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The Latch of the thigh relates to orthopedic products medical. It is worn to prevent various sprains and fractures during serious workouts or in the postoperative period for early recovery. It is necessary to consider features of the band and its characteristics.

Why you need

thigh lock

The Hip is a fairly fragile place. To break it in two, and to treat the injury then you need more than a year. Though the hip - joint is large enough to cherish it with great care. If it so happened that got a hip injury, then be prepared to buy a special brace or retainer. Today in pharmacies can find a large assortment of these means of prevention and protection. Particular attention doctors pay mind hard bandages. They can replace the plaster or splint. In type bandages and the clips are soft and hard. Which to choose depends on the type of injuries and doctors ' recommendations. Locking of the hip is necessary for patients in the following categories:

  1. With a high risk of re-injury. It's mostly the athletes.
  2. With a complex structure of the hip joint.
  3. When a large area of damage to the hip.
  4. Soft cartilaginous tissues, which grow and regenerate slowly.


The clips and the bandages on the thigh are made of different types. You should consider each of these in more detail.

1. Unilateral hard lock. This product consists of two parts, one of which is worn on the belt, the other on the thigh. The units have a special hinge that can correct the movement of a person. Any movement of the foot will be controlled by this joint. For each patient a retainer is chosen individually and depends on the size of the patient. Buy the right product only after consulting a doctor. Such a locking of the hip is used in the following cases:


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clips and the bandages on thigh

  • Recovery after total joint surgery or surgical intervention;
  • Trauma or hip fracture;
  • Tendon rupture;
  • Displacement or fracture of the femur.

With such a latch can achieve a complete or partial rest of the thigh. The main functions of it are as follows:

  • Reduces severe pain;
  • Securely locks the joint;
  • Reduces the load on the damaged area.

This kind of comes with mounts, straps, and other additional devices. All this is necessary to control the degree of fixation.

2. Two-way hard. This retainer is used after the osteosynthesis of the femoral neck. Surgery is serious, so after it we need a complete immobility of the legs. Made of metal or sturdy plastic. Writes out a lock only a doctor, so you should not self-prescribe treatment and to go buy it. During the recovery period, the latch prevents the fracture or displacement. To hip constantly circulates the blood, the product is equipped with special rollers that make a little massage. The insertion of soft tissue do not allow the product to RUB the skin.

3. Baby latches. Doctors prescribe them to children not older than 10 years. With such a retainer can correct the dislocation or hip dysplasia. Children's orthopedic products divided into the following types:

  1. Hard.locking thigh neoprene
  2. Hard with additional fixation.
  3. Composite.
  4. Bandage fabric.

Child lock thigh is chosen by the doctor according to his size and strength.

4. Bandage soft detent. It is made from a soft stretch fabric. With the help of this lock you can improve blood flow, heat the joint and to reduce severe pain. This product is used:

  • For the treatment of injuries;
  • During large load on the legs;
  • Inflammation of the muscles;
  • Sprains;
  • To fix incorrect work of the muscles.

The composition of the material from which made the bandage includes rubber and polyurethane. Now a lot of selling bandages made of cotton and knit. A special place is the locking mechanism for the hips neoprene. It relates to retainers moderate. It can be worn with the purpose of prevention. Basically, these bandages to help the skin breathe and do not irritate her. They do not need to configure and you can buy yourself.

Locking thigh neoprene

Sold by such holder in the form of shorts that are suitable for men and women. This brace not only supports the thigh, and buttocks. The product creates good compression and proper fit. With these shorts you can adjust the shape, being engaged in their sports or workouts. This brace promotes good weight loss, and it's all because of the material. Neoprene brace is used to prevent and protect the ligaments from sprains. People who are under physical stress, such bandage must necessarily be.

Osteosynthesis and locking of the hip

Nailing — this is a serious hip surgery due to fracture. The essence of the operation is that doctors assemble all the parts of the femur, and fixed them to each other. For their fastening use of a special retainer for osteosynthesis of the femoral neck, which is set inside and is fastened to the bone. This helps the particles fast to knit. In the role of clamps, are special metal rods with the locking mechanism. After this operation the leg must be in complete rest, so hip to wear an additional brace that restrains all movements of the legs, but at the same time does not allow it to go numb.

fixator for osteosynthesis of the femoral neck

How to choose

The Locking mechanism for the hip choose according to individual indications. For more serious restorative complexes need special tires, with a rigid mount. If you want the locking mechanism for the hip for training and sport activities, here you have to choose soft and elastic retainers, made of neoprene, cotton or knit. Buying a brace, you need to inspect it and to evaluate appearance. It should not be broken or stretched. Better to buy in specialty stores that sell orthopedic products. If you want a small treatment or recovery of the muscles of the thigh, you should purchase a locking mechanism hips. The manual supplied with each product will help you to evaluate its focus, care and use. Conventional retainer of the fabric is worn alone, without assistance. Latches with complicated structure is put in hospital by a doctor. The products orthopedists determine the load power and the index of immobility of the thigh. All retainers need care.

locking hip manual

Fabrics can be washed in the machine, their properties are not lost after such procedures. Hard latches simply wiped off with a cloth. Keep such things away from the sun.


The Clips and bandages to the thigh are considered the most progressive medical material. With their help, the recovery period after surgery will be much better and faster. If you need a bandage for the prevention of fractures, sprains and bruises in training, you have a choice to stop at the neoprene shorts or bandages.


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