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Salt lamp reviews, which proves its high effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, has a beautiful decorative ceiling, carved from a crystal of rock salt. Traditionally, salt lamps are produced in the resorts where there are salt caves in the village of Solotvino, Transcarpathian region (currently they are flooded, but the masters remained medicinal material), in Artemovsk Donetsk region and other places. The lamps, manufactured in Pakistan, which can be purchased in many stores, the material is pure rock salt mined in the Himalayas.

For the manufacture of a lampshade inside a solid piece of salt grind out the hole for the cartridge and the conventional electric bulbs with a capacity of 15–60 watts. Heated under its action, salt emit negatively charged particles (ions) that have healing properties – thus this device can be considered as a natural air ionizer. Salt lamp reviews, which speaks of its effectiveness, has a pronounced therapeutic effect in chronic bronchitis and rhinitis, allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. It is known that in sanatoria for patients with diseases of the respiratory system is equipped with special salt room-walls decorated with layers of salt. To improve your health, many patients specifically visit the salt mines and caves. Buying the same salt lamp, you get a “cave” in miniature and will be able to breathe healthy air at any time.


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Salt Lamp with shade in the early days include for a few hours. The body gets used to the new atmosphere in the room and can respond with a runny nose or even a slight cough. After a few days it can already be left on all day or all night. Salt lamp (reviews confirm this) works fine and as a preventive measure – strengthens the body's defenses and reduces the likelihood of colds. Many parents buy such lamps in kids room: feedback suggests that weakened and are prone to respiratory diseases children after using salt lamps began to hurt much less.

The Rules of operation of the salt lamps require that the air was dry. At high humidity, as well as the installation of the lamp near the aquarium or fountain either in the kitchen (near the kettle, plates) salt block may partially soften and crack, it absorbed moisture. In this case, it cannot be enabled until it dries naturally – or on the surface of the ceiling will make the so-called “salt-sweat”, and the bulb may be burned out. After drying the lampshade need to move the lamp to another room and turn on a few hours in the network. If it is still made white patches, it is possible to gently remove with fine emery paper, then quickly wipe the bulb wet, and immediately – a dry cloth. You can exploit it, and not removing plaque, if her appearance does not bother you – on the curative properties of the lamp it has no effect.

When buying a salt lamp size and model of the lampshade you can choose from dozens of options. Talented hands of masters give a salt monolith in various shapes – from precise geometric to free resembling raw rock boulders. Such a salt, or the salt lamp – the reviews here are unanimous-not only revitalizes the air in the room, but is a great interior decoration. It shines with a soft diffused light, not irritating the eyes. In addition to the salt lamps, we also offer small candlesticks of this material.

It Should be noted that many skeptics claim that a salt lamp reviews which are quite positive, – just another of the much hyped but totally useless accessory. However, original, stylish and useful salt lamps are still readily sold as both therapeutic and preventive medicine.

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