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The Wines of Cyprus are popular for about four thousand years. But the real world fame they have gained from the thousand three hundred sixty-three. It was then in London was “PIR tournament”. Five monarchs gathered at the table, tasted a variety of drinks. The recognized leader was “Commandaria” a native of Cyprus. Later the popularity of the local wines have rendered the island a disservice. Selim the Second, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, bearing the name “drunk”, went to war with Cyprus, and partly because he liked the local drink.

It's a Legend or not, but the smoke without fire does not happen. It is only in Cyprus grows grape «moor». Under the hot sun in a somewhat arid climate fruit taking as much of the sugars that are considered to be unique. Many winemakers made their drinks exclusively from «moor». Moreover, to consume this liquor ambrosia should be the year of the spill.Wines of Cyprus


In this article, we take a virtual wine tour of Cyprus. It would not cover the whole island. Square, where they grow vines, occupy quite a small space. In fact, it is two areas: the area between the cities of Paphos and Limassol, as well as the southern slopes of the Troodos mountains. But what variety of grapes are grown on the island that produces wine, Cyprus! Which is better, hard to say. All depends not so much on varieties, how much of the terroir, ideally matched blend and production technology.

Here it is especially cultivated local varieties: «moor», «ophthalmic”, “xynisteri” and “maratheftiko”. But also grown and imported vines - "Chardonnay”, “Sauvignon”, “Blanc", "Palomino”, “Carignan”, “Riesling" and others. Of one hundred and fifty varieties of grapes that are cultivated on the island, produce drinks of a various fortress: Muscat, Malaga, sherry, port. And, of course, dry white, red and rose wine. On the scale of production tells only the fact that seventy percent of production is exported. By the Cypriots, who also like to drink is only a quarter of the harvest.the Best wines of Cyprus


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Wine tours

To read the nuances of the production of alcoholic beverages in Cyprus, you need to come to the village of Erimi which is situated near Kolossi castle. It houses a Museum of winemaking. This is a traditional building made of white stone under a tiled roof. In addition to the tour, you can taste the top, which is considered the traditional wines and buy your favorite Swatch. If you rented a car, can take a private tour of the villages scattered in the foothills of the Troodos mountains. The owners of small wineries will be glad to let you in on the secrets of their production and buy me a drink this crop.

Similarly, you can take a fascinating tour in the surroundings of Paphos. But the best drinks on the island, which suits the wine festival - Cyprus, you can try in Limassol. This ten-day festival has been held annually since 1961 in September. The locals wear traditional costumes, prepare delicious food and dancing traditional dances. And, of course, poured everyone over eighteen years of age the wine. The entrance to the municipal Park where the festival is five euros a day per person. Still need to buy 1Є glass. With it you can go to any counter and try anything you like.the Best wine in Cyprus


Let's Start the tasting with the winner of the legendary “the feast of the five kings". Maybe it's not the best wine in Cyprus, but certainly the most famous. It traces its history back to 1191, when Richard the Lionheart, king of England, sold the island to the order of Polovnikov-polarizarea of the Templars. They founded comentariu (headquarters), Cyprus, near Limassol. Need to do justice to local winemakers. The monks only saw the process of making this wonderful dessert drink. But when skillfully conducted promotional campaign “Commandaria” gained fame throughout Europe.

For this wine used two local varieties: white “sinister” and black «moor». The climate near the tower of Kolossi (now a Museum) unique hot dry summer and rather cool winters. Harvest directly into clusters, podvyalivayut in the sun for weeks. Then this almost raisins put under pressure. The wort is bottled into clay amphorae that are buried in the ground on the neck. Despite the fact that the wine gains a fairly large amount of sugar, it does not become cloying. The impact of the tannins, adding the drink a nice tartness. Fortress “Commandaria” - not less than sixteen percent. This wine has a delightful mahogany color, bright, rich aroma and distinctive taste with notes of raisins, caramel, cinnamon and honey. If you want to bring from Cyprus souvenir, choose “Commandaria St John”. A bottle will cost about ten Euro.Wines of Cyprus testimonials


Another tasty wine in Cyprus is “Bellapais”. To call it champagne is not allowed by the rules of the European Union, according to which, as may be called beverages produced only in the eponymous province of France. But “Bellapais” is a sparkling dry wine. If “Commandaria” have served for communion in the Church, and now her uncork on special occasions, this white Cyprus champagne drink in the heat. The fortress of the drink is small – about eleven degrees, but it perfectly tones and refreshes.

Previously, wine was produced only in the lands of the monastery Bellapais. The drink is characterized by light straw color, not too sweet, pleasant flavor and deep noble aroma. Not to mention the other Cypriot sparkling wine: “Mediterrean breeze" (plant LOEL) and “the Duke de Nicosia" (KEO). The first champagne is very sweet, but not cloying. It is easy to drink. “the Duke de Nicosia” - not dessert drink. It is characterized by a delicate aroma.wines of Cyprus

Ladies ' drinks

The Best wines of Cyprus are characterized by high content of sugars. But the drinks are devoid of viscous sticky and cloying. The best white sweet wine – «Aphrodite". This delicate drink will be a great present for ladies. It has a delicate, light taste that can be called a classic. In the complex bouquet of the wine mingled aromas of tart grape seed and freshly cut southern grasses. «Aphrodite" in Cyprus, made to serve for a romantic dinner. This is partly justified by the name. But the wine is not intoxicating, but only enhances the mood and tone. It is ideal to accompany light dishes of fish and seafood. Possible to apply and as a digestive with cheeses and fruit. «Aphrodite" should be drunk slightly chilled — so you can better experience all the nuances of aroma and taste.

Drink for Men

The Wine of Cyprus please not only beautiful ladies, but also representatives of the stronger sex. A good souvenir for a loved one will be “Othello”. This dry red wine is very popular on the island and even has the glory of the male aphrodisiac. Only local grape varieties take part in the creation of “Othello”. And the drink is aged in oak barrels. This gives it a noble wood aroma. In the bright, strong taste of dry red wine “Othello” you could hear the notes of fruit and warm spices. His strength – twelve degrees. From being in the bottle drink just becomes finer – you can verify this, after not opened for three years. The taste of the wine becomes light and sweetness along with the tartness. “Othello” is served with dishes of dark meat and game.delicious wine in Cyprus

Fortified wine

Back in the eighties of the last century, the main products going for export, was sherry. But now the quality of that wine of Cyprus it is impossible to ignore. Although the volume of production of sherry in recent years has declined. In Cyprus this drink doing in a special way. In a dry white wine brandy is added of local production (for fortress) and the old “Commandaria" (for sweetness). After that, sherry is aged in old oak barrels, sometimes under the sun, making the drink eventually becomes complex, multifaceted flavor and delicate, noble taste. Among the best specimens of this type of wine should be called "Finnish" from the plant KEOGH. Very good also “AMV" (ETKO) and sherry winery “LOEL”.

Wine «St. Panteleimon" (Cyprus)

About this drink should be discussed separately. "St Panteleimon" is a semi-sweet wine has light-straw color. The drink is in the Motherland (and beyond) popular. This wine is usually served with dessert cheese and fruit. Is it also for the aperitif. For small parties it is served with canapés. A good “Saint Panteleimon” from “KAEW" and performed solo. Wine reviews called it very easy. It is very refreshing, not hit in the head. Wine can be enjoyed even during the day for lunch. Serve it slightly chilled-as champagne. Only then...

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