How to determine the TB at the initial stage?


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People can for years to be a carrier of the causative agent of tuberculosis and not be aware of the presence of infection. In some cases, the symptoms appear similar to common cold. Therefore, in the early stages it is difficult enough to identify the presence of disease. In this article we will try to figure out how to determine TB, and what methods of treatment should be resorted to resolve the problem.

What is a TB?

how to identify tuberculosis in a childTB – an acute infectious disease, the causative agent are microscopic bacteria known as Bacillus. Developing the disease by reducing the immunity, due to lesions of the respiratory infection.

Tuberculosis Bacteria often are transmitted from the carrier of the disease to a healthy person through airborne droplets that leads to deposition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the lungs. Infection can also occur through casual contact with bacteria in contact with the latter directly in the digestive tract.

The Probability of infection with Bacillus is for a healthy person with good immunity is only 5%. People with weakened body is much more prone to infection.

The risk Group includes young children and teenagers. Women under 35 years more often are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis compared with the young men.

Factors that contribute to the development of disease

Among the risk factors worth noting:

  1. Prolonged contact with objects, which is the causative agent of the disease.
  2. Frequent communication with the carrier of the disease.
  3. Regular finding in a dirty, unventilated, enclosed space.
  4. Reducing the protective functions of the body due to poor nutrition, constant stress, alcohol abuse, Smoking, excessive physical activity.

The Signs of the disease in the early stages

how to identify tuberculosis at an early stageHow to determine TB at home? If the disease occurs in a latent form, to identify it in advance is extremely difficult because the course of the disease occurs without obvious signs. If there is a that the body that something is wrong, you should pay attention to the presence of the following symptoms:


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  • Strong sense of fatigue without objective reasons;
  • General feeling of physical or mental ailments;
  • The weak appetite;
  • Rapid weight loss with abundant, healthy food;
  • Slight increase in body temperature.

Microscopic diagnostics

How to identify tuberculosis at an early stage? In identifying the above symptoms should go to hospital for suction sputum smear. The composition of the obtained sample is examined under a microscope in the laboratory.

It Should be noted that negative test results are not always talking about the absence of disease. Quite often, the development of the disease at an early stage does not allow to identify the microscopic bacteria in a smear of sputum from the lungs. For this reason, if clear symptoms of tuberculosis it is important to repeat the study after some time.


how to determine TBHow to determine TB? In the initial phase contributed to the identification of a disease holding a chest x-ray. In terms of prevention, experts recommend to apply the procedure once a year. The resulting picture allows us to see inflammation, to notice the first signs of bacterial lesions of the lung tissue.


The Diagnostic method involves collection of sputum sample with subsequent cultivation of bacterial cultures in the laboratory. How to determine tuberculosis with this method? Such analysis may take several months, because the tests examine the sensitivity of microorganisms in crops to the effects of various antibiotics. However, the study enables us to accurately identify the causative agent.

Sputum culture is also a good way to measure the sustainability of a certain species of Bacillus to the effects of certain drugs. At the moment there is no alternative research methods that would allow to receive the specified information.

Extrapulmonary TB

how to determine TBIf the infection is of the organism the causative agent of the disease occurred not through airborne transmission, likely to develop extrapulmonary forms of tuberculosis. In this case, can happen the incidence of infection of the mucous membranes of the eyes, joints and bones, digestive tract, meninges, Central nervous system, urogenital system.

How to determine tuberculosis extrapulmonary forms? The first signs of development of such diseases acts:

  • Sleep disturbance, General irritability as a result of exposure of the pathogen in the Central nervous system;
  • Increased sweating due to mass intoxication of the tissues by pathogenic bacteria;
  • Unhealthy pallor, the manifestation of an uneven glow;
  • Lower levels of leukocytes and erythrocytes in the blood, which is accompanied by the development of conditions characteristic of anemia.

How to identify tuberculosis in a child?

how to identify tuberculosis in the homeIdentifying the disease at early stages in children acts as part of the mandatory preventive programmes in schools aimed at prevention of epidemics. The main goal here is the identification of children that are at higher risk. These include:

  1. Children who have relatives, family, housing contact with infected people.
  2. Infected, tuberculin test which has more than 6 mm in diameter.
  3. Children who suffer from non-specific, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.
  4. HIV.
  5. Children who are not immunized BCG at an early age.

How to determine TB as a child? For this. in addition to the hyperergic injection of samples with 15 years of age used the methods of x-rays. In the presence of obvious symptoms of the disease conduct a sputum culture.

In conclusion

The Initial stage of development of tuberculosis complicated by the nature of the disease. Manifestations of disease can be easily confused with symptoms of the common cold or flu. To avoid destruction of the body is the causative agent of tuberculosis, we should not forget about the factors that can lead to infection. It is necessary in terms of prevention periodically to resort to diagnostic procedures.


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