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Pasties not belong to traditional Russian cuisine. This dish came to us from the East. And now it is no longer some exotic. It learned to cook almost every home. But the trouble is, not every home owner has the dough for chebureks turns out the way it should be. And now we will try to find out all the secrets of cooking this dish.

So, the topic of our conversation today, how to make the dough for chebureks. Let's start with the classic version. Take four hundred grams of wheat flour, one egg, half Cup of water, vegetable oil and of course salt. Well, now all the necessary ingredients at hand. Can easily make the dough for chebureks.

To water add oil and salt, and then boil the mixture. As soon as the water boils, slowly pour in it half of the flour, not forgetting to stir constantly. This is necessary in order to avoid lumps. We bring our dough for chebureks to the state of thick cream and let cool. Already in the cold mass add egg and the remaining flour. Thoroughly knead the dough. It should not stick to hands. In terms of its consistency of the dough, the result of all actions done must be soft and plastic. If required, you can optionally add a little flour. But do not overdo it. Otherwise, the pasties will not work as we used to see and eat. Leave the dough for a few hours, and then knead it. Give the dough another hour to stand. And only after all the manipulations you can start making the pasties.


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As you know, we have considered the classic version. Trust me, he's not the only one. There are other recipes that you can adopt. By the way, the dough for pasties with vodka turns out worse than not. And maybe even something better.

You will need one kilo of flour, three hundred and twenty milliliters of water, two tablespoons of vodka, one egg, two tablespoons of vegetable oil and half a teaspoon of salt.

The principle of the preparation of the test in this case is a little different from the above. Stick to the same algorithm. The only exception is the moment when the dough for the pasties was already cold. At this time, in addition to all the previously mentioned, adding more vodka. And the rest of the technology is exactly the same as we discussed before a prescription.

You ask what the dough with the addition of vodka is from the classic version? The fact that the pasties in the second case turn out soft inside, and the outside covers them crisp.

Of Course, this is not the limit of all possible variations on this theme. There are many kinds of secrets, the application of which makes things like pasties, delicious. And I'm ready to share with you some of them.

The Secret first. If the dough is kneading in the boiling water, it gives a very subtle, how it should be. You can even do without adding eggs. But this is the case when like pasties and chicken eggs at hand was not.

The secret of the second. You can knead the dough on beer. It will be layered, and to boil it is not necessary. That is the time you will spend slightly less than in the previously discussed recipes. The pasties will turn out no worse. For this take one egg, one Cup of light beer, flour and salt. Egg whisk in beer and salt, mix everything well. And then add flour as needed to obtain a soft and loose dough that you leave to be kept under a towel on the table. After that, begin to cook the pasties.

The secret of the third. The dough for pasties can be done on the basis of mineral water. It will be more gentle due to the present of bubbles. The technology of making this test is exactly the same as above. The only exception is a small amount of sugar that should be added.

A little something will help you to improve your skills in cooking pasties. However, for sure, and you have your secrets. Tell you how to prepare the dough for pasties?!

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