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Today to replace the prosthetics came an entirely new way to restore the integrity of the dentition - implantation. As a result of the complex procedures the patient receives the opportunity to get rid of aesthetic problems and get a beautiful smile. The new tooth does not differ from the healthy, and the service life of the implant more than 20 years. Because the implant is rather long and laborious process to restore the lost teeth to the real professionals. Exactly such specialists work in the center of dental implantology "Implant city". Testimonials presented in the paper to verify it.

The Main direction of our work

Specialized center of "Implant city" (Moscow) working in the field of maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology for more than 10 years. During this time the team of specialists of the clinic conducted more than 7000 successful operations. Practical activities dentists-implantology combined with participation in educational events on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. This allows to implement all known to date modern technology.

implant city reviews

The Complex operation would have been impossible to conduct without special equipment, which the clinic is equipped with fully. Cooperation with representatives of different manufacturers of implants gives the opportunity to offer patients optimal treatment, including the budget.

The professionalism of the dental clinic "Implant city", according to reviews, is world class. Patients here can offer different methods of implantation:

  1. Classic technology with 45 years of worldwide experience. The operation is quite complex. The timing may take up to 8 months if there is a need for bone augmentation.
  2. One-stage - is carried out simultaneously with the removal of the tooth and involves the installation of the implant in the same hole. The duration of treatment is 3-7 months.
  3. Express implantation technology involves the recovery of a large number of lost teeth without prior bone augmentation. The average duration of treatment is 2 months.

The Possibility of application of a method discussed with a specialist after prior consultation and implementation of panoramic image.


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Dental services in "Implant city"

In addition to the dental implants specialists at the clinic deal:

  • Prosthetics (fixed and removable);
  • Professional cleaning of teeth;
  • Treatment (filling, leveling, installing braces);
  • Removal of teeth;
  • Whitening (modern technology is Amazing White, Zoom or other);
  • Bone grafting.

implant city on Chekhov reviews

The reviews in "Implant city" all dental services are provided at a high professional level. Patients are satisfied with the quality of service and prices. For example, implant «alpha Bio” can be installed in just 7500 rubles. The clinic is constantly held various actions that make the implants available for all patients.

Reviews about dentistry "Implant city"

After visiting the clinic, most patients have a positive opinion about it. Patient feedback about "Plant city" are as follows:

  • High-quality implants;
  • Affordable prices for dental services of this level;
  • High level of professionalism for dental professionals;
  • Friendly staff;
  • Comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

city implant patient testimonials

People come to the center of dental implantology not only for implants but also for other services. Treatment procedure teeth completely painless, no need to spend time in a queue, because customers write in a specific time in advance.

Negative comments about the "Implant city" one of the patients noted that, despite entry to one doctor, the reception is completely different. It spoils the impression about the clinic in General.

dental implant city reviews

Contact information

To Contact the dental implant center can everyone who needs to restore lost teeth. Patients the specialists of the clinic is on record. Judging by the reviews, in "Implant city" on Chekhov's possible to reschedule if there is an emergency.

The dental clinic is Located at the address: Moscow, Strastnoy Bulvar 4, building 3. Nearby is the metro station "Chekhovskaya". Make an appointment by phone hotline, which can be found on the website, Or e-mail. The clinic operates daily from 8:00 to 22:00.

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