Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and have children.


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Skills in first aid can be useful to a person anywhere: on vacation, on the street, and sometimes at home. This is especially true of children, because they are taken into the mouth all in a row, mother's quite distracted for a few seconds to threat the subject appeared in the respiratory tract of the baby. Therefore, to know what is cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and be able to fulfill every need.

The Whole sequence of actions based on three points:

  • Recovery of the passage of the Airways
  • Recovery of respiration
  • Circulation management

How to clear the airway?

If the child is conscious but cannot speak, breathe or cry, so in his airway has a foreign object.

To remove it, use the Heimlich maneuver:

  • Very small child can be put on your lap face down and Pat on the back.
  • If not help, then you must stand behind the victim, wrap it around him at waist level, close your hands at the level of the xiphoid process (lower edge of the sternum). With one hand balled in a fist, while his other wraps. Need to make a few strong thrusts, directed upwards and inwards. Often enough, the child began to breathe.
  • The Mucus or vomit is cleared from mouth with your finger, which is wound with a handkerchief or tissue.

Breathing Difficulties the baby may be associated with angioedema, when the mucous membrane of the larynx swells in the result of an allergic reaction, in this case, an additional symptom may be a rash on the body. Parents whose children are prone to such reactions, always in the first aid kit includes antihistamines and prednisone, which is administered intramuscularly in an emergency order.

In any case, you need to call an ambulance. If there is another man, then this is done immediately, but if not – after the two-minute trying to catch my breath.

How to restore breathing and blood circulation?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in children is slightly different from technology, which is an adult.

First of all stop bleeding, if there is a wound. Only then can you act. For the ingress of air into the Airways my head to tilt back, beneath the neck of the roll of tissue, and the chin to push forward. Leaning over the child, you need to understand, he breathes on their own or not. If no signs of life, we need CPR.


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It is Necessary to lay the victim on a hard surface, and make sure that his Airways are open. This clamped the nose and mouth inhaled air two times. If the path is free, then the chest will rise. In order to observe, you need to placed face to the feet of the victim.

CPR is to save lives, ie, restoring blood circulation and respiration.

If the chest does not rise, again repeat the Heimlich maneuver, and if air enters, it will continue in this manner:

  • To give him two breaths "mouth to mouth” by holding the nose, with an interval, which is needed for the air outlet to the outside. In very young children the air is breathed in from the mouth and nose. The admission and exit of air needs to be slow.
  • Next to be on the side, put your hand on the sternum and perform 30 pressure base of the palm. Fingers touch the breast should not. If the child is small enough to make pressing the index and middle fingers. Squeezed the Breasts are not more than 2.5 cm Speed - 100 strokes per minute.
  • Then repeat the two breaths "mouth to mouth”.

CPR – the alternation of applying pressure and inhalations at a ratio of 15:2. Activities must be repeated until the ambulance arrives or until, until the child is showing signs of life.

Doctors must assess the situation, so you need to remember when it had started providing assistance.

Pulmonary-cardiac intensive care unit – this is an effective way to save man, if you start on time.

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