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Every pregnant woman wants her birth went quickly and as painlessly as possible. Most often, before choosing a hospital expectant mothers interested in the views of friends, acquaintances, mothers knowledgeable about a particular hospital, and the doctor, who was accompanied by the birth process.

The Hospital Armavir is no exception and therefore the article presents information about the institution and its doctors for those who are still in search of "his" place for the birth of the unborn child.

Medical care of giving birth in the city of Armavir

The Hospital, due to the high demand in the city, not one. Such institutions that serve pregnant women, two:

  • "MBUZ Perinatal center";
  • "Maternity hospital MMU".

The conditions of stay, services are somewhat different from each other. Therefore it is necessary to know the basic information about both institutions to make their own choices.

"MBUZ Perinatal center": basic information

This is the hospital of Armavir, which appeared in 1925. The history of the development of institutions long. The first name of the medical institution: "the United maternity hospital", after many changes and reconstructions in 2008, it received its modern name of MUZ the city of Armavir "Perinatal center".hospital Armavir

At the moment, the hospital has inpatient Department and two offices of the women's consultations (№1, № 2). In addition, patients in the hospital are given the opportunity to use the clinical diagnostic laboratory. If there is a need and the testimony, the hospital shall assist in the following departments: gynecology, pathology of pregnancy, maternity, obstetric, physiological, perinatal, intensive care.


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The Hospital serves women Armavir city and nearby raionov:

  • Kavkazskogo.
  • Kurganinskogo.
  • Gulkevichskogo.
  • Otradnenskoe.
  • Sabinskogo.
  • Novokubanskogo.
  • Mostovskogo.
  • Uspenskogo.

In the city to find "Perinatal center" at the address: Engels street, bld. 2.

All questions can be asked over the phone.

Services Perinatal center

In the hospital of Armavir are both free and paid services.

To free include:

  • Ability examination in order to get pregnant;
  • Placement in the wards (before childbirth and after childbirth);
  • Delivery to individual delivery room;
  • The presence of the birth family;
  • The ability to transfer products and needed items to patients;
  • Option to choose the method of anesthesia during childbirth;
  • Medical treatments for mother and child after birth;
  • Joint stay of mother and child in the house.

To pay include:

  • Medical examination when planning pregnancy;
  • Management of pregnancy and childbirth, specific doctor;
  • Some types of anesthesia in childbirth (counts);
  • Delivery partnership (with a psychologist or as a doula);
  • Single rooms increased Armavir reviews

During her stay here mother and child are together (in addition to the testimony to the special conditions of the child/pregnant woman), if necessary it is allowed to finish feeding the newborn a mixture of women examined by doctors and undergo routine ultrasound, the children examined by neonatologists and receive the necessary medical care in the first days of life. In addition, the staff of the hospital familiarizes young mothers with the basic principles of child care.

Getting to the Perinatal center?

Best be reached by private transport or taxi, but the location of the maternity hospital in Armavir (the photo shows) makes it easy to get here on their own.

The Next public transport:

  1. "City hospital № 3" street Turgeneva, h. 19 (route 29 - go to the stop "Auto", the route No. 30 station No. 1).
  2. "City hospital № 3" on the street of Engels, 15 (route 28 - to the stop "Auto", the route of the No. 30 goes to the garden Association "Voskhod", route taxi № 3 to street Azov, bus No. 9 to the CHP, the bus 10 is sent to the farm "East", 15K bus - station "Post-302", trolleybus № 3 and № 27, which go to the Azov street).
  3. "City hospital № 3" on the street of Engels,10 (route №3, №9 to the stop "Central market", the route № 15K and 30 station No. 1, the bus 10 to the "North" district, №28 to street Youth, bus 29 - Yamburg on the street, the trolley 3 and 27).
  4. "the Park named after Heroes of Chernobyl", street Efremova, 114 (in addition to the above there is also buses number 151, 1, 24, 24A, trolleybus №1).

