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For anybody not a secret that the perfect end to any meal is the dessert. It can be expressed in all interpretations, from cookies and candies to cakes and pies. But really surprise you those Goodies, which were prepared with his own hands.

The Taste of childhood

One of the most popular and common dessert is a honey cake. At home such a treat very often prepared by many Housewives. The cake is truly a culinary work of art that is known to many a sweet tooth. Everyone once tried such a delicacy. Today in the modern stores has a great selection of honey from different manufacturers. However, most of these recipes are almost indistinguishable from each other.

In order to really experience the most unforgettable aroma and taste, you need to make dessert on their own. To make honey cake at home, you need a special recipe. Today there are many recipes, techniques and secrets of making this delicious delicacy.

Basic secrets of cooking of honey cake

If you compare a honey cake recipe with photos which will be presented below, with most of the other classic works of culinary art, we can say that he has an original structure, unique to him. The main difference from other cakes is the presence in the test of this simple product like honey. After all, without this ingredient, the cake would not have honey cake.Honey cake at home

But there is one small subtlety, ignorance of which can lead to the fact that the taste of the dessert will be irrevocably ruined. In the process of adding honey in any case not to overdo it, and Vice versa, we can't put enough of this component. If in the first case the result will be too sweet and sugary taste, the second is the possibility of complete lack of aroma and taste of honey.


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These two options in the cooking process invalid, which should strictly follow the required proportions. For example, if honey cake is designed, say, five layers, in this case, you must add one tablespoon of honey. This will give a characteristic smell and thus taste is not too sweet.

In the process of forming cakes requires the use of special circular shape (a plate is better here not to use), as this method is considered more convenient. Honey cake (recipe and photo below) requires that when cutting circles to exclusively use a sharp knife to ensure that the cakes were perfect. Otherwise, a situation may arise, when they will have substantial differences in form.

When impregnating them with cream, the savings may not be considered. Their surface layers should be liberally lubricated to honey cake at home was the result tender and soft.

Of Course, now there are many other different secrets of making this kind of desserts, but it is primarily independent of any specific recipes. Here are some of them.

Honey cake (classic recipe)

This is one of the simplest options of making the famous honey cake and it is really classic. There is no all the excess, and the composition is still preserved in the form in which it was when our grandmothers and mothers.

a Honey cake recipe with photo

To prepare honey cake is a classic, you will need the following products:

four tablespoons of honey;

three eggs;

- the flour (four cups);

- a couple of glasses of sugar;

soda (one teaspoon);

- sour cream (eight hundred grams).

Cooking cake

So, honey cake (classic recipe) is prepared as follows. This option involves twelve servings. In the same case, if it is expected a larger number of guests, you need to calculate the number of all the ingredients so that was observed proportional relationship.

Honey cake recipe is a classicHere will need a small bowl in which to place eggs and soda, after which they beat with a mixer. On fire is a deep pan which sent the honey and Cup of sugar. This mixture needs to simmer on a slow fire. This is not to use a strong flame. On low heat stir the mixture and bring it to a boil. By this time the sugar has completely dissolved in honey.

Once the honey-sugar mixture doedu to the boil, add the cooked mass of eggs and soda. The resulting mixture should be heated to until its volume will not increase, and no foam is formed. Then it should be removed from heat. You must then add the flour and knead the dough. Due to the fact that the honey dough is not very convenient to knead with your hands, you can take a spoon. In the end the resulting basis must be dense and viscous texture.

Fine cooking test

A lot of then divided into ten equal parts, each of which is rolled out thinly on the table. These are the layers you want to convert in circles. You can use the special form or plate of the appropriate size.

honey Cake is a classic

The Main secret of the test is that it quickly becomes hard, so to roll it into layers you need to immediately. The pieces, which were obtained in the process of formation of layers of circles, throw is not necessary, as they are more useful in the future. They, along with all round layers are placed in an oven which had been preheated to two hundred degrees. Next, the dough is baked for five minutes, after which it goes out of the oven. For a while the layers remain unchanged, and the pieces are ground into fine crumbs.

Formation of the cake

In the next step prepared cream based cream. For this it needs to be mixed with sugar (one Cup) and whip it with a mixer.Homemade honey cake recipe photo

You can then form a honey cake at home. Here the main condition is the caution. Hurry at this stage is not necessary, but you should do everything very carefully so the cake come out beautiful and did not consist of separate parts. You need to take a flat round dish and lay it on top of a more flat cake, then liberally lubricated it with cream. In a similar way, laid out the cakes on one another, and formed a cake.

Then used crumb obtained earlier from pieces. They need to mix it with one tablespoon of cream. The resulting mixture crumbs applied on top of home-made honey cake recipe, a photo of which was presented above, on all sides. This touch helps to give it a neat and smooth irregularities present. All remaining crumbs crushed even more, they are sprinkled on the surface of the cake.

At the last stage, the cake is placed in refrigerator for six hours, and then it is possible to enjoy its unforgettable classic taste.

Brandy honey cake

Honey cake step by step photo

Part of this dessert includes the following products:

two tablespoons of honey;

three eggs;

two cups of sugar;

three cups flour;

seventy grams of butter;

half a liter of whipping cream;

soda and vinegar;

one tablespoon of cognac.

Cooking brandy cake

This honey cake, step by step photos which can be seen in various culinary sources, begins to prepare for the cooking cream. It is necessary to pour in a deep bowl pour cream and one Cup of sugar, then beat all thoroughly.

Then in the prepared pot should pour water to the middle and bring to a boil. On top of the pan needs to put a plate resting on top of it with butter, add the honey and bring the resulting mass until a liquid consistency.

Then in a separate bowl to mix the eggs and one Cup of sugar, add the brandy and beat well. Then pour the whipped mass in the dish with the honey and butter and simmer for five minutes. After this you need to add repaid soda vinegar and leave for ten minutes, while stirring occasionally. This honey cake (step by step photo recipe) can be seen on many culinary websites and various books.

The next step is to remove the bowl from the pan and add one Cup of flour in small portions, and then mix well. On the Board need to do two cups of the flour mound with the deepening and pour in the batter. Then it is necessary to knead well to make it into a sausage and divide into equal parts according to the number of cakes. After that you should roll them into round pellets, while prisypaya top with flour.

End of cooking dessert

Then the tortilla is folded in half and placed on a baking sheet, pre sprinkled with flour. Bake the cake needs in the oven at 220 degrees for five minutes. In conclusion, taken cover and cut round basis. Now you can lubricate ready korzhi cream.Honey cake step-by-step photo recipe

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