Breast cancer in men: causes, symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment


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An anatomically and Physiologically men are different from women. One such feature is evident in the size of mammary glands and their functioning. Women, nature has made this part of the body for milk, which is necessary for feeding the newborn child. Men breast gland does not produce the secret. However, both men and women are not immune from the proliferation of cancer cells in this body part. This pathological process can cause serious illness and even death.

Is there breast cancer in men?

Representatives of the stronger sex can not boast of such magnificent forms, which are present in women. However, they have a small amount of breast tissue. In fact, “chest” of an adult male similar to the female until puberty. It consists of numerous ducts surrounded by tissues. In women these cells grow and develop in accordance with hormonal changes. Precisely because it is breast tissue, a strong floor can also suffer from oncological disease.

Breast Cancer in men — this is a very rare disease. The probability of occurrence increases with age. The most risky is the period from 60 to 70 years. Many men find this type of cancer is only a women's prerogative, so often ignore the early signs of the disease.breast cancer men

What is gynecomastia?

We should also talk about this pathology as gynecomastia. The fact that it is not always the increase of the breast in men is cancer. Gynecomastia is abnormal growth of the tissues of the breast are benign in nature. This is a precancerous condition that requires rational treatment. The disease is “signal” that the body has failed. The tumor is usually located under the nipple and noticeable to the naked eye.


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Gynecomastia in teenagers is a natural phenomenon. The condition is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. This is true for the elderly. Today gynecomastia is diagnosed more often than breast cancer in men, but both pathology superficially similar. That is why any growth in the area of the nipple should be cause for a visit to the doctor's office.

Types of breast cancer in men

  • Ductal carcinoma. the Tumor is formed in the ducts of the breast, but not extend beyond it. The disease can be successfully treated by surgery and has a favorable prognosis.
  • Infiltrative ductal carcinoma. the Tumor can grow in the fatty tissue and also metastasize to other tissues. The share of this type of the disease accounts for approximately 80% of all detected cases of the disease.
  • Infiltrative lobular cancer. the Pathology is extremely rare. Malignant cells can spread beyond the lobule where they were formed.
  • Paget's Disease. the Tumor is formed in the ducts of the glands and then is spread around the nipple.
  • Edematous-infiltrative cancer. This type of disease is considered very aggressive. Cancer cells are characterized by their ability to block vessels in the skin of the breast, preventing the normal flow of lymph through the tissue.

breast cancer in men may be

Cause of disease

We have seen, can men get breast cancer. It is now necessary to understand the mechanism of the disease development.

The Main cause of cancer in men doctors believe hormonal imbalance. Violations are usually due to overabundance of estrogen, which is not utilized fully by the liver. This hormone is produced in fat tissue, so the disease risk is increased in men with obesity.

The Lack of androgens, which in medicine is called Klinefelter syndrome, also contributes to the appearance of tumors. In this pathology in the cell nucleus there are several X-chromosomes instead of one. Due to high content of estrogen and deficiency of male hormones in the body of a teenager becomes a feminine look. His voice becomes soft, and the hair visibly thins. man with cancer causes illness

Another important factor is the age. As you age, the body decreases production of androgens and estrogen increases. The older a man is, the greater the likelihood of tumor development. To cause disease and is capable of radiation therapy. It usually used for the treatment of cancer.

Breast Cancer in men may be caused by genetic predisposition. If you have close relatives in the family was the same diagnosis, the person automatically gets to group of risk. The fact that the disruption of the structure of some genes affects the production of protein. This substance is responsible for the growth of the abnormal cells.

How to determine the illness?

Breast Cancer in men is always accompanied by painful discomfort. This is the main symptom, you should pay attention in the first place. The initial stage of the disease rarely manifests itself in symptoms, but it is possible to observe a specific set of symptoms:

  • Change the shape of the nipple;
  • Swollen lymph nodes;
  • The appearance of tumors below the nipple.

Since the second stage in the pathological process gradually involved the skin, ulceration. You can see from the nipple oozes clear liquid with blood. The symptoms of breast cancer in men should not be ignored. Immediate recourse to the doctor increases the chances of a favorable outcome of the disease.symptoms of breast cancer in men

Medical examination

Diagnosis of the disease begins with a consultation with a medical oncologist. The specialist conducts a physical examination of the patient palpated the affected area. It is necessary to determine the location and approximate size of the tumor. Then assigned to the mammography. During the study, the patient must undress and cuddle up chest to a special apparatus. Sometimes compression of the tissues is accompanied by painful discomfort, but it is necessary to obtain high-quality images. The next stage of diagnosis is ultrasound. Ultrasound allows to obtain an accurate image of the tumor.

Typically, the above manipulation is enough to hear the diagnosis of a man “cancer”. The causes of the disease, the exact nature of the tumor, can be determined by biopsy. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The doctor inserts a thin needle seal, through which is pumped out of the tumor a small amount of content. Then, the resulting material is studied in the laboratory.there is breast cancer in men

Cancer treatments

To combat breast cancer, modern medicine offers several treatment options: surgery, radiation, hormonal and chemotherapy. The choice of particular tactics depends on the stage of the pathological process and the patient's condition.

Surgical treatment of breast cancer in men is aimed at removal of the tumor and its surrounding tissue. Most patients with this diagnosis undergoes a radical mastectomy. During surgery, the surgeon removes the entire breast.

Radiation therapy is not used as an independent method of treatment. It is used to destroy remaining after the operation of cancerous cells. For treatment using high-energy rays. They kill pathological elements and slow down the disease.

Chemotherapy based on the use of cytotoxic agents. These drugs destroy the actively proliferating cancer cells. Usually used in the treatment of two or more drugs. Chemotherapy has a number of side effects. The fact that used to treat the drugs kill not only the “bad”, but also healthy elements.

Some types of cancer depend on the content of certain hormones in the blood. This so-called hormone-dependent tumor developing at an elevated level of estrogen. For the treatment doctors usually make use of “Home”. This drug is also used in the feminine form of breast cancer.treatment of breast cancer in men

Alternative treatment options

None of the alternative therapies can not cure cancer of the breast in men. However, alternative medicine helps to fight side effects from medication. Alternative therapies are now being used in many Western countries, aimed at the suppression of depression and fear. Such disorder is experienced by cancer patients.

In order to help the person overcome anxiety and depression, in the West, used the following methods:

  1. Creative activity. Poetry, dancing and drawing to help people relieve stress. Many Oncology Department specially recruited a staff of teachers who conduct group classes for patients.
  2. Physical exercises allow you to forget about the disease and get away from anxiety.
  3. Meditation. Relaxation technique help one to abstract from the problems of the earth.
  4. Prayer. Believers are able to draw strength from religious teachings. In m...

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