Such uncomfortable rhinitis. Treatment as an opportunity to breathe life.


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Everyone knows that a runny nose (rhinitis) – inflamed mucous  nose. He almost always comes along with a cold or flu and can be quite a long stay in the hotel, especially if you have him neglect. So  you should treat it seriously and immediately rectified. Besides, it simply prevents to live a full life, to feel the taste of favorite food, taking in the smells of spring and flowers, interferes with sleep, and, eventually, breathe!

We Should get rid of such unpleasant problems like rhinitis. Treatment begins with determining the form of the disease. Each of them has its symptoms, development, and duration. Distinguish chronic, vasomotor, allergic and acute rhinitis. Treatment involves several other forms of the disease.  One of the most common and therefore requires special attention - it is a dry rhinitis. Treatment of acute rhinitis or the common cold, most common in children but not rare in adults,  is the use of vasoconstrictor drugs. They are available in the form of drops or sprays and at some time contribute to the elimination of edema and return of free respiration. But there is in their application a huge disadvantage. If you use them for quite a long time, and sometimes otherwise, simply can not get rid of bad cold, can develop dryness and the disease will develop in dry rhinitis.

Treatment should always begin with identifying the exact causes of rhinitis, as well as strengthening the immune system. Many people believe that to treat a runny nose is not necessarily and over time, he will be himself. They are very mistaken. First, it can be incredibly long, if weakened immune system and the body is simply not strong enough to fight this problem. And secondly, much faster, and most importantly, better for the body, determine the cause (disease) and getting rid of it, remove the effect (rhinitis). Treatment  is necessary, because the cold can not only become chronic, but go to the sinusitis. And this is much more serious.


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Usually with a viral illness accompanied by high temperatures and requires bed rest, comes the rhinitis. Treatment includes mustard bath and diaphoretic medicines, along with vasoconstrictor drugs. Very effective use of ointments and inhalations with antibiotics (tetryzoline, Oxymetazoline, naphazoline, etc.), if  discovered caused by bacteria rhinitis. Aloe Vera juice is the best remedy if you have dry rhinitis.

 the Treatment can be carried out with the help of folk remedies, which are always safe and have many useful properties. Very effective anti-rhinitis juice such famous plants as Kalanchoe. It is sufficient to lubricate the nose several times a day, and you will soon forget about this uncomfortable condition, as unpleasant rhinitis. Very good for nose butter-onion mixture, used in the form of drops. Since ancient times, people in the treatment of the common cold used hot boiled potatoes. It is entirely possible to roll it around the sore spot, and then quickly cut into two parts,  applied to the nostrils. Not less effective to breathe the steam from boiled potatoes. The wonderful properties of beet juice. Just a few drops can relieve chronic rhinitis and remove copious. Works fine when cold and menthol, it, like sea buckthorn can be additionally mixed with honey and calendula.

A lot of Variants and, if desired, it is possible to use them. They would never harm, but rather will only bring fast relief. But in that case, if along with natural components used medications, be sure to consult with your doctor and find out their compatibility.

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