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Who of us have not heard of this delicious and nutritious dish of Oriental cuisine like plov? Recipes pilaf there is a great variety and not all of them are equally used in modern cooking. For example, the recent  have become very popular recipe pilaf with chicken, due to low, compared to other types of pilaf, calories, and availability of its constituent products.

In ancient times the peoples of the East, rice was rightly considered a medicinal dish. There is a legend that a famous scientist and physician of the eleventh century – Avicenna cured the pilaf from the depletion of one noble nobleman. And really, after an exhausting physical work or long hours of battle on the field of battle, it is hearty risotto was the best, regenerating and strengthening health means. In our days, delicious pilaf of chicken, if you are not able to heal all ills, then at least to cheer up anyone who decided to enjoy it.

There are endless options of pilaf. However, among them, the following recipe stands out for its originality and excellent taste.

Royal pilaf.

The ingredients:

For the pilaf: 1 medium chicken; Cup of rice;  carrots 1 PC; garlic-3-5 Zubkov; onions 1 PC.; a mixture of spices (barberry, curry, black pepper, paprika); salt; vegetable oil.

For the dough: egg 2 PCs; milk 1 ¼ cups; about 4 cups flour; vegetable oil 2  tablespoons; 1 teaspoon soda; salt.

Despite the fact that the preparation of pilaf with chicken this recipe takes a long time – this is a truly Royal dish will enhance any holiday table.

So, the cooking method is:

Processed chicken carcass divided into small pieces, put in deep pan or skillet, add the vegetable oil and sear until Golden brown. And ATEM, pour the chicken small amount of boiling water, add salt, and simmer, covering the pan with a lid and reduce the heat, until fully cooked.


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Rice (preferably long grain) rinse well, put in a saucepan (preferably with a thick bottom) and some then on fire with vegetable oil. Pour the rice with water, add salt and boil until tender.

Carrots cut into strips, the onions in small cubes and fry them in vegetable oil, at the end add the finely chopped garlic. Chicken meat carefully from the bones, and add to the vegetables, put the cooked rice, add spices and fry all together for a few minutes. Allow the pilaf to cool down.

Next, prepare the dough as called for in the recipe pilaf with chicken:

In a bowl pour the milk, add the eggs and mix well. Sift flour, add soda, salt and gradually pour in the egg-milk mixture. Add the vegetable oil and knead the dough, so that it became soft elastic.

On the table, sprinkled with flour, roll the dough in rectangle shape, having a thickness of 1 cm Put in the middle of the dough, the filling, raise the edges and carefully stung. Lubricate the upper part of the garment with a mixture of whipped egg yolk and milk, pour into pan, pre-oiled. Preheat the oven and bake for Royal pilaf at a temperature of 180°C until the dough is completely no will be ready.

For the filling of the king's pilaf is well suited, also, the following recipe pilaf with chicken:

Chicken Carcass to carve, as in the previous recipe and lightly fry it with finely chopped carrots and onions. The chicken and vegetables folded into the pan, add to them two cups, pre-cooked chicken broth, salt, pepper and bring to a boil.

In boiling broth pour a glass of washed rice and boil all together until done.

This pilaf, you can add previously boiled and dried, they will give the pilaf a delicate fragrance and truly Royal taste.

In conclusion, I should add that this recipe pilaf with chicken, like other recipes of pilaf, is not immutable Canon. It is, first and foremost, the impetus for creative search  and culinary discoveries every housewife.

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