Sanatorium "TES" (Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai): feedback about the treatment and rest


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The Sanatorium "solar TES" in Minusinsk is in the category of best Russian recreation centers. It is located on the shores of lake Viyskovo and surrounded by trees of pine and hardwoods. The center is located in one of the districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory, which is striking in its beauty and environmental purity. In the treatment school all year round provided services to improve the health for people of all ages. sanatorium TES


The land on which the sanatorium "TES" (Krasnoyarsk region), famous for the beauty of nature. The Wellness complex is European comfort, so you can often hear, as it is called Siberian Switzerland. This fact was confirmed by experts of the interregional competition "GEMMA", which took place in the Urals, Siberia and the far East. According to the results of sanatorium "TES" received a statuette of the winner of the interregional contest "Best goods and services of Siberia-GEMMA-2009" and the Gold medal in the qualifying stage of the competition. Two years after that, as a result of participation in economic projects in Russia "Leaders of modernization", the complex was awarded a diploma in the nomination "the Best enterprise of the year 2011". In the spring of 2012, the Wellness center became the laureate of the national contest "Best resorts of Russia". sanatorium TES in Krasnoyarsk Krai And in October of the same year he was recognized as the best institution in the provision of services to the population. In 2013, the sanatorium "TES", photo in the paper, received the honorary title of "Reliable business partner" and earned a medal winner in the national contest "Best resorts of Russia - 2013". In addition, Wellness center included in the Russian catalog, which includes the most conscientious suppliers of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs. Solnechny TES


The Sanatorium "solar TES" offers services for the provision of health resort treatment, outpatient first health care. Also on the grounds of the facility can enjoy. Here are working all year children's camps.


The Sanatorium "TES" includes 15 two-story cottages, a dining room of 4 rooms, with capacity of 960 places. On site is a hotel with rooms and Junior suites, a medical centre, a building with mud, physiotherapeutic and balneological offices, sports complex, entertainment centre, sports fields. In the conduct of health is complex and the sandy beach. In addition, the area has a swimming complex with two pools (one for children). In them water is treated with ions of copper and silver. sanatorium TES reviews


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Safety and Comfort

The Sanatorium "TES" was created in the period from 1979 to 1996 unusual the Yugoslav project. In its construction involved renowned European companies. Thanks to the original architecture style, comfort and qualified medical assistance are provided with maximum facilities for rest and recuperation. The territory is equipped with video surveillance systems, fire protection and notification. Private security company guarantees safety.


The Sanatorium "TES" is a therapeutic-prophylactic institution-wide profile. Employees are highly skilled doctors who are additionally trained in the field of regenerative medicine. In the treatment process is used about a hundred types of procedures, the laboratory is equipped with modern analyzers, which enable the study of blood 20 indicators for one and a half hours. The clinic has endoscopic laboratory, ultrasound. You can also get highly specialized advice. sanatorium TES photo


An Important component of recovery is nutrition. Here it is designed by highly qualified dieticians. It includes all the ingredients: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, juices. There is the opportunity to appeal to datcentre for the preparation of individual menus.

Sanatorium TES. Reviews

Every year health complex receives a large number of visitors. Many who arrive at the center once, more than once come back here. Vacationers say, here is not only possible to obtain qualitative improvement. At leisure, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and socializing. The organizers of the complex can arrange various excursions, sports events, contests, entertainment, concerts. Especially positive about the stay in the sanatorium fans of certain sports. For them the opportunity to play football, table tennis, basketball, Billiards. In winter there are skiing or skating, which are available for rent. You can also spend time in the sauna, library, karaoke club, coffee shop. Very fond of guests and horseback riding. For children in the buildings created a special game rooms, camps and classes throughout the school year. Solnechny TESin Minusinsk

Additional features

The complex functions of ATM, Internet, cell phones, public call office, post office, shops, hairdresser, Shoe shop, beauty parlor. In addition, a personal fleet of buses. Provides administrator services for transport, which can meet the guest and to arrange for his departure.

Rehabilitation of disabled children

In February 2011, it opened the Department of rehabilitation of children with disabilities who live in the Krasnoyarsk region. The principle activity is to provide assistance to children aged 3 to 18 years old who suffer from cerebral palsy, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, have neurological and somatic diseases. In one race rehabilitation to the 10 unaccompanied children and 20 children with accompaniment (live in "Mother and child"). The branch provides psychological, medical and pedagogical help for a better adaptation in society.

The activities of the Department:

  1. Medical support. It is therapeutic and fitness treatments.
  2. Psychological-pedagogical support. It is treated different classes of correctional and developmental in nature, with the participation of the teacher-speech therapist, specialist speech pathologist, psychologist.
  3. Additional education. It includes crafts, music therapy, isotherapy.
  4. Family assistance. Parents are taught methods of exercise rehabilitation at home with the help of advice, illustrative examples.
  5. The Formation of leisure. Developed by evening entertainment, engaging children to participate in sports events and entertainment programs, we offer a visit to the library, watching movies.

The structure of PSIKHOLOGO - mediko-pedagogical support includes medical assistance, psychotherapy, speech therapy and pedagogical correction, applied art, art therapy. In an improving complex "solar Ls" are provided with individual approach to every vacationer. The staff are attentive and caring. Visiting sanatorium "TES", you will not only restore strength and vitality, but also significantly improve health.

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