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To cook for your family a variety of main dishes every day, you need a bit of skill and practice. main dishes fast and tastyLet's look at some interesting recipes. And knowing them, you will be able to choose a quick and tasty main dish according to their preferences.

Ragout of zucchini

To prepare the second dishes fast and tasty, you must have a good oven. It is possible to cook this wonderful stew. Suits even perespevshey and too large courgettes, which are sometimes hard to cook anything else. You need about five pounds of zucchini – that's five or six major vegetables. If they perespevshey, it is better to remove not only the rind, but seeds as they are hard and will ruin the taste of the dish.  quick and delicious main dishYou Also need five large onions, two heads garlic, six medium size tomatoes and three tablespoons of tomato paste, three teaspoons of salt, paprika or red pepper, one hundred and fifty grams of sunflower oil. Peeled and seeds of the squash cut in large chunks, put them in a deep baking tray, season with salt and place in heated oven for twenty minutes (the temperature must be above two hundred degrees Celsius). While they languish, clean the other vegetables. Finely chopped onion sauté in oil – it will take up to fifteen minutes. Do not forget to stir, because the taste of burnt onions will ruin the dish. Garlic is also need to clean. Each clove cut in half. Tomatoes cut in large cubes. When thoroughly sauté the onion in the center of the pan, you need to make a hole and directly into the onion put chopped garlic. Stir it is not necessary. main dishes for every dayYou Should roast the garlic in the center of the pan for five minutes. Then add the tomatoes. After twenty minutes remove the zucchini from the oven, stir and place back in for another same time. Into the pan, where stewed onions, garlic and tomatoes, put the tomato paste and spices (though you can do without them). Remove the pan with the zucchini and mix its contents with the contents of the pan. Simmer all together for another twenty minutes. If you know how to cook such dishes, quick and tasty, you can feed your whole family.

Meat fritters of chicken with cheese

To Cook meat main dishes quick and tasty – this is not necessarily to be able to fry the meatballs. There are no less attractive alternative – chicken fritters. They are extremely tasty and juicy, and beautiful. To cook them, don't even need a meat grinder. Take a kilo of chicken, one hundred and fifty grams of flour and the same of sour cream (can substitute kefir), two hundred grams of cheese, salt, four eggs and lots of greenery. Cut the chicken in small cubes, mix in a container with grated cheese, eggs, salt and sour cream. Finely chop herbs and add to the mixture. Add the flour and stir. The mixture should stand for twenty minutes after you can create muffins with a spoon and fry in butter. As you can see, to prepare the second dishes fast and tasty, and most importantly, without making any special effort, is not difficult.

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