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Almost every man sooner or later faced with problems in the sexual sphere. It is good if the disorder is caused by fatigue or a change of scenery. Worse, if the failure to perform a marital debt associated with erectile dysfunction. This disease in the absence of proper treatment leads to more severe problems such as prostatitis and infertility. Then do not do without drugs. Good results shows the means “Dynamic” (100 mg, 4 tablets). Professional reviews show that get rid of the disease can after a month of therapy.

Release Form and composition

Main active ingredient of the medication is sildenafil citrate. As auxiliary components are cellulose microcrystalline, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide colloidal, hyprolose, croscarmellose sodium. The composition of the membrane shell tablets include macrogol, sodium citrate, and titanium dioxide. The drug is available in the form of blue biconvex tablets.

A medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction belongs to a group of inhibitors of PDE 5. During sexual contact the pill contribute to the restoration of function of the penis by increasing blood flow to the head. The main operating component has a light and transient hypotensive effect. Pills do not cause addiction when taken in the recommended doses. Only when sexual stimulation begins to act the drug “Dynamic” (100 mg, 4 tablets). Professional reviews indicate that with the proper reception of the tool has virtually no side effects.


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dynamic 100 mg 4 tablet reviewsAfter ingestion of the tablets are rapidly absorbed. Maximum bioavailability is achieved after an hour. If you take the medication on an empty stomach, it can act even faster. When taken with food, bioavailability is significantly reduced. So while eating the medicine to take is not recommended. Displays the main operating component by 80% in the intestine and 13% by the kidneys. The drugs usually does not exceed 4 hours. It should definitely be considered when planning sexual contact.

Pharmacokinetics in special cases

Patients older than 65 years is only after consultation with a doctor to receive a means by “Dynamic” (100 mg - 4 tablets). Reviews show that with age sildenafil is weaker than the effect on the body. This means that the dosage needs to be increased. Patients 18-45 years of age can take the medicine in accordance with the instructions. If the patient does everything right, within 5 hours after taking the medicine he can get quality sex. Regular pills used to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Patients with renal failure of moderate severity should be wary to take the pill “Dynamic” for men. The testimonials show that the excretion of the drug in these patients increases significantly. Easily may develop an overdose. Some men pills such a plan is generally contraindicated. It is strictly forbidden to take stimulants erectile function in patients with severe renal failure and cirrhosis of the liver.

dynamic pills for men reviewsBefore prescribing medication, the specialist is required to conduct a full examination of the patient with the purpose of accurate diagnosis. The physician must ensure that the patient is indeed present erectile dysfunction. If the problems in the sexual sphere are associated with banal fatigue, to prescribe pills is impractical.


Erectile dysfunction is continuous or intermittent inability to bring the sexual act to the ejaculation. As a result, the patient develops anxiety, he becomes withdrawn and insecure. If you let the issue slide, further may develop infertility, or worse, appear malignancy. Experts distinguish three forms of erectile dysfunction. 30% of all cases the disease has a psychological background. To get rid of the problem through quality of visiting a therapist. It is possible to do without the use of drugs.

dynamic 100 mg 4 pillVascular form of erectile dysfunction is the most common cause of disorders occurring in the course of sexual intercourse. There is not enough without the use of stimulant medications. Most doctors just the same, it is recommended to use ‘Dinamica" (100 mg, 4 tablets). Reviews from patients indicate that a positive result is noticeable already from the first days of treatment. It should be noted that the effect of the medication can be noticed only through sexual stimulation.

Endocrine problems can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. If the doctor did not reveal vascular abnormalities, he may recommend additional examinations. Will have to pass a series of tests and diagnose using ultrasound. If endocrinologist will identify a problem in their field, treatment of erectile stimulants also do not need.


You Should consult with your physician before using means “Dynamic” (100 mg, 4 tablets). Reviews, instructions, dosage – these are all important points that will tell the doctor. To use the drug without prescription is not recommended. It has a number of contraindications. In some cases, may develop hypersensitivity to the drug. Especially carefully it is necessary to take the pill to men who have the tendency to develop allergic reactions. If after taking the tablet inside there is swelling of the face or limbs should immediately call an ambulance.

dynamic 100 mg 4 tablets reviews instructionIn some cases, sexual activity is undesirable. Therefore, to take the drug, stimulating erectile function, it is impractical. It is not necessary to take pills to patients who have problems with heart or recently undergone surgery. Dangerous pills and for patients with hypotension. At risk in the first place are men over 65. Before using drugs to elderly patients should consult a doctor.

The Drug “Dynamic” (100 mg, 4 tablets) is not recommended for men with hereditary disease of the retina in one or both eyes. Contraindication is also retinitis pigmentosa, severe renal failure, deficiency of lactose, cirrhosis of the liver.

Patients with anatomical deformation of the penis before using the pills should consult with a specialist. Perhaps pre-need surgery.

Special instructions

Before starting treatment, the expert must assess the risk of adverse reactions caused by excessive sexual activity. In the area of risk are patients suffering from hypertension, arrhythmias, and other disorders of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the doctor needs to specify what kind of chronic diseases suffered by the patient. It is not always possible to combine erectile stimulants with other drugs.

dynamic 100 mg 4 tablet reviews instruction manualCause a mild reduction of blood pressure pills “Dynamic” for men. The specialists show that in some cases, the patients feel dizziness or weakness. This side effect is temporary and is held for 20 minutes after taking the pill. Patients who by nature have low blood pressure, before starting treatment should undergo a full examination of the body.

To Use several drugs aimed at treating erectile dysfunction, is strictly prohibited. Drug interactions can lead to the development of serious side effects.

Patients who have abnormalities in the Central nervous system, is carefully to accept the means by “Dynamic” (100 mg, 4 tablets). Description mechanism of action is to study in advance. To drive vehicles or to operate other complex mechanisms immediately after taking the pills is not advisable.


Inside Tablet taken approximately one hour before the expected sexual activity. Sexual intercourse must be planned in advance. It is worth considering that tablets are not more than five hours. In elderly patients, the bioavailability of the medication is significantly reduced. Pills for men over 65 years are not more than 3 hours. Initially, experts prescribe 50 mg (half a standard tablet) once a day. If the treatment does not bring positive results, the dosage may be increased.

 dynamic tablets 100 mg 4 pack Patients with mild and moderate severity of renal failure strictly on prescription should take medication “Dynamic” (100 mg, 4 tablets). Reviews, instructions for use, proper dosage – all this will be able to tell a qualified technician. For patients with renal insufficiency daily dose should not exceed 25 mg In a reduced dose...

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