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Center "Evroklinika" on Krasnaya Presnya, 21 positioned as a beauty salon with some health services. Clients are offered beauty treatments for face and body, and preventive remediation for the spine, joints, and veins.


Beauty Salon “Euroklinika” is located on Krasnaya Presnya, 21. Visitors also have a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic procedures according to international quality standards. Modern equipment of the center allows for a short time to cope with many problems such as cellulite, double chin, skin aging and much more.

The staff of the clinic consists of professionals in the field of cosmetology, physiotherapy, osteopathy and other specialties. In addition to the services in the field of beauty industry, visitors to the center can receive preventive and restorative treatment of the spine, joints, blood vessels. In the proposals of the salon is one of the leading service - professional massage according to indications or health.

evroklinika on Krasnaya Presnya 21 reviews


The Company “Euroklinika" (Moscow) offers the following treatments and services:

  • Phlebology (varicose veins, lymphedema, thrombophlebitis, etc.).
  • Nutrition education (individual counseling, recruitment programs, etc.).
  • Trichology (chronology, molecular treatment, injection treatment, exfoliation, acupressure, etc.).
  • Treatment of joints by means of PRP (arthrosis, degenerative disc disease, ligament damage, bone atrophy, etc.).
  • Massage (visceral, cellulite, specific area, treatment, etc.).
  • Cosmetology (PRP, carboxytherapy, mesotherapy, phonophoresis, biorevitalization, etc.).
  • Treatment of the spine (kinesiology, osteopathy, massage, etc.).
  • Correction (hardware, injection, massage techniques).
  • Facial Contouring is by the author's method.
  • Laboratory tests.

gift certificates


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Overall impression

“Euroklinika” on Krasnaya Presnya, 21 reviews with positive reviews from visitors have received for cleanliness, courtesy of staff, attention to each client. It is noted that the specialists very careful approach to the diagnosis of diseases of the skin. Based on data from research and laboratory tests, doctors verdict and build a strategy for therapy. Most of the clients – women and treatment conform to the basic profile of the institution. Cosmetology, trichology, therapeutic massages – where visitors get the best results in a short period.

“Euroklinika” on Krasnaya Presnya, 21 reviews with negative reviews received for the high prices, the difficulty to obtain a valid price list to hand, and also for the persistent entreaties of the administration and doctors to pay for software maintenance.

beauty salon evroklinika


“Euroklinika" (OOO-a limited liability company) offers clients treatments with modern equipment. The equipment of the center includes:

  • Vacuum roller massage of the face and body with the help of Perfect-1000. The procedure reduces the appearance of cellulite, shapes the body contours, provides face lifting, improves blood circulation in deep layers of the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, promotes relaxation, reduces stretch marks and scars, relieves swelling, etc.
  • Equipment for peeling PowerPeel ES-921A. The device allows you to successfully fight wrinkles, to conduct sessions of lymphatic drainage, cleanse the skin, improve muscle tone, lightens dark spots and freckles. Also its use is indicated in the treatment of diseases of the scalp and hair.
  • A Unit for pressure GT - 9102 helps to cope with such problems as local fat deposits, swelling, disturbance of lymph circulation, sagging skin, venous insufficiency chronic. Another area of use - prevention of thrombosis and varicose veins.
  • Camera es-t4 for laser lipolysis is used for procedures on the reduction and elimination of fatty deposits local type – on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs etc. Its use is indicated for comprehensive treatment of obesity, cellulite and as a combined laser therapy in complex with other methods.
  • Radio frequency lifting apparatus ES-R7 (elimination of post-acne scars, improve complexion, improve skin turgor, anti aging therapy, etc.).
  • Cosmetic multi-processor ES-E6A. With it spend cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling, bio-lifting, etc.

evroklinika Moscow


“Euroklinika” implements a wide range of services and most of them, according to visitors, undoubtedly benefit. For those customers who want to bring a piece of concern in the lives of their loved ones, the administration of the centre offers to purchase gift certificates two denominations with a list of available services, namely:

  • Certificate in the amount of 5 thousand rubles includes a gas-liquid peeling of the scalp, pressotherapy and ultrasonic cleaning of the face.
  • Certificate for 10 thousand rubles will provide the owner with the procedure of chromotherapy scalp, lipolaser, diamond peeling combinedwith massaini care and total body massage.

Declared in the certificates of service are much more expensive if purchased separately. Administration ensures excellent performance of all procedures within the next 3 months from the date of purchase, if you later appeal gift certificates will be void.

to test Moscow

Positive feedback about the services

Women, the desire to maintain health and beauty, ready to apply the most innovative methods, and often they are justified. “Euroklinika” on Krasnaya Presnya, 21 reviews with positive ratings were given for full consultation at the initial appointment, a large range of services. Some patients claim that significantly improved the color of the face through injectable treatments, peelings and massages.

There are Also testimonials from those who are taking courses restorative treatments for the back. They think that massage therapists center work wonders, thanks to their professional work, many women felt much better – no stiffness, left weight, the swelling disappeared.

Many patients at the clinic underwent the procedure of thread lifting and 3D-masonite. Feedback on performance was divided-some believe that face had undergone metamorphosis, lost wrinkles, has become clearer oval face. And some patients felt that the clinic gave money – no results they saw.

evroklinika OOO

Negative feedback

Many women considered themselves victims of the company “Euroklinika” on Krasnaya Presnya, 21. Reviews tell about an unpleasant practice, which does not shrink from the management of the institution. In reviews it is written that women on the phone and invited to a free procedure, an important condition of the visit is the presence of passport and the age of 29 years. Some ladies after much persuasion, agree to a pleasant speech and an opportunity to test previously unknown services.

Once in the clinic, most of the ladies allowed the secretaries to make copies of passports and signed the Treaty of supposedly free procedures. In fact, it became clear that the services are only in conversation with the doctor, during which it became clear that the condition of the skin and the health of the client are in poor condition. In this connection the expert has offered a set of procedures with a duration of at least six months with the payment right away.

Of Course, most of the visitors of such amounts was not available and therefore it was proposed to issue the credit directly in the clinic, the benefit of the members of these organizations are in the next room and ready to sign all the necessary papers. Some of the women agreed, but later regretted that succumbed to the entreaties of managers of the company «Test». Prices for services in the centre are high and most patients failed to get the majority of the procedures either because the clinic stopped operation, or the quality dropped sharply after 3-5 sessions. And loans had to be paid long after the disappearance of the center.

test prices

Ruthless marketing

To attract customers there is another method, which is used by management of LLC «Evroklinika” on Krasnaya Presnya, 21. Reviews tell that potential visitors are encouraged to become “secret shopper” in order to check the quality of services center calls received from a third party, but further development of the events leading to the signing of the credit of securities.

The center Also use the trick with an invitation to the secret testing and then to get on TV as a guest of the program “Health”, sometimes mentioning the name of Malysheva, but in the end the result should be a loan to pay for the services of the clinic. Another way to attract customers to the center is to provide services after writing the positive reviews on Internet sites, often leaving the review, the patient is offered a comprehensive service with a credit line from the Bank.

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