterioration of the composition of bone tissue.


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However, this is true only in the case if a fracture of the radius occurred without displacement of fragments. If there are signs of displacement, the first fragments combine, and then on the damaged limb is put into plaster. The wear time of the plaster bandage in this case – at least a month.

Meanwhile, in the treatment of fractures often occur a medical error that may be related to lack of diagnosis of injury, improper choice of treatment, as well as indiscipline of the patient during treatment.

All these cases can sometimes lead to serious complications, the results of which is the reduced capacity to work or even partial disability. In principle, the complications are divided into early and late. Early complications are characterized by the presence of purulent wounds opened on the site of the fracture, and disorders and tension vessels. Late complications associated with bone deformation at the fracture site.

If the distal radius fracture is unstable and may at any moment lead to secondary displacement of fragments, in this case, surgical treatment. While fragments are securely fastened with metal wires, and fixation is carried out through the skin. In some cases, a fixation with special plates. However, if the patient is older, surgical treatment of such fractures is associated with certain risks. After removing the plaster cast, the patient is prescribed therapeutic massage and movement of the limb in warm water to restore her mobility.

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