Doctors of the institution

In the Center many years are qualified doctors who have extensive experience in their activities. All of the 291 posts in the establishment of about 70 doctors. maternity hospital of the city of Armavir

Dr. "Perinatal center" of Armavir


  • Alchakov R. M.
  • Anokhina T. M.
  • Beshmelnitsyna I. V.
  • Bunatian G. C.
  • Msiwdev A. I.
  • Gonenc T. G.
  • Guseva N. H
  • Dolzhenko I. B.
  • Zinkovsky N. C.
  • Idrisov S. T.
  • Inshakov O. F.
  • Karabatan A. A.
  • Karelian gg
  • Komissarova G. M.
  • Korolchuk, M. S.
  • Lopatina N. N.
  • Meleshkina E. A.
  • Martirosyan R. N.
  • Europa plus mix S. R.
  • Starikov, V. A.
  • Nikitina N. P., and others.


  • Sergeev V. I.
  • Varenichenko V. N.
  • Martynenko I. G.
  • Ismailov I. A.
  • Pris V. B.
  • Frolova T. N.

Angiosurgeon: Godunov I. V.

Reviews women giving birth

The Negative reviews about the hospital of Armavir based on the poor conditions of stay and the boorish attitude of medical staff to patients. Since 2010, the women write that all the post-Natal ward (from 20 to 60 people), only 2 toilets and cleanliness in them is not supported in accordance with the standards of g Armavir

There have Also been complaints that the nursing staff is rude, rude and extorts money when helping new mothers. Some girls from the periphery to share the impression that arriving at the ambulance, did not receive proper medical attention just because they didn't have the money to cover the costs for paid and chamber tests.

However, there are happy mothers who are in the hospital, was surrounded with attention and care of the staff. Moms say that the doctor help to cope with emotions during labor, childbirth and after birth, the child is taught to properly attach the baby to the breast. Almost all say that the conditions in the pre-Natal ward and the delivery room is somewhat better than in the postpartum unit, but it did not affect their opinion of the perinatal center.

"MMU Maternity hospital" of the city of Armavir

The Hospital is located at the address: Armavir, Kirov street, bld. 47.

maternity hospital of Armavir doctorsThe Services offered by the hospital:

  • Examination when planning pregnancy;
  • Hospitalization during different periods of gestation;
  • Intensive care unit for kids;
  • A choice of anesthesia in childbirth (according to indications);
  • Redistillate (if necessary);
  • Free maintenance and placement in the wards (pre and postpartum) and delivery room.

This institution does not permit delivery partner, does not have its own "school of future mothers", not the practice of vertical delivery and has no chambers increased comfort. Also, there's not allowed to visit and stay in the house mothers relatives.

Women's Department of pathology provides quadruple rooms with shared facilities. For mothers in the postpartum unit of the chamber designed for two or three people, while mothers with children are together.

The Hospital uses the practice of feeding infants "on demand", but according to the testimony of the allowed supplemental foods infants mix.Armavir hospital about doctors

Doctors of the maternity hospital

Doctors are people too, so they, unfortunately, do not treat all patients equally well. Of the staff of the maternity hospital in Armavir doctors also have a different glory: how strongly negative or positive. One of the most pleasant and competent doctors patients referred to specialists Tatiana Leonardovna and Timoshenko E. C.

There are those doctors who work in the specialty for many years, but I admit neglect of some pregnant women or newborns, resulting in losing the trust of their patients and have mixed opinions about yourself. Among these are:

  • Apoia M. M.
  • Karabasan O. A.
  • Arkhipova T. E.

You Need to understand that each patient receives a personal level of trust to doctors.

Reviews young mothers on the maternity ward MMU

The Pros and cons of the institution is similar with the previous hospital because of the situation is the same.maternity hospital in Armavir photo

From bad experiences from childbirth is about doctors hospital of Armavir: wymagac...

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