Diabetes: symptoms in the child, which should alert


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diabetes symptoms in childIn the days when doctors didn't know about insulin, diabetes in children ended with the death of the patient after a few months, high – a couple of years. Fortunately, the current level of development of medical Affairs allows to avoid such tragic consequences. An important role in improving the situation plays early diagnosis of the disease. That is why not only doctors, but parents need to know how to start diabetes. The child's symptoms first can see is adults, living with him.

What is diabetes

This disease is chronic. It suffers the endocrine system, and the reason is a lack of pancreatic hormone-insulin. Why is it needed? The fact that with the help of insulin in all cells of the body gets glucose – the main source of their food. As a result, in blood sugar level increases, while the cells this item and did not realize that not only deprives them of energy, but also prevents blood to perform its functions for the delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues.

Types of diabetes

insulin acts at any degree of diabetes type 1Distinguish diabetes first and second type. They differ not only because of appearance, but according to the forecasts, and methods of treatment.

The First type is caused by lack of insulin it produced little and not enough for processing all of glucose entering blood. With this disease require daily injections of insulin.

The Second type of diabetes develops when enough of the hormone, but it is not perceived by the tissues for one reason or another.

Signs, visible to parents

What is different for children diabetes? The child's symptoms appear suddenly and do not have a logical explanation. Parents may notice excess urination, thirst that does not go away, even if the child is constantly drinking, and increased appetite, which can lead, contrary to logic, not to obesity but to weight loss. These are signs of type I diabetes. They usually develop rapidly, and it is important to pay attention to them and consult with your doctor.


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Otherwise, it looks a Bit non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The child's symptoms can be: itching, persistent skin rashes, abscesses, dry mouth, decreased tone, lethargy. Sometimes disturbed visual acuity, gum bleed.

How to spot diabetes symptoms in a child to see the doctor

diabetes symptoms in childMain symptom of diabetes, which is focused on the medicine, can be considered high sugar content in the blood. The consequence of this are the other signs. Glucose appears in the urine. Often there is enlargement of the liver, possible mental disorders.

Diabetes therapy

The First type of the disease being treated with insulin injections. This therapy has a supporting character. It is carried out continuously, is regulated only by the size of the dose.

Actively used and diet from the menu exclude products with sugar content or simple carbohydrates that may trigger a sharp spike of glucose in the blood.

Be attentive to health and behavior of your baby, not to miss the signs that may indicate the development of the initial degree of diabetes. In such a situation it is better to be extra vigilant: once again to take lab tests and make sure everything is good.

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